Unbelievably realistic faux flowers from Fox Flowers


I know a little bit about artificial (or faux) flowers as I used to sell them in an online shop I used to run a few years ago. It took lots of research and an awful lot of samples before I was able to sell a range I was happy with, which were imported from Holland.

Historically, artificial flowers have been associated with miniature, dusty arrangements found in the downstairs loo or in the seldom used spare room, however things are changing with some pace. Gone are stuffy arrangements and plastic looking stems, stiff petals and synthetic colours. Just take a look at Fox Flowers - they are a recent find and they have the most realistic and exquisite range of flowers and foliage stems I've found. I can't choose a favourite, as there are simply too many blooms and botanicals to choose from but below are a small selection of what they have. Their photography is divine, too. 

As a little treat, they're offering a discount code if you sign up to their newsletter.