London based Hannah Gooch is a freelance photo shoot producer and interior designer. 

With a Design Management and Interior design degree, Hannah’s career began as a Print Production Manager culminating in six years as a Project Manager for John Lewis. Four of those six years were spent managing the John Lewis own brand fashion photography working with world-renowned fashion photographers, stylists, hair and make-up artists.

Since leaving John Lewis in 2009, Hannah has planned and styled shoots for clients including De Beers, Emmy LondonBrittenJay Archer, Amanda Garrett, Trunk and Rowen & Wren. Hannah is also a partner in Gooch&Gawler, planning, art directing and photographing bridal campaigns with photographer, Sarah Gawler, for clients in London, the US and Australia.  

Her interiors are based around beautiful, thoughtful design with a simple aesthetic and lasting quality, creating a space that's perfect for you and the way you live. 

Her own home has featured in several interiors and renovating magazines and is used as a photographic and filming location for clients including Barclays, Sainsbury’s, Dove and Npower. 


Photography credits: Ben Robertson, Sarah Gawler, Nick Tucker