Air Fryer for 2 People

Air Fryer for 2 People

From this discussion, you will capture a clear idea regarding some of the high-graded air fryers for 2 people.

These products are available in a variety of qualities especially so powerful and convenient to use.

Make your kitchen task easier and enjoy healthier, delicious foods in your home every time with our handy air fryer.

Top 5 Air Fryer For 2 People UK Market

Here are our 5 best air fryer for 2 people in the UK market.

1. COSORI Air Fryer

COSORI Air Fryer

  • Dimensions: 32*30*30 cm
  • Material: Stainless steel, Plastic
  • Power: 1700 watts
  • Capacity: 5.5 litres
  • Colour: Black

COSORI Air Fryer assures you simple and easy cooking functions, a great kitchen appliance for all ages. It includes 11 one-touch presets, so by tapping on the display you can select your preset option very easily.

This air fryer for 2 people is square design allows 15% more cooking space than the round ones; it can fit a full 2.5 kg chicken. Coming with 100 authentic, easy and delicious recipes COSORI air fryer becomes so popular with UK households.

It takes up to 85% less fat than deep frying methods at the same time delivers the same perfect taste, an ideal and stylish gift for family or friends.

A detachable non-stick coated basket is dishwasher safe, gets rid of PFOA, an automatic switch-off setting prevents overcooking. Even a cool-touch handle & button protect you to avoid accidental detachment.


2. Tower T17023

Tower T17023 Air Fryer

  • Dimensions: 32.41*25.6*25.3cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Power: 1000 watts
  • Capacity: 2.2 litres
  • Colour: Black

Tower T17023 is a renowned air fryer band for 2 people designed to create your day-to-day life a little bit easier. The 2.2 litres capacious kitchen companion is for those searching for a convenient and rapid performing alternative to traditional cooking.

Using the VORTX technology takes a minimal amount of oil so the hot air quickly circulates the air fryer at the same time ensuring your cooking food has 99% less fat.

This accessory is originally a multi-functional design; you can fry, grill, roast and bake. It features manual dial controls; so adjust the timer (30-minute) and temperature (80⁰ to 200⁰c) for comfortable cooking, 1000W output to prepare a variety of ingredients easily.

An automatic switch-off setting is for added safety cooking and peace of mind, as well as Tower T17023 allows the standard 1-year warranty, and if your register it online within 28 days of purchasing time, you get more than 2 years.


3. Salter EK2817

Salter EK2817

  • Dimensions: 23.5*23.5*30.5 cm
  • Weight: 2.84 kg
  • Power: 1000 watts
  • Capacity: 2 litres
  • Colour: Black/silver

If you are in a single-family, the Salter EK2817 air fryer for 2 people is the best choice, the compact size (32.5 cm*30,5 cm) and 2 litres capacity makes the air fryer ideal for you.

This is an excellent kitchen appliance not only enhance your everyday lifestyle but also allows a hygienic method to cook all your favourite delicious foods with little or no oil. It also offers you convenient and simple adjustable timers and temperature controls.

The air fryer uses an air circulation formula, heating up to 200⁰c and making your meal incredibly quickly, it suits perfectly for steak, chips, chicken and vegetables.

You can enjoy an auto shut-off function that provides fully hassle-free operation; Salter contains also a removable frying rack, just put out the drawer and hand wash so easily.


4. Chefman TurboFry 2 litre Air Fryer

Chefman TurboFry 2 Litre Air Fryer

  • Dimensions: 15.2*15.3*24.13 cm
  • Voltage: 240 volts
  • Power: 1000 watts
  • Capacity: 2 litres
  • Colour: Black

Chefman TurboFry 2 litre Air Fryer is a personal size kitchen accessory that saves space on your worktop and in your worktop, really a perfect air fryer for 2 persons.

You can achieve exactly fried results with little or no oil. It delivers your desirable temperature between 93⁰c and 204⁰c helps you to make a crispy, fried, healthy meal using up to 98% less fat than conventional fryers.

A 30-minute integrated and manual timer allows you to make versatile cooking advantages from frozen veggies to chicken. This is flat-basket design can hold 40% more food, rounded shape, glossy finish and sleek black appearance makes it so stylish.

The tray and basket of Chefman TurboFry are removable and top-rack dishwasher-safe. The basket is non-stick coated easy-to-clean so no cooking spray is required.


5. Princess Digital Air Fryer

Princess Digital Air Fryer

  • Dimensions: 34*26*30 cm
  • Voltage: 240 volts
  • Power: 1500 watts
  • Capacity: 3.2 litres
  • Colour: Black

Princess Digital Air Fryer has the great efficiency to cook meals with a hot air mechanism. It reduces the use of 80% more oil than the traditional frying methods and confirms that your food is cooked with fewer calories and less fat.

The large capacity of 3.2 litres makes it possible to create various dishes like chips, chicken, fish, vegetables, cake and so on. It adopts rapid hot air convection preparing more crispy, delicious and healthier food quickly.

This powerful air fryer for 2 people contains a digital display and 8 pre-programmed options helping you to cook fast and easy. Princess is so energy-efficient minimizes your monthly utility bills as well.

However, the air fryer ensures the product durability including also free grill rack, double basket giving you easy clean benefits. A black colour design makes your kitchen more modern.



Now check all the air fryers for 2 persons, compare them, and purchase something that suits your kitchen.

We hope, you have got the overall concept about such air fryers and if you need a suggestion you can pick the COSORI Air Fryer model.

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