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Bathroom Chandeliers UK 2023 — According to Experts

To enhance the bathroom elegancy with mirror gleam and beauty, our bathroom chandeliers greatly designed and manufactured by following advance technology that confirms you to get standard quality in the UK.

Now you can choose the best bathroom chandelier which is comfortable for you.

9 Chandeliers For Bathroom 2023

Here are our 9 top bathroom chandelier lighting in the UK in 2023.

1. Litecraft Vara Bathroom chandelier

Litecraft Vara Bathroom Chandelier

  • Area lighting classification: IP44
  • Material: Glass, metal
  • Style: Traditional
  • Voltage: 240 volts

Are you searching for elegant looking bathroom chandeliers to modify your washroom? The Litecraft Vara Bathroom chandelier is the best solution to decorate your bathroom in a modern way.

The Litecraft Vara chandelier is made of glass and metal ensuring better durability and its color is chrome & clear. The chrome finish chandelier provides you a traditional style lighting system with a warm and welcoming feel.

However, the Litecraft has 5 Bulbs (Bulbs type G9), Wattage is 40 watt, and Height is 56.5cmnearly and diameter almost 49.5cm. As well as the chandelier has a dimmable bulb and switch also.

The IP44 rated bathroom chandelier gives you the proper installing instructions and fixings so that you can settle down it very easily. The modern spectrum of the design makes your bathroom so gorgeous without any doubt.

The Litecraft Vara Bathroom chandelier ceiling light allows you to 240 voltages which are LED-friendly specific use for indoor. It also saves more energy and gives a one year guarantee.


2. MW-Lighting 614010506 Classic ceiling Lighting Chandelier

MW-Light 614010506 Classic Ceiling Lighting Chandelier

  • Area lighting classification: IP20
  • Material: metal
  • Style: classic
  • Voltage: 220 volts

If you intend to create ambient lighting in your bathroom, then the MW-Lighting 614010506 Classic ceiling Lighting Chandelier is a perfect choice. This is made of metal which ascertain the good attribute of it. The ceiling chandelier has 6 Arm light fixture with metal finished in brass that color shows always smooth looking. Its fixed chain is furnished with beige velvet that is mainly suitable for your washroom decor.

Moreover, the MW-light chandelier is designed in immediate and classic mode. It also consistent with a dimmer switch, when you enter your bathroom it gives a colorful feeling and eliminates the dark situation.

To refresh your mood this chandelier is most necessary due to its multiple lamps. The Antique brass chandelier takes 6*60w bulbs E14 area lighting classification embellishment in the bathroom. Above all, the candle brass chandelier is 220 volts system and maximum compatible wattage 60 watts and 6 lighting dimensions: H: 100cm, D: 70cm, pendant L: 35cm makes the product’s overall deter quality.


3. Modern IP44 Bathroom Ceiling Light Chandelier

Modern IP44

  • Material: Glass
  • Area lighting: IP44
  • Package Dimensions: 35*35*33cm

It is a great idea to beautify your bathroom by using a bathroom chandelier. Our Modern IP 44 bathroom ceiling light chandelier comes with several advantages for you.

Despite the fact that this chandelier is a classic design with curving arms and candlelight holders as well as chrome metal finish but is transpicuous glass crystal.
The modern 3-way ceiling light chandelier is proper for all kinds of bathroom fittings. It has IP 44 rated lighting classification that makes it water-resistant and its neutral color fits for any interior design of the bathroom.

In addition, the modern IP 44 ceiling chandelier measurement: Height 665mm*Diameter, where 3*25 G9 Halogen Bulbs are requisite.

A superior and slim shape modern chandelier gives you a stylish and fascinating bathroom at the same time light up your space safely and creates a warm atmosphere in your bathroom all-time.


4. Minisun Ceiling Light Chandelier

Contemporary Gloss Black Shabby Chic 3 Way Ceiling Light

  • Material: Acrylic
  • Number of lights: 3
  • Product dimensions: 35*30*30cm
  • Colour: Gloss Black, Black

If you need something that can help with an efficient bathroom chandelier, then a Minisun ceiling light chandelier will be your perfect choice. It comes with 3 powerful lights and a eco-friendly feeling when you want to spend a relaxing time in your washroom.

In other words, the Minisun bathroom chandelier is beautified in a gloss black shabby chic finish with fantastic black acrylic beaded jewels. It provides you the proper fitting instructions, it also can create an authentic style.

This unique design ceiling chandelier is produced by precious material named Acrylic and its gloss black color makes to look more appealing in your bathroom space. The black acrylic beaded jewels light chandelier saves energy so it can lessen the electricity cost.

Besides, to improve the bathroom’s beauty and brightness effortlessly ambient Minisun light chandelier most required for you. The measurement of its fully different from others, height 355mm, 300mm diameter and weight 1.5 kg.

The Minisun ceiling chandelier has 3*40 wattage SES E14 candle lamps particularly use in the bathroom for getting the extra benefits-gorgeous look, shiny modern style etc.


5. Tuscany Elegant Chandelier

Tuscany Elegant Chandelier Ceiling Light

  • Material: Metal/Acrylic
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Lights: 3

Tuscany Elegant Chandelier is made of improved quality Acrylic which ensures real brightness, complete with beads and crystal droplets. If you use it, provides a luxurious feeling mood due to its prominent features.

However, Tuscany Elegant bathroom chandelier shows the extra lighting appearance in your washroom. To make the bathroom renovation in a sophisticated manner this item most essential.

It has 3 lighting systems, bulb size 3*40w SES but it can produce more light in the bathroom which is required. This chandelier can also save space as well. The specific design of Tuscany looking so beautiful basically for multiplex lamps.

Gives the fact that, lights are used in the chandelier that are lesser voltage, so safety for light and environment friendly. For les voltage you can save immense energy, it is cost-effective also.

The Tuscany Elegant bathroom chandelier is 49cm beads hanging down, where the length 42 cm and width 45 cm approx, and the ceiling plate 12 cm wide*2.5cm Deep (approx). As the bathroom is a relaxation place, so the gorgeousness of the chandelier creates your mind cheerful.


6. ENDON 3 Light Candle Chandelier

3 Light Candle Chandelier

  • Material: Brass
  • Area lighting classification: IP20
  • Colour: Antique Brass
  • Product Dimension: 39*39*65 cm.

A bathroom chandelier can be an illustrious way to add the flicker to your washroom. ENDON 3 Light Candle Chandelier fits for any type of bathroom design with an elegant fixed arm using on the ceiling.

The ENDON contains the 3 light candles, when you use it, give the bathroom floor a shimmering glow and creates a mirror glister. This is a relatively simple chandelier but glamorous and extravagant lighting in the washroom.

In addition, its lighting capacity is 3*60 watts which brightness level makes your bathroom so pretty and increases the beauty space more. Even IP 20 area lighting classifications provide enough shine.

The 3 light chandeliers is made of brass and finished in antique brass that easily matching your bathroom decoration. This ceiling ENDON has an adjustable height at the time of fitting.

The ENDON dimensions 39*39*65 cm and the weight is 2.1 kg. its light fixture can reduce the energy cost by selecting energy-saving LED light options.


7. QAZQA Classic Classic Chandelier

QAZQA Classic Classic Chandelier

  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Number of lights: 5
  • Voltage: 230 volts
  • Area lighting classification: IP 20

QAZQA Classic Classic Chandelier for bathroom use is a very fruitful item because of its effectiveness. This chandelier is made of Alloy steel and 5 dark grey colour light that makes it really elegant looking in your bathroom.

The QAZQA is designed with 5 arms making it appropriate to fit into a classic style and decor. The finish of the look with ornamental and perceptible filament E14 candle lamps always sparkle the charming grace.

This classic or Antique, traditional, or rustic design bathroom chandelier is perfect for decorating your washroom. Its 5 XE 14 bulbs are also suitable for LED and halogen bulbs. To fulfil the installation you required a ceiling look it not provided.

However, the QAZQA classic bathroom chandelier offers you 230 voltage light that is tolerable and environment friendly. It is dimmable but dimmer not included well as its maximum adjacent wattage is 5*40 watts.

Dustproof IP 20 area lighting assembles 60 cm diameter and its entire height 110 cm, complete with a 9 cm ceiling rose diameter. Saves more energy useful for bathroom space.


8. Marquis by Waterford Annalee Chrome LED Light

Marquis by Waterford Annalee Chrome LED Light Bathroom Chandelier

  • Material: Glass, metal
  • Area lighting classification: IP 44 rated
  • Number of lights: 3
  • Colour: chrome

The Marquis by Waterford Annalee bathroom chandelier ensuring you to receive abundantly light that remains in a suitable condition. It is produced by glass and metal, chrome finish addresses the fashionable and modern look as the traditional arrangement.

On the other hand, Marquis comes with 3 LED g 9 bulbs, no need to buy any bulbs so you can save many. LED bulbs are energy-saving, more cost effectives also, it has matching wall lights attainable that gives better safety and security as well.

This bathroom chandelier has an IP 44 rating lighting adjust a focal point to space in the washroom. Appropriate for dimming with proper bulbs and switch. The Marquis light is 120 cm approx, length – 45 cm and width – 45 cm, Drop – 120 cm approx that is compatible for any bathroom.

The environmentally-pleasant LED bathroom chandelier not only provides complete fitting indications and fixing but also gives you the 5 years guarantee with assuring the best quality.

It is also a reduced temperature level in the washroom compared to other lights. This Marquis LED light chandelier can alter the color according to your choice that is favorable for any bathroom decor.


9. Minisun Distressed Cream Ornate Vintage style chandelier

Distressed Cream Ornate Vintage Style Shabby

  • Material: Acryl, metal
  • Voltage: 240 volts
  • Product dimensions: 40*40*82.5cm
  • Colour: cream

Minisun Distressed Cream Ornate Vintage style chandelier is an ultimately useful thing for your bathroom and it helps to enhance the excellent looking of the washroom. Not only has that Minisun cream color maintained the product standard as you need also.

The vintage style chandelier is white painted and metal finish. Its material Acryl & metal allows the idea virtue of chandelier. This is congruous for any energy-saving bulbs on any common uses bulbs in your home

The measurement of Minisun Distressed as height 82.5cm and diameter 40cm. maximum compatible wattage is 60 watts and a number of light 3 they use nearly 80% less electricity than standard bulbs, but generate the equivalent amount of light.

On another hand, the right fitting of the chandelier can comprise an actual style of it. Its curves and transparent droplets distinct from other chandeliers as well as fulfill your bathroom space look.

It also boosts you to save money and electricity bills, so, give the attention to purchase it because use offers the elegant bathroom chandelier for faithful performances.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a chandelier in the bathroom?

For bathroom renovation a chandelier can be an eminent item. Although installing the method is very simple but to use a chandelier in the bathroom sometimes can become a dangerous thing. So you can be more conscious when settling down a bathroom chandelier. The chandelier light can be installed over the bath to hang it, maintaining the proper height and IP rating protection.

Are crystal chandelier outdated?

Despite the fact that crystal chandeliers are traditional designs nevertheless beloved by all in the UK’s market. A lot of crystal chandeliers give the warm glow and pendant lighting styles in the bathroom, so most people emphasize this crystal light to decorate the bathroom still today.

Can you put any light fitting in the bathroom?

If you want to give the new style in your bathroom décor, as well as keeping the safety procedures, you must need IP rated light fitting that makes your bathroom unique and different from another common bathroom. When you setting a chandelier light in your washroom it gives a good appearance as well.



After evaluating the above criteria it is clear that the chandelier for the bathroom gives an extraordinary look with shimmer sparkle in the washroom.

We bring some workable bathroom chandeliers to maintain the standard quality and satisfying the customer’s need at affordable prices.

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