Best Bathroom Extractor Fan UK

Best Bathroom Extractor Fan UK 2023 — According to Experts

This article presents a fundamental belief about the best bathroom extractor fan in the UK, which produced and planned for accomplishing a sound cleaning motives.

Our all of the exhaust fans ensure the standard quality, reliability, reasonable prices as well. These fans offer users better opportunity providing actual improvement and diminishing extreme level moisture from the air in the bathroom.

Top 11 Bathroom Extractor Fan Reviews 2023

Here are our 11 extractor fan for bathroom in the UK in 2023.

1 . Manrose QF100T Quiet Extractor Fan

Manrose QF100T Quiet Extractor Fan

  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Size: QF 100T
  • Flow rate: 21 Litres per Second
  • Sound level: 27 db

The Manrose QF100T Quiet Extractor Fan introduces you to the best quality for the bathroom which is produced by certified build materials named ABC thermoplastic ensure the highest strength and permanency.

Most importantly, the Manrose Quite fan is designed for ceiling and wall mounting, latest in the bathroom for ventilation whereas making an incredibly silent running volume. It is necessary to eliminate the moisture and odours out of the bathroom to assure the safety life.

On the other hand, the decibel level of Manrose is 27 db at 3m. Over sixty percent retrenchment in comparison to ideal 4 inches/100m home fans. It offers an engaging flow rate of 75m3/hr, litres per second.

The Manrose bathroom extractor fan also has energy motor with most significant expenditure of 4.8 watts, plug format G-3 pin British as well as complete with undivided backdraught shutters and use the unique turning vane technology for maintaining a high output.

Above all, the Manrose Quite fan is suitable for your bathroom fitting improving the air quality and removes the boring odours after a shower.


2. Airflow ICON ECO 15 Extractor fan

Airflow ICON ECO 15 Extractor fan

  • Material: plastic
  • Controller type: Remote control
  • Voltage: 240 volt
  • Sound level: 35 dB

The Airflow ICON ECO 15 Extractor fan is a unique and fashionable ventilation accomplishment for a modern residence. This product is contemplated to give ventilation alignment that adjusts with the latest building regulations. ICOM ECO 15 is standard for small bathrooms.

The installation procedure is very simple; it is recessed into the ceiling or wall in the bathroom spaces. ICON 15 is iris shutter design creates silent open and closing switching system that boosts to decrease outside noise entrance. The fan has cantilever fixing arms qualifying setting on unequal surfaces.

What is more, the ICON 15 can be installed to operate from a remote light switch; you required purchasing a plug in module for more functionality. The available modules are – run on timer, moisture with run on a timer, pull cord, successive running and 2 speeds with damping all of these plugs are inserted under the cover.

The Airflow ICON ECO 15 Extractor fan is manufactured by plastic with the following safety standards. For every fan unit you need an exterior 3A fuse. It is 230 – 240 volt 50 Hz, IP*4 and its flow rate up to 68mhr and 100mm outlet.

At last, this ideal ICON 15 extractor fan provide the 3 years warranty, the product made in the UK uses of the best material and offers better durability.


3. Envirovent SIL100T

Envirovent SIL100T

  • Sound level: 26.5 dB
  • Voltage: 230/240 volts AC
  • Colour: white

Envirovent SIL100T brings some benefits for your bathroom removing unpleasant smells and keeps clean and humidity free. This fan extracts air per second – 26 litres, per hour – 96 cubic metres which is one of most excellent rates for any 4 inches axial extractor fan.

However, Envirovent is planned to solve ventilation problems in the bathroom. This fan is fit for both setting like wall and ceiling as well as the silent 100T is a 100mm axial strongly capable bathroom extractor fan.

The unique feature of it’s, an adjustable run-on timer is an automatic mode that calculates that sufficient time to work. After separation, the shut off time can become pendant from 1 to 30 minutes.

In addition to, when the extractor fan is not conducting, it helps to avoid air and limit heat leakage. Its sound output level is 26.5 dB at 3 metres and power consumption – 8 watts, quietest fan in the market.

After all, Envirovent SIL 100T bathroom extractor fan allows 230/240 voltage AC and IP 45 rated airflow available all electrical connection requirements, its dimensions 158 mm width and 158 mm height.


4. Manrose MF 100T

Manrose MF 100T

  • Product Dimensions: 31*20*25 cm
  • Size: MF 100T
  • Colour: Black

The Manrose MF 100T comes with better quality materials and ensures the customer’s satisfaction. This hardy in-duct mounted mixed flow extractor fan can become installed in a variety of applications and perfect for any bathroom decor (ducting – 100 mm diameter).

In other words, the Manrose extractor fan is manufactured by durable motors, affluent quality ball bearing as well as internal dip switch – 3 speeds setting, we also provided a minimum 3 years warranty for you.

The Manrose performs maximum 68 litres per second extraction rate, 245 cubic meters per hour and power consumption capability – 25 wattage where the sound level – 25dB @ 3 m, so it is useful for giving high air flow with relatively lower noise.

This black colour bathroom extractor fan maintains the building code serving, BEAB and CE approved for right installation, particularly designed to get comfortable and proper ventilation extracting excess water vapours.

In this fan, no earth is needed for Dual insulation. It is also built in run on timer that can make superior working pressures in the time of operation at the same time via the flexible duct Manrose exhausts inner bathroom’s bad smell to the outdoors.


5. PLUMBING4HOME Silent Extraction Ventilation Fan

PLUMBING4HOME Silent Extraction Ventilation Fan

  • Package Dimension: 14.2*14*8.4 cm
  • Voltage: 220 volts
  • Speed: 2400 RPM
  • Style: standard switching.

If you wish for a classic look designed extractor fan in your bathroom decoration, then PLUMBING4HOME Silent Extraction Ventilation Fan will be the best steerage due to its some special features.

The PLUMBING4HOME is manufactured by the use of modern innovations and newest technological developments adjusting for any modern contemporary washroom embellishment. They are providing various benefits like – energy-saving, quiet and low noise classic design bathroom extractor fans much popular in the UK’s market.

This fan provides proper size such as – 100mm diameter as well as maintaining standard switching procedure so that you can use it most conveniently. Is also has humidity sensor and ran on a timer

Most strikingly, the 100mm silent extractor fan has only 34 decibel sound level which creates comparatively low noise, power quality is only 8w where the voltage – 220 consuming subtle energy but containing 93 m 3/h flow rate that is so high.
The IP*2 rate silent ventilation fan for bathroom use offers Frontplatte AUS Kunststoff WeiB Geriffelt IM ‘‘MKK – shop Design’’ unique colour and 2400RPM speed makes the extractor fan to perform expediently.


6. Xpelair DX100BTS

Xpelair DX100BTS

  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Sound level: 22dB
  • Colour: cool white

Xpelair DX100BTS is a suitable bathroom extractor fan for medium or small-sized bathroom, this is produced by using Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene ingredient that secures you the best quality item at the same time it preserves the permanency what you required.

Easy and simple installation method in Xpelair fan, we provide all screws and raw plugs, you need merely screw – in the bathroom in proper places. It also complies with building enactment part F and L.

The Xpelair ventilation fan is 100 mm diameter (4 inches) exactly fit for any washroom where there is no window to remove unpleasant smells. This is twin speed extraction fan, its rate 15 or 21 litres per minute (54 or 76 m/h) which helps to keep your bathroom’s atmosphere so fresh and clean.

On the other hand, the silent feature extractor fan is designed by Ghost Air movement technology, comprises on cool white colour expressing ideal looking for the bathroom. It gives from 220 – 240 voltage power as well as its noise level is 22 or 34 dB at 3m that consequently perfect for you.

Finally, the Xpelair fan –timer square is a very necessary product, if you want to prevent moisture and odours from the bathroom.


7. Greenwood Airvac AXS 100 TR

Greenwood Airvac AXS 100 TR

  • Voltage: 230 volts
  • Colour: white
  • Sound level: 35.1 dB

To improve air quality in the bathroom Greenwood Airvac extractor fan plays an important role, no need to open the window eliminating condensation fume in all seasons. It contains white that is worthy for all bathroom decking.

However, The 4 inch bathroom extractor fan allows you to get 230/240 volts AC, it is single velocity axial fan which exhausts mould and mildew very quickly, so it’s a good idea to install this fan, it can be mounted on ceiling or wall in your bathroom.

It brings to pass with room light switch, when your light is on fan runs but if you switched off in your light the fan remains to run for a pre – set time. This model’s controller type is pulled chain system not pull cord.

In other words, Greenwood Airvac 97 mm diameter extracts those motives for only 87 mm. This item dimension is 152 mm wide, 152 mm height and 20 mm, as well as 17 wattage, operates the fan smoothly. It has backward draught shutter helpful with up to 3m of duct move up to 3m.

The Greenwood Airvac AXS 100TR is the best extractor fan for bathroom. It also has good extraction movement such as 20 litres per second, 72 cubic metres per hour and its sound output level is only 35.1 dB at 3m, power-consuming as well.


8. STERR – Bathroom Extractor fan

STERR – Bathroom Extractor fan

  • Air flow capacity: 1.5 cubic meters per minute
  • Sound level: 27dB
  • Voltage: 230 volts
  • Colour: white

If you confront the humidity problem, a large number of steam in your washroom, then you essential to diverge such type of unpleasant air. Our STERR Extractor fan is an effective solution that you gives you a safety environment for good health in your bathroom.

The white colour STERR Extractor fan comes with a significant number of amenities and matching for all of the medium-sized bathroom décor. The installation procedure is very normal; you can use it both horizontally and vertically in the wall without any difficulties.

The measurement of the fan ensures the perfect design and style where the height – 15.8 cm, Length – 12 cm and width – 15.8cm. It has back draught shutter and a timer so that you can use it competently any time at 27 decibel sound level.

Most importantly, the STERR Bathroom Extractor fan has a LED back light, if you take it very easy to capture both benefits, when you necessary the light for on press the switch getting a quiet performance. It also has a glass front panel.

Controlling nasty fumes this STERR Extractor fan keeping your bathroom ventilated and removing excess odours proves its inevitable demand. It contains 100mm/4 inches diameter and 230 voltage power with 1.5 cubic meters per minute air flow capacity, overall it maintains the better quality and works so properly.


9. Knightsbridge 100mm/4 Led Extractor Fan

Knightsbridge 100mm4 Led Extractor Fan

  • Size: 100 mm/4 inches
  • Colour: Stainless steel
  • Style: 100 mm Fan with LED

Knightsbridge Led Extractor Fan ensures better proficiency with modern design and sleek look. It is a useful item for beautifying in the bathroom at the same time this fan removes moisture so quickly and keeping your bathroom free from various condensation forming.

The Knightsbridge is suitable for most of the bathrooms toilets as well as it can be settled down in the ceiling and wall. It is built – in LED array, simple to efface clean and outlet over short lengths. For eliminating bad smells, damp air and odours this is the best solution.

The Extractor Fan has also adjustable over – run timer that can operate between 2 and 30 minutes. Most important thing about the fan has an LED light effect makes it fully different look during activation.

However, the fan always quiet for its low noise level that is only 35 dB at 3m, working in the greatest way. It can exhaust the moisture conveniently because it has high extraction quality which rate is 93m/3hr.

Finally, the Knightsbridge bathroom extractor fan serving with latest building regulations. Due to double insulation system it doesn’t prescribe earth for efficient execution.


10. Manrose CF 100 T

Manrose CF 100 T

  • Air flow rate: 25 cubic Feet per minute
  • Sound level: 39 dB
  • Material: ABS thermoplastic

Manrose CF 100 T is the ultimate guide to abolish the bathroom humidity and moisture. After showering produce a dramatic number of steam and water vapour, it is not possible to remove that just through the window. The bathroom extractor fan is the spontaneous way that ensures your bathroom air ventilation.

The Manrose CF 100 T centrifugal fan is made of using the newest technology for giving you exceptionally potential speed. It is mainly designed for bathroom use which is vibration-free extraction and so quiet.

In other words, the CF100 T provides 90 m 3/hr 20 litres per second extraction capacity. Not only is designed for moving bad smells over broad distance but also these units give the highest achievement even against pressures because of its resistance by grills.

The fan is complied with the building regulations for proper ventilation and produced applying powerful impact ABS thermoplastics which assure the durability, capability and easy cleaning your bathroom. It has a phase origination motor with pre-oiled bearings for long – life uses.

Overall, Manrose CF 100 T allows the strong quality with back draught shutter, timer for 100 mm /4 inches ducting where the cable length is 230 mm and sound alignment only 39 dB gives the silent breeze in your bathroom.


11. Newlec NL 880T

Newlec NL 880T

  • Size: Front grille – Approx 6 inches square
  • Colour: white
  • Dimensions: 17.8*16.8*10.8 cm
  • Sound: 32 dB

With a high quality and potency 4 inches Newlec NL 880T extractor fan provides with the strong accuracy what you want for banishing the hard-featured dampness and steam from your bathroom. It keeps your washroom dust free, neat and clean also.

It makes low sound where the noise level just 32 decibel with timer from 3 to 20 minutes. The Newlec axial fan allows the white colour as well as a front grill – nearly 6 inches square fit for any bathroom.

The fan is a professional quality extractor, constituent a switched live, neutral connections & stable live. It involves permanent timer that can become cabled so fan remains since light is switched off.

The fan gives 16 w speed powers with 2500 rpm fitting inside the bathroom walls and round spigot at rear measures almost 4 inches diameter, NL880T ingredients are also included in it.

The 4 inches (100 mm) bathroom axial extractor fan offers great opportunity to avoid the bad air, if you don’t try to remove the excess moisture, you may face the problem for surface and walls.


12. Vent – Axia 446658B

Vent Axia 446658B

  • Sound level: 14dB
  • Voltage: 230 volts
  • Colour: white
  • Measurement system: metric

Vent – Axia 446658B model extractor fan confirm you to give the pleasant environment where you can enjoy and relax every shower in the bathroom.
Thinking your shower health, we have maintained this product in a comfortable and easeful way.

The Vent – Axia is free from sound-related disturbing which offers an ultra – low noise levels (14dB), households will be active to take a rest in comfort manner minimizing call – backs for electricians.

To get fresh, authentic air in the washroom an extractor fan is mostly emergent. It not only provides modern stylish and quiet ventilation but also comes with several unavoidable features and a few ductile item options when you are choosing the particular fan.

The Vent – Axia in mint condition silent exhaust fan is IP45- rating, models, humidistat purposes as well. Especially we allow the 6 new models gathered to its flexible range, 230volts makes the fan more fastness and advanced.

Also, the Vent fan is compatible for the ceiling, wall, window and panel mounted also. The white colour and recent design create your bathroom excellently looking more, including such components fan, fixings F & W with metric measurement system.


Why you need a Bathroom extractor fan?

To eliminate the moisture and humidity out of the bathroom using the extractor fan is the initial reason. For safety issues these fans boost to control and take aside the washroom’s bad smells.

When you construct your bathroom for remodelling, you should require to abide by a significant number of building codes. At the same time it will be the best thinking to establish an exhaust fan, enhancing the air quality it declines all of the unpleasant odours from the bathroom.

Bathroom extractor fans come with a surprising number of advantages for you, in a little amount of time it can alleviate abundance humidity from the air to discontinue unfavourable effects like rusting and trace peeling. The bathroom is a place where always grows fumes, foul odours and condensation so to avoid such excess steams from the toilet you need most effective solution units keeping the bathroom free from displeasing odours, fresh and fair as well.

To minimize the large amount of condensation, a bathroom extractor fan will be the better and easiest way where the installation procedure also very simple. In a modern tome, most of the households want to give their bathroom space a different look. Providing a stylish design with these fans ensure your bathroom out of danger as well as it can produce an immune nature in the washroom.

On the other hand, a well-designed bathroom can bring much variation in your life; upcoming renovation extractor fans remove moisture without opening the window and give both fresh air & salt down your home. There are various fans provide different benefits, it can be installed on the ceiling, wall or panel mounted with or without lighting system as you want.

In terms of safe protection of your bathroom sphere, a well – operating extractor fan protects the washroom from extreme humidity, unhealthy mould progress so faster in the right way for best ventilation.

However, wiping out miscellaneous unhygienic odours from the bathroom extractor fan plays a vital role in the household life, which equipped with the lowest cost, higher volume but affordable solution for getting fresh air.

Bathroom Extractor Fan Buying Guide

Major use: if you think about bathroom cleanup ambience by maintaining fresh air like natural forming, then primarily you need to alleviate several undesired smells and dampness outside from the bathroom.

To take advantage of extractor fans provide a few inevitable factors authorizing the core amenities, style, shape & size, installing method, functions and products warranty that are most essential for buying an exhaust fan.

Sound level: These extractor fans are mostly perfect for all bathrooms decoration, especially its proper sound maintains the equal balance in your house. Our most of the fans create just lower noise; don’t make extra pressure so that it is easy to possible decreasing much stress.

Undoubtedly, the sound level is the important thing when you are operating the extractor fan because it produces lots of sounds sometimes people will feel the disturbing moment, but our fan originates low – the volume of noise that is so tolerable for any person.

Airflow capacity: Air streaming quality is also another obligatory factor. The suitable flow capacity increasing the unpleasant smells removing strength at the same time gives fresh air in the bathroom.

In every shower produce various damp, condensation and humidity, if it stays for a long time in the washroom making a bad atmosphere. So, for eliminating such kind of odours from the bathroom, you have to consider air flow capability. Highest flow capacity allows the better refreshment.

Installation: the extractor fans are the moderate-sized mounting for any bathrooms. It can be installed on the ceiling or wall, there is no necessary enough space. Just need some instructions that we already provided with the fan.
Installing procedure is very easy and simple where you can consider our fan to remove such moisture out of the bathroom.

Safety environment: It’s a good idea to mound an exhaust fan for bathroom uses. Protecting the sound environment by declining humidity, the water vapour it gives a healthy and fresh environment.

If you do not prevent an excessive amount of mould and mildew build up it leads to displeasing respiratory problems like – asthma, cold allergy, rashes and other bad effects on your health.

An extractor fan reduces the humidity growing –up so that you can keep your bathroom air nice and safe atmosphere.

Proper ventilation: it is very important to ensure your bathroom by removing damp and humid, providing nature of the bathroom space. Proper ventilation system not only help you to obstruct the moisture but also control the nasty steams, if you don’t have any windows of the bathroom, most require able item – an extractor fan.

Replacing the old bad air by new fresh air, an exhaust fan can decrease great amount of steam which produced in the time of the shower. In this situation, UK’s bathrooms must be ventilated properly; otherwise it is so difficult to avoid humidity problems and to get fresh air like nature.

Finally, the initial reason is to use the extractor fan is proper alleviating such moisture and condensation. With high volts and wattage, this fan can works thoroughly, for expecting appropriate ventilation an extractor fan pretty much fit and standard in the bathroom ornamentation not only that it is an indispensable product cleaning all time gives living breeze of your bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use my extractor fan?

An extractor fan is the final recommended product for your bathroom if you are suffering from a significant amount of steam, damp or mould. Overplus humidity and moisture will be produced for water fume when you continue using the hot taps and shower, such type of condensations most of the time create an unhealthy environment. In this situation, to eliminate the unpleasant smells, you should keep your bathroom always clean.

How does an extractor fan work in a bathroom?

When you are requiring alleviating the moist air from the bathroom, an extractor fan must be the super handy device. Through the outlet, in favour of housing, the ceiling system extractor fan removes the bad odours and water vapour out of the bathroom. Through the vents and ducts, it works by pulling the air outside and allows drier condition in your washroom.

Where should bathroom extractor fan be installed?

An extractor fan is a necessary item for any bathroom decor to remove excessive moisture outside cleaning purposes. However, these exhaust fans work properly if you mount it in the right place, you should install the fan where the condensation is emergence especially near to bath or shower. It’s proper IP rating ensure the perfect choice for the bathroom zone.

How long should a bathroom extractor fan last?

A bathroom extractor fan allows you to get safety life removing unpleasant odours from the bathroom but for perfect using it needs assure the durability. The moderate lifetime of an exhaust fan is around 10 years, if it cleaning regularly may assist the extension of long – life. Besides, its duration mostly depends on its proper utilization.


To conclude the article, if we point out regarding which extractor fan should purchase for the customer, then I have to say about it relies on customer’s choice and effort.

Therefore, from the above statement, I must say that Manrose QF100T Quiet Extractor fan takes the first position than the other fans.

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