Best Bathroom Heater UK

Best Bathroom Heater UK 2023 — According to Experts

This article will drive you to choose the best bathroom heater available in the UK in recent times.

Keeping a heater in the bathroom is a sensitive issue as the toilet remains wet and damp most of the time; you have to consider some critical issues and have also discussed those here.

Moreover, you will get a precise idea about nine best-selling heaters in the UK lately.

9 Electric Bathroom Heaters Reviews 2023

Here are our 9 small bathroom heater in the UK in 2023.

1. Wärme Designer Electric Wall Heater

Wärme Designer Electric Wall Heater

Product Specification:

  • Power source: cabled electricity
  • Dimension: 82 x 8 x 47 centimeters
  • Weight: 9.3 KGs
  • Operation: simple and easy
  • Best for 100% energy efficiency

The Warme wall heater is one of the best-selling and most excellent wall heaters among the UK’s available heaters nowadays. The best thing about this heater that is going to amaze you is the 100% energy efficiency. The energy-efficient heater will help you to warm up your bathroom at a low electric cost.

You don’t have to count a hefty electricity bill at the end of the month because of this energy-efficient heater. So, this heater is quite affordable, as well as environment friendly as this is energy-efficient.

The heater’s power source is electricity, and it connects with an electricity connection with an included cable. The operation of the heater is straightforward and effortless. You have to plug in the line and turn on the heater to enjoy a warmer environment in your bathroom. The heater is 82 centimeters long, 8 centimeters wide, and 47 centimeters high, and the weight is 9.3 Kilograms.

The model of the heater is generation three with integrated memory for better service. With the integrated memory, you can set the optimal temperature, and the heater can automatically stop heating after reaching that temperature level. The elegant black color and the heater’s simple and stunning design will enhance the splendor of your bathroom and reflect your good taste and choice.

The heater’s operation is also effortless with simple indications and instructions and doesn’t require any expertise to operate the heater.

The experts and renowned magazines and journals recommend this heater for its better and premium quality and service. You can fit the heater above to keep your children and pets safe and easily avoid unexpected incidents and accidents. Many developers and builders use this heater for the bathroom of commercial buildings, hotels, etc., across Europe.


2. Economy Electric Heater

Economy Electric Heater

Product Specification:

  • Size: 1960 watts
  • Warranty: two years
  • Design: ultra-slim
  • Wall mounting: available
  • Best for eco-saving mode

The economy electric bathroom hater includes eco-saving mode software, which is rare and exceptional and can give you extra benefits. This eco-saving software is this much efficient that it can maintain your required temperature in your room.

There is a radiator thermostat which is programmable for all time as in 24/7. With this advanced technology of the heater, you don’t have to turn on and off it frequently and don’t need to worry about changing the temperature manually. You can remain tension-free from changing the weather now and then enjoy the warmer atmosphere without any trouble.

The heater includes an advanced radiator that is energy efficient. It heats up in a concise while and remains warm for quite a long duration, and saves fuel or electricity. There is silica sand avaiLable in the radiator that provides radiant and conventional heat, which is unique.

The heater’s size is 1960 watts with an ultra-slim design, which means the heater will no acquire much space in your bathroom, and you can keep this heater in small bathrooms that don’t have adequate space. Moreover, besides using the heater in bathrooms, you can also use it in the kitchen, bedroom, and kitchen or lounge for its elegant and convenient design.

Another amazing this about this heater is its easy and effortless installation process. The manufacturers supply the complete instructions for installing the heater, and you will need a drill, pencil, and spirit level only.

You can also wall-mount the heater with the required bucket as per the instructions. Keep the heater in the bucket, plugin, and you are ready to have a warmer temperature. The manufacturers provide two years warranty to their customers and solve any problem enthusiastically.


3. FUTURA Electric Panel Heater

FUTURA Electric Panel Heater

Product Specification:

  • Dimension: 58 x 8.5 x 45 centimeters
  • Weight: 5.8 KGs
  • Size: 100 watts
  • Power source: cabled electric
  • Best for a radiant heating method

The FUTURA electric heater includes a radiant heating system, which is more efficient and gives more advantages than many other heating systems. The radiant heating system eliminates duct losses.

People suffering from allergy-related problems prefer a radiant heating system as it doesn’t flow allergens like other heating systems. Therefore, if you are hesitating to get a heater because of your allergy problem, you may go for this heater.

The power source of the heater is corded electricity, and its size is 100 watts. The heater is 58 centimeters 58 long, 8.5 centimeters wide, and 45 centimeters high, and the heater’s weight is 5.8 kilograms.


4. Purus Electric Wall Panel Heater

Purus Electric Wall Panel Heater

Product Specification:

  • Wattage: 400 watts
  • Colour: white
  • Heating system: radiant
  • Installation: simple and convenient
  • Best for: digital timer for 24/7

The Purus heater has an all-time digital timer facility that will help you set a heating schedule weekly so that you won’t have to adjust the temperature manually every time, which is a great advantage. This automatic setting of the weather every week will reduce your tension of fixing the heater’s temperature level, and you can automatically enjoy your required atmosphere.

You can set the temperature range from 5 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius, a wide range, and you can select the temperature level anywhere between these ranges. There is a digital temperature control system for efficient temperature controlling and an integrated electric thermostat to maintain an accurate temperature measurement for your bathroom.

The Purus wall panel is also very energy efficient and decreases energy cost, hence reducing your monthly electricity bill. The automatic on and off system of the heater while reaching the desired temperature level minimizes energy waste.

The heater’s coverage will depend on your room’s dimension, but it can cover up to 6 square meters. The heater is 8.5 centimeters long, 45 centimeters wide, and 45 centimeters high, and its weight is 3.5 kilograms, which is very light, and the heater comes in white color.

The heater is very safe for use in the bathroom at; it includes digital radiators with an IP24 Rating. You can install the heater on the wall as this is wall mountable with a mounting basket and can keep it standing with the supplied feet with the package from the manufacturers. You can enjoy three heating modes in one heater: frost-free mode, comfort mode, and economy mode.

The plugin is very convenient as the heater comes with UK three pin 13 amp plug with a 1.5-meter power cable. There are child locks and auto-detection for opening window options to avoid any unexpected accidents. The manufacturers provide a hassle-free warranty for 24 months for convenient use.


5. FUTURA Eco 600W Electric Panel Electric Heater

FUTURA Eco 1500W Electric Panel Electric Heater

Product Specification:

  • Size: 1500 watts
  • Dimension: 70 x 8 x 40 cm
  • Material: metal
  • Energy efficiency: 100%
  • Best for effortless installing process

The Futura electric heater will cause you no hassle and trouble with the installation and assembling process as the installation is effortless and handy.

You can keep it free-standing as the manufacturers provide the feet, and you don’t bear any extra expense to buy the feet. On the other hand, you can also mount any standard building wall with the required bucket with an expert electrician’s help.

Moreover, the heater is splash-proof, which means you can easily install it in your bathroom, and the water will not harm the heater. The cable size is 1.5 meters, and the plug is UK 3 pin with 13 amp that makes the plugging more convenient for the users.

The heater dimension is 70 x 8 x 40 centimeters, and its weight is 5 kilograms with a wattage of 1500 watts. There is also window auto-open detection for auto switch-off of the heater that saves energy and reduces the heater’s expense.

The included thermostat is entirely accurate, and the converter switches on and off the heater automatically according to the pre-set temperature level. The heater can give coverage up to seventeen square meters of area, so you have to consider the coverage area range while setting up the heater in your bathroom or home. Larger rooms or areas may need extra coverage, so you should choose your heater accordingly.

The heater’s temperature range is 5 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius, which means you can set your desired temperature level in between this range. The heater is 100% energy efficient that will give you extra advantages while using it.

The heater is made of metal that makes it sturdy, healthy, and long-lasting. You will get two years of guarantee from the manufacturer and avail of the security in case of any problem and trouble.


6. Purus Eco 600W Electric Panel Electric Heater

Purus Eco 600W Electric Panel Electric Heater

Product Specification:

  • Dimension: 45 x 7 x 40 centimeters
  • Weight: 3.7 KGs
  • Size: 600 Watts
  • Design: splash proof
  • Best for automatic on and off system

The Purus 600W electric heater has integrated thermostat technology that helps the heater become off and on automatically according to your pre-set temperature. The automatic on and off option can reduce electricity bill expense and saves energy as the heater is 100% energy efficient.

The heater’s temperature range is 5 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius so that you can fix the temperature level in between, and the heater will serve you according to that. You don’t have to take trouble switching on or off the heater manually, giving you extra relaxation and a desired warmer environment with this automatic operation system.

The heater is splash-proof, making it more suitable for bathroom use and reducing the risk of any unexpected incidents and accidents. However, you should install the heater with expert electricians to avoid any problems.

The auto window open technology helps to save energy and shuts off the heater while needed. The installation process is too effortless, and you can use it in both ways, either wall-mounted or free-standing with the provided feet from the supplier.

The heater dimension is 45 x 7 x 40 centimeters, and its wattage is 600 watts with 3.7 kilograms of weight. The heater’s color is white, and its material is aluminum that makes the heater sturdy and durable. The cable of the heater is 1.45 meters long, and the source of power is electricity.

The Purus 60W heater can give coverage up to 7.5 square meters of the area, so while choosing and installing this heater, you have to keep in mind the size of your room. Otherwise, the heater may not give its best service to you, and you may not get the desired level of warmth.


7. Warmlite WL44015

Warmlite WL44015

Product Specification:

  • Temperature range: 10-49
  • Remote control: available
  • Weight: 2.22 Kgs
  • Warranty: two years
  • Best for three wind modes

The Warmlite heater will give you three types of heating system. From one single heater, you will get three types of wind modes, which are fan mode, low mode, and high mode. Moreover, there is also a built-in turbofan, making the heater eligible for the larger area.

So, you can use this heater in broader areas and make larger sizes warmer efficiently. You can set fan or low or high heating mode with the three wind modes according to your need and weather requirements. The multiple heating modes make the heater usable in different weather with different temperature levels.

You can choose your required temperature level from 10-49 degrees Celsius, and there are two power settings: 2kW and 1kW. You can set a weekly temperature schedule with the integrated memory’s help, and there will be no tension in fixing the temperature every day. The weekly temperature setting program will automatically shut down the heater when it reaches your desired temperature level.

The heater’s color is white, and the dimension is length 28.5xwidth26x height 16.2 centimeters, and weight is 2.22 kilograms. You can wall-mount the heater or keep it free-standing on the bathroom floor so that you can change the location.

The heating system is a convention, and the power source is cabled electricity. There is an auto window open detection program for operating efficiently and also protection over-heating.

Moreover, there is also an automatic reset option and a thermal cut-out for safety. You can also use the remote control to adjust the temperature and wind mode of the heater. The manufacturers generally provide one year of warranty, but you can enjoy an extended two-year guarantee if you register your product online.


8. Dimplex FX20V

Dimplex FX20V

Product Specification:

  • Dimension: 10.9 x 22.9 x 24.2 centimetres
  • Weight: 1.1 KGs
  • Indicator: neon
  • Wattage: 2000 watts
  • Best for thermostat switches

The Dimplex heater comes with thermostat switches, which makes it energy saving. The heater’s thermostat technology reduces the output to one thousand watts when the room becomes hot.

So, there is less energy or electricity consumption that results in a reduction in your electricity bill. So if you are not having a heater and are afraid of the electricity bill, you may go for this one.

The heater comes in white color, and its dimension is length 10.9 x width 22.9 x height 24.2centimeters with 1.1 of weight which is relatively light that will allow you to move the hearer from one place to another as per your necessity.

There is a neon indicator in the heater so that you can easily understand the operations and directions. The indicators will indicate the temperature level, wind mode, etc.

The maximum output of the heater is two thousand watts, but you can select one thousand watts at the time of installing. The heater includes pull cord operation and has IPX2 Rating, which indicates its better quality and efficiency.


9. Devola Alto 2Kw Bathroom Heater

Devola 2Kw Bathroom Heater

Product Specification:

  • Power source: electric
  • Dimension: 10.9 x 22.9 x 24.2 centimetres
  • Power outputs: two
  • Guarantee: two years
  • Best for thermostat pull cord

The Devola Alto heater is one of the best options for bathroom heaters as this is a downflow heater, and you can wall-mount it. As we know, the bathroom becomes wet and damp now and then. So if you mount your heater on the wall, it becomes more secure and safer. You have to climb the hearer at least 1.8 meters above the floor in zone two or three of a bathroom.

There is also an auto-reset option and thermal cut-out system for extra safety in any power supply problem. This heater is also eligible for use in the kitchen and other smaller places of your home where wall-mounted heaters suit best.

The heater’s power source is cabled electricity, and there are two power outputs: one thousand watts and two thousand watts. The heater will give you full flexibility as you can choose the output watts and get a warm environment in your bathroom according to your choice.

There is thermostat technology available in the heater that will automatically turn it down when the temperature will reach your desired and pre-set one. This feature will undoubtedly save energy and reduce your monthly electricity bill as well.

The heater’s dimension is, weight is 1.65 kilograms, the color is white, and the voltage rating is 230V. There is a neon indicator available for easy operation, and the manufacturers provide one year of warranty, keeping in mind the convenience of their clients.


Features to Consider When Choosing a Bathroom Heater

While choosing a heater for your bathroom, you have to keep a few things in consideration to select the ideal heater for your bathroom.

Some essential factors are the core benefits, size, type, operations, installation, and manufacturer’s warranty that you have to count when buying a bathroom heater. Here we will assist you with some essential factors of a bathroom heater that you should always keep in mind.

Size of the heater: “Size doesn’t matter”- this dialogue will not be suitable for a bathroom heater, which means you have to consider both the size of the heater and also the size and area of your bathroom when you will buy a heater.

If the heater is too small for your bathroom, it will not make the space warmer and feel cold. On the contrary, if the heater’s size is unnecessarily large than the need of your room area, you will have to count additional bills for electricity.

That is why, before having a heater in your bathroom, you must consider the size to get a proper warm environment without any extra expense.

Safety precautions: While getting a bathroom heater, the first thing you have to consider is the safety features. As the bathroom environment remains wet and damp most of the time, you have to choose that kind of heater for your bathroom, which will not cause any problem because of the damp and humid spaces.

You can also get waterproof or splash proof heaters for your bathroom as those are safe and secured for water and splash. Having a heater without considering the safety precautions may cause unexpected incidents that may harm you.

Placement of the heater: The heater placement is also an essential thing while you will have a bathroom heater as there is much water flow and splash in a bathroom. Therefore, you should choose an appropriate place while installing a bathroom heater.

You can free stand the heater in a dry and safe bathroom where there is no water flow. On the other hand, you can also mount the heater on the bathroom wall with the required bucket. According to experts, wall mounting is a better option for the heater of the bathroom.

Benefits: The benefits that a heater will offer you are another noteworthy fact that you should consider before choosing a bathroom heater. As different people look for other things and advantages from a heater, it’s essential to assess the facilities.

For example, you have to evaluate whether the heating quality and time, energy efficiency, moisture, steam controlling capability, etc., before getting a heater to heat your bathroom. If you get one without checking out the benefits and match them with your requirements, you may not get the perfect heater your necessity.

Price range: A bathroom heater’s price is a vital issue as people have different budgets for having a bathroom heater. You have to estimate the benefits you will get in a specific price range according to your account.

Some heaters are available in the market, which is expensive only though it offers nothing exceptional than a mid-range heater. To assess some heaters’ quality and benefits in a similar price range and do justice to your hard-earned money.

Heating technology: There are different types of integrated heating technologies as a convention, infrared, etc. Heaters with different technology give other benefits, and heating timing, moisture, and warmth also differ. That is why considering this feature is also essential.

Installation process: The installation process of a bathroom heater should be hassle-free and less costly. Some manufacturers provide necessary fixing equipment, standing feet, instruction manual, etc., with the package that makes installing the heater convenient.

Warranty: Warranty is another essential issue to consider as a trouble-free, and long term warranty will allow you to use the heater without any tension and save your service change for a specific time duration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put an electric heater in the bathroom?

Indeed, you can use electric heaters in the bathroom with some proper and adequate safety precautions. Electric heaters are an ideal option for keeping your bathroom warm, and you will get a comfortable, friendly environment in your bathroom with the help of a heater. However, you should keep in mind that you should install the heater in a safe place that is not wet and damp, keeping a distance from water and splash.

Is it safe to put a heater in the bathroom?

A bathroom heater’s safety factors will mainly depend on your selection of installing the heater, the size, and the installing style, e.g., mounting on the wall or keeping a free stand. Accidents may happen if the heater is not waterproof or splash proof as most of the bathroom remains damp and wet now and then. So, after taking proper precautions, you can install a heater in your bathroom, and it’s safe.

How can I heat my bathroom in the winter?

There is numerous way of hearing the bathroom during winter to make the environment of the bathroom warmer. For keeping your bathroom warmer, you can use an electric bathroom heater, floor heating system, and a heated towel rack to get a warmer feeling after the shower as well.

Which type of heater is the cheapest to run?

There are several types of heaters available in the market nowadays with different energy and electricity requirements. Some heaters are 100% energy efficient, and those won’t cause you much expense. The energy-efficient heaters automatically get on and off according to the user’s pre-set temperature, thus saving energy and becoming one of the cheapest options to use.


Expectantly, reading this article will help you find out the best bathroom heater according to your necessities. There are different features, advantages, heating systems, and price ranges of the heaters discussed earlier in this write-up.

We have tried to uphold every big and small thing about the heaters, and you have to go through them to choose an optimal option in your estimated budget.

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