Best Camping Toilet UK

Best Camping Toilet UK 2023 — According to Experts

Are you tensed about doing toilet during the campaign?

We are here with the solution of nine best campaign toilet of the UK, after reading the below article you will know every detail of the portable toilets to choose the best for you among them.

Top 9 Camping Toilet Reviews 2023

Here are our 9 portable toilet for camping in the UK in 2023.

1. Thetford Portable Toilet

Thetford 92802

Product specification:

  • Material – plastic
  • Weight – 7.94 pounds
  • Waste holding tank- 12 litre
  • Dimension – 33 x 38.3 x 42.7 centimetres
  • Best for below pump flushing system

Thetford portable toilet is one of the best camping toilets you can get, and this doesn’t require a connection to a drainage or water system. Thetford has natural seating height, high capacity waste holding tank and grey finish manual flash.

This camping toilet is high quality, durable plastic built with cover-lock benefits and improved valve handle system will help you to carry the waste holding tank, and that makes is very easy and convenient emptying.

The waste tank capacity for this portable toilet is 12L, and the overall weight is 3.6kg. Thetford camping toilet has a dimension of 330 x 383 x 427 mm and some optional extras accessories for the porta-potty tube.

Thetford camping toilet offers accessories to attach this portable toilet to the floor of your boat, and these accessories will help to set this toilet where ever you want. Thetford has the perfect solution for your camping, and that will give you a stress-free camping night.


2. KampaKhazi Portable Toilet

Kampa Khazi Portable Toilet

Product specification:

  • Waste container – 5 Littre
  • Suitable for- indoor and outdoor
  • Weight -2.5 Kilograms
  • Dimensions – 121.92 x 83.82 x 101.6 cm;
  • Best for the strong plastic seat

The KampaKhazi is a simple portable and economy camping toilet suitable for an outdoor, indoor, campsite and also can use at home as an emergency toilet.

This portable toilet has a stylish, functional design with a robust plastic adult size seat and a regular lid will make sure of no tipping risk. This portable camping toilet is straightforward to clean, and that is very simple, just like taking water with cover.

The KampaKhazi toilet has a dimension of 48 x 38 x 34 cm, overall weight for this compact design toilet is 2.23 kg, and maximum capacity is 5 litre. KampaKhazi toilet is a great value compact design products makes it easy to store and transport, ideal for use with children camping at night.

Older adults can use this portable toilet at home and you can empties with a removal waste bin and it also has a toilet roll holder. KampaKhazi portable toilet will give wary free camping.


3. Thetford 92306 Porta Potti 565E

Thetford 92306

Product specification:

  • Installation system – floor mounted
  • Waste holding tank – 21 L
  • Flush water tank – 15 Littre
  • Dimensions: 448 x 388 x 450 mm
  • Best for electric flushing system

Thetford 92306 portable toilet is the most striking design and innovative features, and it can be your solution maker for your camping trip or only as a second toilet.

This award-winning porta potty has an electric flushing system, which is giving you level indicator display for the waste holding tank and also for the flush water tank.

Thetford toilet display to work you will need only 4 AAA batteries. The luxury large Porta Potti 565E series has a dimension of (H x W x D) 448 x 388 x 450 mm and net weight is 5kg. Thetford portable toilet comes with a big 15-litre flush water tank and a massive 21-litre waste holdings capacity.

This portable toilet is suitable for RVs, boats, trucks, vans, healthcare, camping and even off-the-grid lifestyle. This homelike sleek, modern designed portable toilet has very comfortable seating and height. Thetford 92306 series has an odourless, leak-proof system, and it is straightforward to clean.


4. Thetford Portable Toilet

Thetford 92814

Product specification:

  • Material – Plastic
  • Waste holding tank – 12 L
  • Flush water tank – 15 Littre
  • Dimensions: 330 x 383 x 427 mm
  • Best for Piston pump flushing system

Thetford is a brand leader when it comes to making a portable toilet, and this toilet is offering you very hygiene and optimal sanitation.

This branded portable toilet has some superior features like durability, shallow water use and reliability; on top of that, it doesn’t require a connection to drainage or even the water.

Thetford toilet is an excellent substitute for using the regular toilet and made out of lightweight, high-quality, durable plastic. This Caravan Toilet has a dimension of 330 x 383 x 427 mm, flush water tank capacity 15 L, waste holding tank 12 L and net weight 3.8 Kg.

The waste holding tanks for the portable toilet has a level indicator display, and that will make your life easier. This waste tank of the Thetford camping toilet is very easy and convenient for you to emptying, without even worrying about splashing the waste. This portable toilet will be ideal for you to carrying, wherever you go for camping.


5. BranQ 1306 Camping Toilet Grey Medium

BranQ 1306 Camping Toilet

Product specification:

  • Capacity – 22 L
  • Weight – 1.5 Kg
  • Warranty – Return policy
  • Dimensions – 35.5cm L x 37.0cm W x 44.5cm H
  • Best for low-cost camping toilet

BenQ 1306 portable toilet is ideal for low-cost camping, and this camping toilet will give you tension-free sanitation. If you have any medical issue or maybe sometimes you don’t feel like to go downstairs, especially in the dead of night, then this portable toilet will be handy.

This portable bucket toilet is very comfortable to use, and you can put a bag for the waste and dispose of it after you use.

BenQ camping toilet made out of good quality plastic and you don’t need to wary about your weight. This grey camping toilet has a solid clip which wills the lid perfectly on to the bucket and also a handlebar for the camping toilet to carry.

This grey medium camping toilet has a waste capacity of 21 L and weight little more than 1 kg, so it will be very convenient for you to carry this on to your camping or even a boat trip.


6. Denny International Portable Toilet

Denny Portable Toilet

Product specification:

  • Shape – round
  • Carrying handles – 2 sides
  • Installation system – floor mounted
  • Dimensions – 34 * 49 * 42 cm
  • Best for it’s lightweight

Denny international is a large portable outdoor or camping portable toilet with matt finish on the surface to conceal scratches from day to day use.

A portable toilet will help you for natural emergency calls, and this large toilet can use in camping, fishing, boating and also can be used in the hospital for the older people or if someone has a toilet issue.

This international camping toilet has large 6L waste capacity with a washable bucket and a toilet paper holder on the side, which will be ideal for overnight camping.

This large compact portable toilet made of high-density polyethene and two side carrying handles, which also makes of high-density polyethene. Denny international toilet comes with a removable waste bucket with lid, and that will seal the odour.

This portable toilet has an adult-sized seat and very comfortable height. Denny international will be very helpful and hygiene when it comes to a natural emergency call.


7. MultiWare Large 5L Compact Portable Toilet

MultiWare Large 5L Compact Portable Toilet

Product specification:

  • Capacity – 5 Littre
  • Colour Grey
  • Weight 28 g
  • Dimensions – 49.53 x 40.13 x 40.13 cm
  • Best for washable bucket

The Multiwire is a compact portable toilet with a washable basket and a toilet roll holder on the side which makes this product is beneficial for your camping, fishing or caravan picnic and much more. This one is a low-cost portable toilet for your quiet budget camping or picnic.

Sitting position for this Multiware is very comfortable and very safe. Portable toilet like this will gives you a perfect hygienic solution for the sanitation and Multiware is also convenient for the elderly or even disables people.

Multiwire compact toilet makes out of excellent quality plastic, and the durable commode can support up to 200kg, which can withstand daily uses. Products dimensions are 49.53 x 40.13 x 40.13cm, and it has two lids that make this portable camping toilet odour free.

The commode for this toilet equips with an extra-large bucket, and that can remove for cleaning, and this portable toilet is straightforward to clean.


8. Hillington Lightweight and Portable 5L Camping Toilet

Hillington Lightweight and Portable 5L Camping Toilet

Product specification:

  • Capacity – 5 Littre
  • Seat – adult size
  • Dimensions –34 * 39 * 48.5 cm
  • Best for its lightweight & portable system

The Hillington toilet is a modern basic toilet with stylish and functional design, lightweight, portable toilet. This lightweight, the portable toilet is designed for camping and caravanning or during your renovation. This portable toilet can use as a substitute for your home toilet.

Hillington lightweight toilet constructed with high-density polyethene and that makes these products very reliable but remained lightweight.

Waste capacity for this camping toilet is 5 L, and that waste bucket is removable for a wash. Dimension for this toilet is 34cm x 39.5cm x 48.5cm and the sturdy design is making sure that no risk of tipping for this camping toilet.

This portable camping toilet has a functioning toilet roll holder, and that will make you feel like all the comfort of the home toilet but brought to the outside camping. After finishing you camping then you can disassemble this for using it to your next tour, and this is as simple as you assembled.


9. Leisurewize Need-A-Loo Portable Toilet

Leisurewize Need-A-Loo Portable Toilet

Product specification:

  • Waste water tank -1 L
  • Seat- traditional style
  • Max user weight – 100 kg
  • Material – Robust composite material
  • Best for bucket style toilet

Leidurewize needs a loo is the most basic designed chemical toilet bucket-style portable camping toilet. The Leisurewize is the primary form of the portable toilet with the handy bucket. It needs a loo is a very convenient portable toilet for your camping night or great for festivals.

Leisurewize made from robust composite material and immaculate finish. This camping toilet has a litre carrying handle with a contoured grip, and the leisurewear toilet completed with a traditional style seat.

This convenient outdoor portable toilet has dimensions of 60 x 40 x 40 cm, and items weight is 1.22 Kilograms. Need a loo toilet to have waste holding capacity up to 1 litre, and maximum user weight capacity for this traditional toilet is 100 Kg. The seat height is 14 inches from the bottom and very comfortable seating position for this toilet.

Leisurewize toilet is suitable for children, adult or older person and can use as a second emergency toilet at home.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do camping toilets work?

Campaign toilet comes with a water tank and waste tank so that the poo goes to the waste tank instead of the sewer. The tank holds chemicals to kills germs and removes any foul smell that is how a campaign or a portable toilet works.

Do camping toilets smell?

There are very few people who report smell problem with the campaign toilets, but generally, the waste tank holds chemicals to kills germs and remove the bad smell.


We all love to travel but also afraid of doing toilet during campaigning. So having a portable or transportable toilet is become a significant thing.

All the above bathroom are suitable for your campaign time, but Thetford Portable Toilet is better in comparison to all the feature.

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