Best Shower Enclosures UK

Best Shower Enclosures UK 2023 — According to Experts

Today’s article is all about some of the best shower enclosures of the UK, available on the UK market for online and physical purchase.

The shower enclosure might be quadrant and square, sliding and pivot door style etc.

The below write-up will provide the best of them.

Top 9 Shower Enclosures Reviews 2023

Here are our 9 quality shower enclosures reviews in the UK in 2023.

1. ELEGANT 1000 x 700mm Sliding Shower

ELEGANT 1000 x 700mm Sliding Shower

Product Description:

  • Cleaning: the easy cleaning process
  • Frame material: Aluminium
  • Construction: sturdy and long-lasting
  • Door design: reversible
  • Best for premium quality standard glass

The ELEGANT sliding shower comes with high-quality standard glass with thickness level of 8 millimetres that make the shower extra tough and robust and offers the highest level of safety. Moreover, the glass has an ultra-long-lasting coating shield that protects the glass from staining and keeps it new and clear for a long time. The glass is also easily cleanable that reduces the effort and time for cleaning it.

The shower door has a sliding mechanism and has a dimension of 1000 x 1900 millimetres and the size of the side panel is 1000 x 700 millimetres with waste and shower tray. The material of the frame is corrosion-resistant aluminium with a polished finish that keeps the frame rust-free and enhances the lifetime. For the sturdy and durable construction of the shower, investing for once will serve you for an extended period.

The reversible door with both left and right side opening system will fit the specific layout of your bathroom and makes the instalment convenient. The material of the shower tray is a strong stone resin which is water-proof, scratch-resistant and also discolouration resistant that keeps the colour and finish as a new one. These excellent features make the sliding shower one of the best-selling sliding batteries of recent time.


2. Royal Bathrooms 800 x 800mm Sliding Quadrant Shower

Royal Bathrooms 800 x 800mm Sliding Quadrant Shower

Product Description:

  • Dimension: 80 x 80 x 185 cm
  • Glass thickness: 6 Millimeters
  • Shape: quadrant
  • Rollers: easily removable and cleanable
  • Best for a lifetime guarantee

The Royal bathrooms is a very renowned manufacturer and supplier for providing the best quality bathroom and sanitary equipment nowadays. This Royal sliding bathroom is not different from the other products of these manufacturers as it also comes with superior quality. The incredible feature of this sliding shower is its lifetime guarantee that you can avail very quickly, and that is also without any hassle. With the lifetime guarantee, the cost of the shower decreases as you don’t have to pay anything for additional damage.

The thickness of the glass is 6 millimetre that provides extra safety and remains clear for a long time. Moreover, the cleaning process is also very effortless and time-saving due to the removable rollers. The sturdy frame with chrome polish gives secured support to the shower. The modern style with quadrant shape makes the shower stylish-looking and complements your bathroom environment.

The dimension of the shower is 80 x 80 x 185 centimetres that is almost a perfect shape for slide showers. There are two handles for easy opening and closing of the door. The manufacturers provide riser kits, handles and screws with the shower that makes the installation process easy.


3. ELEGANT 900 x 900 mm Quadrant Shower

ELEGANT 900 x 900 mm Quadrant Shower

Product Description:

  • Dimension: 900×900 millimeters
  • Door slide: stable and quiet
  • Wheels: anti-rust and long-lasting
  • Wall adjustment: 20 millimetres per side
  • Best for water-proof and leakage-proof door

The Elegant quadrant shower comes with a water-proof door that keeps it free from any leakage and damage. The clear door has a vinyl coating that makes it water-proof, which makes it perfect for the bathroom as the bathroom always remains wet and damp. The water-proof door makes the bathroom cleaner and tidier that will give you a superior experience.

The glass of the shower has NANO glass technology for self-cleaning so that water doesn’t stay on the glass. This NANO glass technology helps to keep the glass scratch and spot free and makes the glossiness long-lasting. Sixteen anti-rust metal-made wheels make the sliding smooth and quiet and also keeps the wheels free from corrosion and damages.

The shower has a wall adjustment system of up to 20 millimetres that will help you to adjust it more perfectly in your bathroom walls. The dimension of the shower is 900×900 millimetres, and there’s no battery required for this shower.


4. MIQU 800 x 800 Offset Quadrant Sliding

MIQU 800 x 800 Offset Quadrant Sliding

Product Description:

  • Glass thickness: 6 Millimeters
  • Bottom rollers: easy to clean and remove
  • Weight: 58.51 Kilograms
  • Dimension: 800×800 Millimeters
  • Best for NANO technology shower enclosure

The MIQU sliding shower has a shower enclosure with NANO technology that flows down the water and doesn’t leave any stain on the glass. For this feature, the glass of the shower remains clean and spotless and also makes the cleaning process effortless. Moreover, the high-quality tempered glass with 6 millimetres of thickness provides extra safety and a better experience.

The bottom rollers have a quick-release mechanism that will allow you to remove and clean easily and quickly. The dimension of the shower with tray is 800×800 millimetres, and the weight is 58.51 kilograms. The sturdy and robust frame with a high-quality finish and glossy chrome finish gives rigid support to the shower.

The manufacturers ran water-proof test for the shower and provided a guarantee for its water-proof feature. As the battery is water-proof, water and splash of the bathroom don’t affect the outlook, as well as the material of the shower, thus makes it long-lasting.


5. ELEGANT 800 x 800mm Offset Quadrant Shower

ELEGANT 800 x 800mm Offset Quadrant Shower

Product Description:

  • Bar handle material: stainless steel
  • Glass thickness: 6 Millimeters
  • Wheels: sixteen
  • Dimension: 800 x 800 x 1850mm
  • Best for water-proof guarantee

As bathrooms are all about water and wetness, a shower with water-proof product is an optimal option to choose. The manufacturer of the ELEGANT offset showers guaranteed on the water-proofed surface of the shower and ran multiple water-proof tests for the shower, The water-proof feature of the shower keeps it unaffected by water and makes it durable.

The handlebar is stainless steel made with a classy chrome finish that is free from rust, corrosion and stain and holds the new look for a long time. The reversible design will allow you to open the door from both right and left side according to your convenience and the creation of your bathroom.

The thickness of the glass is six millimetres that makes it sturdy and unbreakable which will give you an excellent experience. Sixteen wheels make the sliding very smooth and don’t stick at the time of sliding, which is a great advantage.

The shower has approval from BS EN 12150 that ensures it’s premium and top-notch quality. The shower is 800 millimetres both in width and length, and the height is 1850 millimetres.


6. Elegant 760 x 760 mm Sliding Doors

Elegant 760 x 760 mm Sliding Doors

Product Description:

  • Frame structure: sturdy and durable
  • Glass thickness: 6 MM
  • Bottom rollers: quickly releasable
  • Dimension: 760×760 mm
  • Best for specially designed hinge

The Elegant sliding door has a hinge with a unique design that falls at the time of closing, which makes the shower surface water-proof. The individual featured hinge makes the shower unaffected from splash and water, so the possibility of damage decreases and the lifetime of the shower increases.

The shower has a sturdy structure that makes the construction stable and supports the shower correctly. The unique hinges of the doors make the sliding smooth and quiet even after so many years. The manufacturers test the endurance all the hinges, moving parts and rollers before assembling.

The glass is 6 millimetres thick that gives an extra toughness and reduces the risk of breakage and damage. There are quick release bottom rollers that are easily moveable, which makes the cleaning process convenient. The shower is 760 millimetres both in length and height.


7. ELEGANT 1000 x 800 mm Sliding Corner Entry Shower

ELEGANT 1000 x 800 mm Sliding Corner Entry Shower

Product Description:

  • Weight: 46.5 Kilograms
  • The dimension of the shower door: 1000x800mm
  • Colour: Clear
  • Shower enclosure: Corner Entry
  • Best for tough and safe glass

The ELEGANT shower has tough glass with 6 mm of thickness that will give a free and safe shower experience. The tough glass has approval from the BS EN12150 that ensures the superior quality of it. The clear outlook of the glass makes the shower more elegant looking and doesn’t get damaged easily. The high-quality thick glass with extra toughness makes the battery more efficient and durable.

The dimension of the glass is 1000x800mm, and the weight is 46.5 Kilograms. There is a special kind of hinge that makes the closing water-proof perfectly as it flows down all the water. You can install the shower in your bathroom as there is both right and left door opening system. Both door opening mechanism helps to adjust the shower in any bathroom with different layout and design.

The bottom roller has a quick and easy releasing option that makes the removal and cleaning process easy and fast. There is wall adjustment of 20mm on both side so that the shower can perfectly fit into your bathroom walls.


8. ELEGANT 800 x 800 mm Quadrant Shower

ELEGANT 800 x 800 mm Quadrant Shower

Product Description:

  • Shower enclosure dimension: 800 x 800 x 1850mm
  • Wheels: sixteen
  • Frame material: aluminium
  • Structure durability: stronger and more durable
  • Best for easy cleaning and maintenance

As most of the showers are glass-made, you will have to clean it regularly to make it look clean and tidy. However, what you get a shower that requires a minimum amount of effort to maintain the excellent look and to keep it clean. The ELEGANT Quadrant Shower will provide you with the ease of easy maintenance as the glass automatically moves down the water that doesn’t cause any stain or spot on the glass. This feature makes the cleaning and maintenance very convenient, quick and effortless.

There are sixteen metal wheels which are rust-resistance as well as long-lasting and makes the sliding smooth. The shower surface is water-proof which makes it perfect for any modern bathroom. The structure of the shower is aluminium-made, that makes it more robust and gives sturdy support to the shower.

The material of the reversible handles bars is stainless steel with a chrome finish that is anti-corrosion and doesn’t get damaged by water and also gives an elegant look. The dimension of the quadrant shaped shower is 800 x 800 x 1850 mm that offers a universal shape to the shower.

The shower has 20 mm of wall adjustment that will allow you to fit the shower in your bathroom in a perfect manner. The package includes a shower door and wall adjustments, and you have to get the tray separately.


9. ELEGANT 800mm Walk-in Wetroom Shower

ELEGANT 800mm Walk-in Wetroom Shower

Product Description:

  • Glass thickness: 8 millimetres
  • Door mechanism: reversible
  • Cleaning process: easy and effortless
  • Water-proof guarantee: available
  • Best for easy and convenient installation

The installation process of the Elegant Wetroom Shower doesn’t require much as the shower package comes with all the necessary fixings. Moreover, the ELEGANT manufacturers also provide an instruction manual with complete instruction of installation that makes the installation process quicker and more convenient. With the help of a plumber, you can easily install the shower in your bathroom and don’t need to buy any extra fittings too.

The glass thickness is 8mm that makes the shower extra tough and durable also has NANO technology that automatically cleans the glass and doesn’t leave any stain or spot on it. The door is reversible that will allow you to fit the shower according to the design of your bathroom. The stylish and modern outlook of the shower makes it suitable for any modern bathroom.

The shower has approval from the BS EN 12150 and the manufacturers provide water-proof guarantee for the shower. The dimension of the screen panel is 800x1900mm and return panel is 300x1900mm that includes stainless steel support of 1000 mm.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best shower enclosures?

After comparing all the available shower enclosure in the market, elegant 1000*700 and Royal bathroom shower enclosure are rank the first line for their versatile features like size, colour, durability etc.

How big should a shower cubicle be?

The general size of shower cubicle is 2000mm * 1000mm using nowadays. A floor inclined and drainage system include under the showerhead, cloth hook also provided.

How much is a shower enclosure?

The price of shower enclosure depends on different factors like what type of material there are using and facilities available. To get an average quality shower enclosure, you may have to pay at least 100 euro plus.

Which is better framed or frameless shower doors?

A frameless shower may look more beautiful, but the frame can become a strong support for its long time durability, so it depends on you actually what you want.



The best shower enclosure depends on your need and choice basically as ones need and choice can differ from others.

For example, you may like elegant 1000*700 for its extra size measurement and Royal bathroom enclosure as it’s a quadrant shower.

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