Single Oven Under £200

Best Single Oven Under £200

Pick the best single oven under £200 if you desire to upgrade your kitchen within a budget.

Here we have brought a few single ovens with versatile designs and functionality so that you can choose one of them as per your demand.

Even, these models offer satisfactory performance, quality and capacity whatever you want.

Single Oven Under £200 UK Market

Here are our 5 best Single Oven Under £200 in the UK market.

Note: This is just an idea. Most Single Ovens are priced under £200, but there are a few Single ovens that may exceed this price range.

1. Candy FCP403X

Candy FCP403X

  • Capacity: 65 litres
  • Colour: Stainless steel
  • Wattage: 2.10 watts
  • Installation type: Built-in
  • Dimensions: 56.7*59.5*59.5 cm

Candy FCP403X is an attractive best single oven under 200 which allows convenient A rating energy-efficiency suitable accessory for your home. It comes with a stylish stainless steel finish, scratch-resistant and durable.

You can get a spacious 65 litres net oven capacity, delivering also exact cooking temperature as well as strong flavours can be cooked together except then being transferred. It saves you money and time while the fan oven heats up rapidly.

This Candy FCP403X oven offers you a choice of 4 settings. The minute minder with auto shut off function helps you to relax when your meal is being processed or cooked.

On the other hand, the mark resistant control panel features simple to use rotary controls. And the double glazed glass door assists to see what’s cooking. Even, a compact variable grill gives a more multiple cooking experience.


2. Cookology COF600SS

Cookology COF600SS

  • Capacity: 65 litres
  • Colour: Stainless steel
  • Energy efficiency: A
  • Installation type: Built-in
  • Size: 60 cm

Cookology COF600SS is one of the best and most popular brands in the UK, it is stainless steel finish with a black glass control panel and the door looks so beautiful in any kitchen.

This single oven under £200 allows a standard fan function; however, the appliance will heat up very fast so that you can make your foods on different shelves at once where the heat is distributed evenly.

The electric fan oven is easy to install (built-in or built-under), 13AMP which refers that you can attach a standard UK plug. Energy rating is A level saving you more electricity costs.

It includes other beneficial functions-the defrost mode pushes air around at room temperature and speeds up the defrost time. A suitable minute minder timer is for easy and quick preparation.

This Cookology COF600SS model is an ideal item that fits in a normal oven unit, under the counter or at eye level. The large 65L capacity, easy clean enamel makes the oven a perfect product.


3. Hisense BI3221ABUK

Hisense BI3221ABUK

  • Capacity: 71 litres
  • Colour: Black
  • Wattage: 940 watts
  • Energy efficiency: A
  • Dimensions: 54.7*59.7*59.5 cm

Our Hisense BI3221ABUK is designed to provide you with the highest oven volume within the space of a medium kitchen unit. It is an appropriate choice for large families, with 71L capacity making it easier to cook more food items at the same time.

The rounded even bake design confirms hot air circulating properly, as well as heating your dishes evenly to create the perfect crispy or juicy result. Not only does Hisense deliver delicious food but also a kitchen-suiting and fantastic product.

It also contains intuitive control with touch LED so you can prepare every dish through this simple touch screen. Choose your desired function, adjust timers and enable the child lock for a seamless meal.

The oven has a steam clean option that loosens stains and grease very easily and quickly. So place the water-filled baking tray in your oven, and then select steam clean and after 30 minutes, grease, marks can be easily wiped off.


4. Candy FCP405X

Candy FCP405X

  • Capacity: 65 litres
  • Colour: Stainless steel
  • Energy efficiency: A
  • Wattage: 2.10 watts
  • Installation type: Built-in
  • Dimensions: 59.5*65.8*59.5cm

Candy FCP405X is a well-designed model including extraordinary features and finishing touches fixed to make cooking a pleasure and a suitable partner in any kitchen.

This oven allows easy to use rotary controls in the front and involves A class energy efficiency rating; it has also an intuitive grip handle that creates a sophisticated finishing touch to the oven.

The soft and smooth enamel surface inside the oven is easy to clean, you can use a cloth dampened with soapy water after cooking. It is particularly built-in a glass door boosts you to keep an eye on what is cooking.

This nice size Candy FCP405X features 4 compatible programmes and comes with 2 shelves, free 10-year parts and a 1-year labour warranty. And, in a fan-forced convection setting, it provides 0.78kwh power consumption per cycle.


5. Cookology SF060SS

 Cookology SFO60SS

  • Capacity: 61 litres
  • Colour: Stainless steel
  • Energy efficiency: A
  • Wattage: 1800 watts
  • Dimensions: 53*59.5*59.5 cm

Cookology SF060SS is a single electric fan oven that is equipped to be simple and intuitive to use, energy-saving and easy to place in any space. It fits into a normal 60 cm oven cavity; the style of Cookology comes in stainless steel or black colour.

This is really an integrated oven, offering a standard 13 amp UK plug, perfect to plug it straight into the wall. The last and best single oven under £200 ensures better quality, coming with a variety of functions such as grill, standard and fan assisted.

It includes an excellent light-only setting that makes the cleaning task so easy, illuminating the whole cavity except any head. You can enjoy easy maintenance for the combination of stainless steel railings and enamelled interior.

However, the Cookology SF060SS oven also accommodates enough space capacity (61L), a cost-effective appliance for your kitchen.



Our best single oven under 200 is truly a budget-friendly appliance that allows exceptional cooking experiences.

If you looking for inexpensive options that can give beneficial using facility and improves the appearance of your kitchen, the above-mentioned brands are so suitable.

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