Buying Guide For Bathtub

Buying Guide For Bathtub

When buying a bathtub, you notice there are many factors related to this, for instance, your budget, materials of the tub, how and where your tub will be used.

Various types of bathtubs are available in the UK’s market which means you have a large number of options to choose from.

A Bathtub Selecting Way

Before purchasing a tub for your bathroom you should consider a few major factors such as style, materials, shapes and sizes too. Because this consideration will help you to prefer the best suitable model that provides the absolute using comfort.

However, nowadays bathtub contains the modern and smart features that you may expect. In order to get the proper bathtub, you will have to especially take into account some measures. At first, you have to figure out the overall size of the bathtub. You should select the perfectly fitting item which will provide you great comfort in your bathroom space.

The second factor is a style that also plays an essential role in affecting your bathroom embellishment. On the basis of your taste and decoration of your bathroom for suiting, you can prefer from corner, rectangular and square shape designs. There is also a variety of materials including enamelled steel or cast iron or acrylic or resin or other synthetic elements.

Choosing The Type And Shape Of A Bathtub

The shape of a bathtub fully depends on the layout of your bathroom. So you can choose from the following items:

Corner baths: Corner baths normally take the position into the corner of your bathroom. Such kind of tub allowing a round shape but needs less shape than the other designs at the same time offers a perfect choice for any bathroom.

Oval or rectangular baths: Introducing the most classic styles called rectangular or oval type baths to come in large sizes so you require more spaces in your bathroom.

Freestanding baths: If you have a larger space in your bathroom freestanding baths are the great models installed in the middle of the room. They create a smart feel and ideal look in your bathroom. Various kinds of freestanding baths are available to feature exposed tops built-in type.

Clawfoot baths: If you want to enjoy an excellent bath in a compact bathroom, clawfoot slipper baths are the right choice allow the smaller portions where the highest length is nearly 150 cm.

Shower baths: A flat reinforced base type bath providing on a glass shower panel, Shower baths help to prevent the risk of overspill these bathtubs are particularly effective for older people of your family.

Nominate The Material Type And Bathtub Size

Bathtub dimensions: Considering enough space in your bathroom you should determine the size of the tub compared to its dimensions. In reality, the larger bathtub gives more comfort and relaxes feeling. The lengths of the tub often vary from 150 to over 190 cm whereas the width will be in the region of 70 cm to over 100 cm.

Bathtub materials: Now you have to select the materials. Most of the time, this decision depends on the weight of the material along with its fundamental properties.

Metal baths: Metal baths are usually made of enamelled steel or cast iron. The enamel coating of the material assists to be greatly resistant to scratches. Even, the meal type baths are so heavy, if you have a wooden floor, you should pay good attention to the weight.

Metal baths are generally slippery than acrylic baths. You should know the details regarding the materials.

Enamelled steel: This material is so light, however, it doesn’t retain the heat and it can be clamorous for you and your neighbours as well.

Cast iron: This is a heavy material and better for retaining heat but perfect for strong floors and not compatible with wood floors. It tends to offer a long service span and is easy to maintain.

Synthetic baths: Synthetic baths are common types made of resin or acrylic. These modern materials are not only very strong but also lightweight; easy to place in your bathroom. The coating of the tub isn’t perfect resistant to shocks or scratches. Synthetic bathtubs allow many shapes with several options.

Acrylic: This is very sensitive to harsh cleaning items and scratches. It doesn’t make a lot of sound at the same time retains enough heat too.

Fiberglass: This is so cheap, lightweight and strong material.

Resin: This commits in two types. The first one is roto-moulded resin (pleasant and soft to touch). And the other type is polyester resin.

Toplax: This is an extraordinary Acrylonitrile-butadiene styrene (ABS) product reinforced acrylic. It offers the best shock-resistant and retains heal well.

However, bathtubs are made according to BSI- British standard institution and following some standards subject to certain features and material type for good quality.

Searching The Exact Cladding For Your Bathtub

There are so many cladding varieties equipped to adjust your bathroom decoration at all. Bath panels and bath panels accommodate isolated materials to fit in your modern bathtub.

Synthetic cladding: Manufacturers offer many options to add the cladding with an accurate measurement. The faster and easier finishing solution with easy to remove feature these panels are famous.

Tile-over cladding: Tile-over cladding comprises extruded polystyrene panels coated together with fibreglass. Such panels can be cut to match your needed dimensions.

Other material selections: Other cladding materials like water-resistant MDF or plaster panels can be used too. These kinds of materials commit you to form a custom-made bathtub surrounding that can be panelled or painted and tiled over in the process you prefer.

Whirlpool Baths For Relaxing

To make the mini spa at home, just install the whirlpool baths which are so moderate choice for you. These tubs are basically designed with special comfort in mind; those baths are setting with also some hydro-massage nozzles. The nozzles help to make the water jet offer massaging effect as well as to provide the unbeatable feel of well-being and relaxation.

In your every bath these aspects deliver a massage session into your full body again and again. These bathtubs allow the quiet operation but to its straightforward mechanism, including three major types of great technology:

Compressed air: The air is pumped out from the nozzles with the method of an air compressor. The nozzles are spread out over the beneath of the tub and make a relaxing and smooth massage effect.

Pressurized water: The pump normally pulls water from the tub at the same time delivers it out in jets through the nozzles. It also creates an energising and invigorating massage enjoyment.

Air and water: This mechanism accumulates the two aforementioned processes. The adjustment of air and water offers you to select such effects or experiences at any time.

If the jets are more and positioned at the perfect place, these provide largely you an excellent quality massage system. For many jets, they can come at many parts of your body such as the neck, buttocks and the lower lack properly.

On the other hand, the massage efficiency also relies on the power of the pump. Usually, whirlpool bathtubs allow suitable power rating ranges between 600 watts and 2200 watts. You should remember that the more wattage levels show the greater efficiency.

Besides, whirlpool bathtubs grant the functional standards and super safety to secure the efficiency and running capability of their electrical components.

Special characteristics as colour therapy or heated back are so considerable to remodel or replace the bathtub. The outstanding feature is the lower heights that make the tub easier to get in as well as out.


To conclude this article we can suggest that, when you planned to purchase a bathtub depending on the size, shape and material of your tub, you should also take into account to emphasize both operation and style as well.

Finally, you will be contacted with a perfect bathtub for your bathroom which delivers always relaxing bath experience.

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