Do Air Purifiers Cool Down A Room

Do Air Purifiers Cool Down A Room?

Some people wonder if the air purifier can cool the air while purifying it. This article will give them a clear idea about the cooling aptitude of an air purifier.

Generally, the air purifiers cannot make the air of the room cool as they don’t come with any cooling mechanism. An air purifier is typically a fan that circulates the air with its electrical, mechanical or hybrid air filters.

However, some air purifiers don’t come with fans such as ionizers. The integrated technology varies depending on the type of air purifier.

The Cooling Capacity Of An Air Purifier

Cooling Capacity Of An Air Purifier

If the air direction of the air purifier is to your body you may feel cooler hence the air purifier may work as a fan. The airflow coming from the purifier will give you a cool feeling bypassing the air on your skin like a fan.

However, the cool feeling will rely on the air purifier’s air delivery rate. Normally the air purifiers have 80-300 CFM of air delivery rate on average whereas the delivery rate of a desk or ceiling fan is much higher which is about more than 1000 CFM. So the air purifier will not give you the cool feeling as a ceiling or desk fan.

Airflow Directions

As we know that the ceiling fans generally come with two modes which are winter mode and summer mode.

The ceiling fan rotates clockwise in winter mode which draws air from the ground also lifts hot air from the ceiling as the warm air rises towards the roof. On the other hand, the fan rotates counter-clockwise and helps to generate an airflow in our direction.

The air direction of the air purifiers varies from manufacturers and models. Generally, modern air purifiers come with two types of airflow designs. The cooling effect of the air purifiers also depends on the air outflow directions.

The Forward Direction Of Airflow

Forward Direction Of Air PurifierTower-style air purifiers come with a linear air inflow and outflow design. These air purifiers intake air from the back and outflows from the front side.

Many air purifiers use vacillating structures like stand fans. These purifiers are the best for the summer season.

The best examples of forwarding airflow direction air purifiers are the Dyson air purifier. Moreover, there are some air purifiers in which you will be able to change the air direction according to your ease.

Honeywell 6 Air Purifier and Germ Guardian Air Purifier are also some good quality air purifiers under £100 with a forward airflow feature.

The Upward Direction Of Airflow

You will find upward airflow direction in most of the air purifiers for circulating the air. The air purifiers with upward flow direction draw the air from the sideways, back and front which means a 360-degree direction.

These airflow directions will keep your room hotter as it pulls down the hot air from the ceiling which means there is no chance of feeling cool if you use the air purifiers with upward air direction. These air purifiers are best for the winter season.

CowayAirMega 300 is one of the best air purifiers with upward airflow direction as it intakes air from front and back and circulates from the upper portion.

On the other hand, the Medify MA 40 air purifier intakes air from the back and outflows from the upper portion and the Levoit Core 300 has a 360° air inlet and the air outlet is upward.

So, we can conclude that air purifiers will not decrease the temperature of your room rather they can give a cool feeling sometimes. The air direction of the air purifier will decide whether it will give a hot or cool airflow to the users.

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