Do Air Purifiers Improve Sleep

Do Air Purifiers Improve Sleep?

Air purifiers clean and freshen the air by trapping the contaminant particles in the air and help you to breathe healthy air. In this writing, we will learn if the air purifiers are also helpful for improving the sleep quality of the users.

A high-end and good quality Air purifier with a HEPA filter can trap 99.97% of airborne allergens which are as tiny as 0.3 microns. The airborne allergens include dust and dust mites, pet hair and dander, bacteria, mould spores etc.

Which may cause allergy, asthma and other respirational troubles to you and your family. Symptoms of allergies such as stuffy nose, sinus headache, breath shortness and congestion may hinder your night’s sleep.

Besides, a white noise comes from the air purifier which can aid sound sleep. Many air purifier uses white noise to fall asleep. White noise is a static frequency that gets blended and generates calming ambient sounds. The fan of the air purifiers can produce white noise which blocks outside noise to a remarkable extent and help the users to sleep earlier.

Air Purifiers Improve Sleep

Another reason for your improved sleep while using a silent air purifier is the fresh air. Fresh air is elementary for a comfortable and cool atmosphere which makes our sleep sound.

Fresh air will help to lower the temperature which will make your body cool and improve your sleep.

A night of good sleep is very important because it restores you both mentally, emotionally and physically.

When a good sleep will assure you a better start on the next day, bad sleep can ruin your whole day. So an improved sleeping environment is very much necessary and important.

Some people want to know whether they can rub their air purifiers the whole night. The answer will be yes. You can run your air purifier all night to enjoy a fresh air environment as well as a better sleep.

Reasons For Poor Sleep

There are many reasons for which you may pass nights without sound sleep. However, today will discuss only those issues or reasons which are related to the air purifiers.

Inadequate sleep can cause drowsiness, fatigue, deficiency of mental clarity also your ability to solve problems may not work properly. In this write-up we will discuss the following sleep issues:


Hygiene has an enormous effect on a person’s sleep. Some people think that taking shower or cleaning your body can ensure proper hygiene which is not true always.

If your room is full of odours, smoke and smells it will cause you a bad sleep and will keep you awake in discomfort.

So, an air purifier is essential for keeping the smoke and odours away. The air purifiers that come with an activated carbon filter can absorb smells and odours from your room.


Poor sleep is one of the major symptoms of depression. People who are suffering from depression can fall asleep but they get up early in the morning also not able to sleep again. One of the key reason for depression is health issues.

You should have a healthy and good environment to cheer your body and mind up. You can have a good environment by cleaning regularly, purifying the air and removing household chemicals. The air purifier will help you to have the best indoor air quality by absorbing bad VOCs and other harmful particles.

Sound sleep is very important as it plays a significant role in our daily activities. A good environment with fresh and healthy air can assure a good night’s sleep and an air purifier can assure a good indoor air environment.

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