Do Air Purifiers Remove Dust

Do Air Purifiers Remove Dust?

Dust is an everyday problem in our house and it can be responsible for various respiratory diseases. In this write up we will figure out if an air purifier can help us with dust.

Generally, the air purifiers can remove dust from the indoor air. The HEPA filter is the most effective air purifiers filter that works on dust and other allergens.

A HEPA filter can trap 99.97% of contaminated particles and filter the air more efficiently than the other air purifier filters.

The air purifiers will not only filter the air of your house but also will prevent the amassing of dust on the surface of the books, furniture, carpets which is such a convenience.

The air purifier will pull the air in it and circulate the air after trapping tiny contaminants including dust. The air can pass easily through the filter but the fibres in the filter trap tiny particles such as dust, mould, pet hair and dander. These particles can cause asthma and allergy symptoms if you inhale them.

The Composition Of Dust

The Composition Of Dust

Dust is a common problem in our daily life irrespective of the place of our living. Dust will amass in every indoor and outdoor surface which can be hazardous to our health.

For this reason, an air purifier can be a solution to get rid of dust. Even though dust generally looks like dead skin or grey dirt, actually it contains a lot of elements and particles from a wide range of sources.

For instance, tracking soil, outside air and organic material can be the cause of dust accumulation at your home.

The organic material includes food debris, skin particles, and construction materials. Pollen, pet hair and dander, moulds, insects, dust mites, hair fibre, plant materials, etc.

These tiny dust particulates can hurt your respirational system. People may suffer from allergies and even cancer due to the accumulation of dust.

The Importance Of Removing Dust

The Importance Of Removing DustSometimes it may be effortless to clean the dust masses from the surfaces of the bed, couch or furniture. But the dust which floats in the air is a different issue.

However, dusting and cleaning can help to a great extent by removing dust from the surfaces of the household stuff. Dust contains some allergens, contaminants, variety of debris that is extremely unhealthy for your health. The right kind of air purifier can help you to get rid of dust-borne problems.

Moreover, we should clean our house every day to get rid of dust. Dust is a permanent problem and you cannot stop it through proper cleaning and ventilation system at your home can help you to deal with dust mostly, but not abidingly.

As dust is too much harm to your health it is a crucial task to remove dust from your home air. If the amount of dust increase in the indoor air, the risk of respiratory diseases intensely goes up as you lung will be unable to remove the dust particles from your respirational system.

This is very unfortunate that we cannot remove dust from our home completely. Still, we can use air purifiers in every room for getting rid of dust ad dust particles. If it is not possible to use an air purifier in every room at least use it in those rooms where you spend most of the time of your day such as the bedroom.

Dust is very harmful to our respiratory system as well as overall health. An air purifier with an effective filter can mostly help you to remove dust but dusting and cleaning are also important.

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