Dual Shower Head

Dual Shower Head

Selecting a perfect dual shower head on the market is a troublesome task, the reason for, there are more items accessible.

So, we have presented here some of the latest and outstanding designs of shower heads dual systems which will deliver you a different water experience and exciting bathing.

Dual Shower Head Reviews 2023

Here are our 9 best dual shower head in the UK market in 2023.

1. hansgrohe Shower Head

hansgrohe Shower Head

  • Dimensions: 47*29.5*123.5
  • Shape: Square
  • Style: 1 spray mode
  • Colour: Chrome
  • Mounting type: Wall-mounted

The hansgrohe Shower Head is the best showering solution that confirms your everyday enjoyment with water is memorable. It is designed with the superior standard in both aesthetics and performance, premium quality product in all perfect details, provides your mind peace 5-year warranty.

The dual shower set is constructed with hand shower 10 cm and overhead shower – 24*24 cm. Moreover, the thermostatic mixer control, shower rail, shower arm 350 mm, shower holder and an anti-kink shower hose-1.60 m are also included. You can switch between the 2 spray functions of the hand shower where the rotatable spray disc is so simple using; Rain, Intense Rain.

This dual head shower system is the correct selection for high pressure only; wall-mounted design, EcoSmart water-saving version, and most reliable item make your life in the bathroom comfortable, easier and more beautiful.

The thermostatic mixer keeps your shower water temperature always constant, and the safety lock at 40⁰c save you and your family from scalding hot water.


2. KES Black Shower

KES Black Shower

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Shape: Square
  • Colour: Matte Black
  • Mounting type: Wall-mounted

Our KES Black Shower is a built-in diverter that supports 3-programmes where the one type is a 12″ overhead shower, the second type is hand shower and the third type is overhead & hand shower simultaneously.

The ceramic disc cartridge of the dual head shower allows a simple operation with drip-free protection throughout the years. KES Shower valve body is constructed by strong brass (non-plastic), confirming great quality and longevity.

It has a strengthened stainless steel spiral wound which is a tangle-free style and can be prolonged between 59 inches and 75 inches, suitable for different purposes – cleaning the shower, even bathing your pets.

This model of shower head is smooth finishing, long-lasting, all hardware is included with KES, so elevate your shower experience just using it in your modern bathroom.


3. Grohe Euphoria XXL 310 Shower

Grohe Euphoria XXL 310 Shower

  • Dimensions: 116*34.5*15.5 cm
  • Colour: Chrome
  • Mounting type: Wall-mounted

Grohe Euphoria XXL 310 Shower system comes with an extra-large showerhead as well as 3 spray functions to help you to enjoy a personalized experience in your bathroom. The innovative technology assures also comfortable water temperature and massage enjoyment bringing more relaxation to your everyday life.

However, the refreshing Rain setting is for an invigoration experience, the SmartRain setting is for water-saving performance, and the restoration massage setting, overall Grohe offers you a wide range of pleasurable water experiences.

It involves an anti-limescale system so using the Speedclean function it is quietly possible to quickly remove any kind of limescale. The TurboStat assures that your water reaches the desired temperature rapidly and maintains it accurately throughout the shower.

Our Grohe Euphoria XXL 310 dual head shower system mainly comes with 5 years manufacturer’s warranty. Besides, it includes a thermostat, shower head, hand shower, shower hose, shower arm and other material for mounting.


4. Mira Showers 1.1634.156

Mira Showers 1.1634.156

  • Material: Frosted Glass, Metal, Plastic
  • Shape: Round
  • Mounting type: Wall-mounted
  • Style: Dual shower

We can introduce you to the upgraded Mira Showers 1.1634.156 brand which is a fully striking design that meets an exceptional showering experience. So thanks to its new dual-outlet innovation, separate power and temperature controls offer your perfect shower.

This dual head electric shower characterizes Mira patented technology, two showerheads, thermostatic temperature stability as well as a frosted glass fascia complemented by long-lasting chrome. The Mira Clearscale mechanism helps to reduce limescale up to 50% ensuring a long life span.

However, with the luxurious model you can get a pleasurable moment with water, easily divert between the workable 200 mm overhead shower and 90 mm handset, pushing on or off button you can also leave the power & temperature controls as your optimum setting.

Even, the Sensi-flo technology assists to prevent scalding while your showerhead or hose become blocked. And, phased shutdown flushes hot water from the tank to allow more safety.


5. Micoe Mixer Shower

Micoe Bathroom Shower Head

  • Material: Brass & stainless steel & chrome
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Mounting type: Wall-mounted
  • Style: Modern

Micoe Mixer Shower is another type of dual head shower system that provides you more safety and comfortable using benefit. The safety button temperature is 38⁰c as well as the outlet water temperature range is between 20⁰c and 50⁰c.

The shower body is made of durable solid brass, chrome-plated which helps to prevent corrosion and rust, so sturdy product, correct option for prolonged contact with water. It has also a ceramic disc valve that ensures a long period of pleasant handle operation together with a drip-free performance.

This Micoe bathroom shower is UK standard fitting so easy to operate and easy to match in any bathroom. It allows a simple placement facility where the size of inlet and outlet are G ¾″ and G ½″ respectively.

In a little time, it can balance automatically the hot and cold water pressure to retain a stable water temperature (min 1.0 bar, 1.5 bar), avoiding the need for manual adjustment as well.


6. Rainsworth Rain Shower

Rainsworth Rain Shower

  • Material: Stainless steel, Metal
  • Colour: Black
  • Shape: Square
  • Mounting type: Ceiling-mounted
  • Style: Modern

Do you like to enjoy a relaxing and amazing shower every day? The Rainsworth Rain Shower is the absolute solution that ensures the best quality and powerful water flow. This is also a suitable choice for bathroom decor.

It includes 12 inches square rain shower head, 8 inches or 20 cm ceiling shower arm, handheld showerhead, shower holder, 1.8 m shower hose, shower mixer control valve and other necessary accessories. Most importantly, the Rainsworth rainfall dual shower head comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

With the use of air injection technology, it increases oxygen content, smart water-saving as well as creates the natural raining to offer you with instinctive contact of water experience.

This is an easy clean showerhead with a silicone mouth design to eliminate limescale. Basically, the Rainsworth Rain Shower system is a super matching item, including G ½″ pipe thread.


7. Thermostatic Shower Set

Thermostatic Shower Set

  • Material: Brass, stainless steel
  • Colour: Matte Black
  • Mounting type: Wall-mounted

Thermostatic Shower Set undoubtedly assures the premium quality product where the main body is made of sturdy brass. It is particularly equipped with a safety lock system at 38⁰c which absolutely protects you and your other family members from scalding of hot water.

The double shower contains in one hand, a large overhead shower that delivers you a luxurious shower experience. On the other hand, the handheld thermostatic shower offers 3 spray modes that give you also different bathing enjoyment.

The adjustable shower rail is constructed with durable stainless steel, can be extended from 900 mm to 1280 mm. So every member of your family (different heights) can enjoy the shower most conveniently.

Our thermostatic shower set is the better way to experience various water patterns, making your busy life so easier and comfortable. It offers easy installation and a scale-free rain shower.




  • Material: Brass, ABS, PVC, Stainless Steel
  • Colour: Silver/ Chrome
  • Shape: Round
  • Mounting type: Wall-mounted

GRIFMMA COLUMNAS-G7005 is a unique model combined with an extreme-shiny chrome finish that keeps its elegancy for years to come. This dual shower head is basically crafted with a multi-plating process that provides you also hassle-free care.

It allows one-click switching mode, so switch between the 3 spray functions just by clicking the button at the same time enjoy a powerful showering enjoyment from gentle spray to high-pressure massage system.

The rain spray setting (250 mm round showerhead) is a bigger size gives total body coverage together with provides a smooth and delicate pattern to soothe your skin. It is proper for distinctively connecting with the electric water heater or normal water heater for supplying water.

The ceramic disk valve ensures a prolonged life of tap and minimizes the risk of leaking or dripping. It is easily wiped off the nozzles for especially simple maintenance; the 2-year manufacturer’s warranty is also remarkable.


9. Chrome Overhead Rain Shower

Chrome Overhead Rain Shower

  • Material: Stainless Steel/ABS
  • Style: Modern
  • Colour: Chrome
  • Shape: Square

Chrome Overhead Rain Shower comes with an extraordinary design and its appearance makes your bathroom more stylish and modern. It contains a 103 cm chrome-plated stainless steel rail, an outstanding-quality chrome finish, ½″ outlets will fit onto maximum bath or shower mixer valves.

However, the 1.5 m stainless steel showers hose for the handset as well as 75 cm for diverter where the brass diverter is compatible for most shower mixers.

It has a 200 mm round rub clean overhead, and a stunning round rubs clean chrome handheld shower set. Even two adjustable wall fixing brackets are to cover old screw holes; all components are included with dual shower head rainfall.

Moreover, this shower head increases the total beauty of your bathroom at the same time it is comfortable for use.



You can choose one of our dual showerheads. As all of the products are high-quality, assures the durable material with a comfortable use advantage.

And, if you need a suggestion to purchase it, I recommend you to pick the hansgrohe Shower Head or KES Black Shower for their better performance.

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