How Do Electric Shower Heads Work

How Do Electric Shower Heads Work?

Nowadays, electric showers are a very common thing in bathrooms as this ease your life with their convenient features and affordable price.

As many people wonder how the electric shower works, this write-up will describe how the electric shower works also the prerequisites of the smooth operation of an electric shower.


For having an electric shower two things are the much which are an electric connection and cold water supply. The electric connection will make the cold water hot and bypass it through the electric shower head.

The heating element of the electric shower converts cold water into hot water instantly just before the water reaches the showerhead. One thing you have to keep in mind that there should be certain perimeters in the water flow which are a minimum 8-litre flow/ minute and the static pressure should be in the range of a minimum of 1 bar to a maximum of 10 bars.

Before installing an electric shower in the bathroom, you should consult a professional for ensuring proper safety regarding the wires and power supply of your bathroom. Also, you must double-check the specifications and configuration before installing the electric shower to prevent any kind of unexpected incident.


Electric Shower Heads Work

Electric showers are very convenient and hassle-free as they don’t require any external hot water supply to have a hot shower. You can easily use this in your mobile home or flat. Moreover, for smaller bathrooms, an electric shower is the best option as it doesn’t occupy any space.

There is no need for modification in your plumbing system as well if you go for an electric shower. Moreover, electric showers heat water quickly also require less water and electricity which makes it cost-efficient.

Precautions And Safety Measures

For safe installation and smooth operation of the electric showers, you must follow some safety measures to make them safer. You should install RDC (residual current device) which will interject the electric circuit of the shower and the connection of the fuse board should be via MCB (miniature circuit breaker) otherwise the electric shower may be unsafe and dangerous.

Again, you must ensure that the fuse board provides adequate electricity which rates over 60 amps. You should use a 10 mm cable for installing your electric shower as it will allow you to use any electric shower without upgrading your wiring system. Showers with different kilowatts require different cable length, fuses and switches.

So, you should select the electric shower depending on the wiring and fuse board of your bathroom and an expert can help you in the selection process of your suitable electric shower. You should use a pull cord switch with a double pole and visual off/on the indicator for controlling the electric shower circuits.

If you take proper precautions, electric showers are indeed a great preference for enjoying a hot shower without having any hassle and making any big change in your bathroom. For the convenient features and benefits, electric showers have become a popular element in every modern bathroom.

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Last Updated on January 1, 2022

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