How Long To Use Air Purifier

How Long To Use Air Purifier?

Air purifiers are one of the most essential and popular house stuff nowadays. In this write-up, you will get to know about the extent of time you can use the air purifier at your home.

Air purifiers reduce allergens, eczema, dust and dust mites, some as well as pet hair and dander effectively from the air thus improves the quality of your home air. Some people wonder if they can rub their air purifier 24/7. They will get their answer from this article.

Should We Run The Air Purifier The Whole Day?

Air Purifier The Whole Day

The first thing is the design and structure of an air purifier will allow you to run it for the whole day without any trouble. Most of the high-end air purifiers come with smart sensor technology which can adjust the fan speed automatically to save energy.

The smart sensor technology makes these air purifiers’ energy and cost-efficient which means you can run this 24/7 without worrying about your utility bill. Rabbit Air is one of the best high-end air purifiers of recent time that has a smart sensor.

Even if your air purifier doesn’t come with a smart sensor and advance technology, you should run your air purifier for a long time because it will remove the impurities immediately from the air. Air is continuously getting polluted by the pets hair, open window, air conditioner etc.

So if you don’t use the air purifier for a long time these particles may harm you and you may suffer from airborne health troubles also may become allergic.

The air purifiers generally come with an air quality indicator or timer setting function which indicates the quality of the air in the installed area. If you don’t have asthma or severe allergic problems you can turn the purifier off when you are contented with the condition and quality of the air.

People who suffer from problems as sleep disorders should have the best quality and high-end air purifier in their bedrooms. These air purifiers will remove the contaminants from the air which will allow you to inhale clean and healthy air.

Saving Electricity During The Use Of Air Purifier

Saving Electricity Air PurifierThough running the air purifier is important to get a healthy and clean air environment you should also be careful about your monthly energy bills. Running your air purifier for many hours can be costly.

Moreover, the air purifiers which come with several filters consume more electricity which will cause you more electricity bills.

For this reason, you have to know about the saving of electricity while you use the air purifier.

Here are some suggestions for you which may help you to save electricity:

  1. You should use the air purifier differently during a different time of the year as the weather; humidity and temperature are not the same all over the year. For instance, in summer weed pollen is a problem which means you have to use your purifier the most in the summer.
  2. You can turn your purifier off when you are not at home or office. Else, you can set the purifier in the lowest setting when you are not there.

When Should You Change The Filter?

You have to change the filter of the air purifier after a certain period as the effectiveness of the filter of the purifier will reduce over time by trapping the contaminants regularly.

A purifier with a less effective filter may not work perfectly which means it will not be able to trap the particles and clean the air. Instead of having an air purifier, you will have to inhale polluted air containing dust, pet hair, pollen etc.

You need to replace the HEPA filter within 6 to 12 months. The HEPA pre-filters are easily washable or you can also vacuum these which enhance the longevity of these filters. For more efficiency of your air purifier, you can use both HEPA and HEPA pre-filter.

An air purifier is a necessity, not a luxury in this modern era to get some pure and clean air at your home. However, you have to know the duration of running the air purifier to make it work perfectly also to reduce the consumption of energy as well as your monthly utility bills.

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