How Much Water Does A Shower Use

How Much Water Does A Shower Use?

We all know that showers consume less water than a bathtub. However, the amount of water consumption depends on different factors as the duration of the shower, water flow, power of the shower and also the shower-head.

From this article, you are going to know about the estimated cost of a shower and some tips for reducing water consumption.

Cost Of Taking A Shower For Five Minutes

We have done this calculation based on the average figures, so if you need an accurate model, you need to know the electricity and water charge of your household exactly.

A five-minute shower: The power shower that runs on 12 kilowatts per hour consumes one kilowatt of electricity, and the cost is 14p per kilowatt. If the battery runs out ten litres per minute and the cost of water is 0.3p per litre, then the total cost for five minutes is 15p.

So, five minutes of the shower will cost you about 29p. If there are five members in your family, the total cost of a five-minute shower for your whole family will be family £1.45 every day.
Now if you calculate the monthly expense of the five minutes shower, you have to calculate the cost per day with 31(assuming 31 days per month). Then the total cost for a month will be £43.50 on average.

Cost depends on the shower heads too: The shower-head controls spray pattern, speed and the consumption of water; thus, the cost also varies depending on the shower-heads. There are different types of shower heads with a diverse price range that are water-saving which will help you to reduce the monthly shower cost as well as the utility bill.

For knowing the measurement of the water flow of your shower-head, you can go through the following steps:

  1. Take a bucket
  2. Take off the shower-head
  3. Turn the shower on and let it open for 1 minute.

Measure the amount of water in the bucket, and if there are more than 9 litres of water in the bucket, then you can get a water-saving shower-head.

The Mechanism Of Water-Saving Shower-Heads

SAMODRA Low Water Pressure Shower Head

The water saving showerheads save the consumption of water in various ways to decrease the expense. The most effective methods are:

  • Ventilating the water so that it pushes through the air
  • Regulating the amount of water flow over the head
  • Pulsing the water with a restrictor and reducing the water flow

Though these are water-saving shower-heads, it doesn’t mean there will be less water flow. These showers also give a consistent water flow as other regular showers but reduce the utility bill at the same time. In brief, the water-saving shower-heads restrict the flow of water when a power shower uses comparatively more water and also increases the cost.


We have tried to calculate the estimated cost of a five minutes shower for a single person as well as for the whole family for the entire month.

For reducing the cost of the shower and wastage of water, you may use unique shower heads that save water from lowering your monthly utility bills.

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Last Updated on January 1, 2022

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