How To Adjust A Soft Close Toilet Seat

How To Adjust A Soft Close Toilet Seat?

The soft close seat has numerous good features and it is way better and more convenient than traditional toilet seats. When slanting forward a soft-close seat, it lowers slowly and doesn’t make any noise.

The soft-close toilet seats don’t slam down that prevents the damage of the hinges also the best toilet seat itself. The dampers control the whole process of the soft close seat and you may need to adjust or replace the damper if you notice that the lid has started slamming suddenly.

The right damper is for controlling the lid on the other hand the left damper is for controlling the action of the seat. For getting the best outcome and benefits of a soft close toilet seat you need to adjust and replace those when required. Here you will find the process of adjusting the soft close toilet seat.

There are certain processes for removing the soft-close seat and you have to follow those step by step to remove it quickly and without any trouble. The steps are:

The Removal Process Of The Soft-Close Toilet Seat

Removal Process Of The Soft-Close Toilet Seat

The process of removing the soft-close seat will mostly depend on the model and making of the seat. Most of the soft-close dampers are like cylinder hinges in appearance.

First of all, you need to remove the lid and the seat from the toilet base. Keep the lid closed and check if there are caps behind the seat. If there are cover caps simply lift or remove them. The removal process varies from the type of toilet.

For example, if you have the Kohler Quiet-Close, then you have to remove the seat after lifting the caps and pull the seat forward. Some others come with screws which you have to remove with screwdrivers and some have nuts that need the socket wrench to remove. Some toilets may not have caps and for removing those you need to open the lid after that lift the seat.

After lifting the toilet seat you need to give pressure outward to the ends of the hinges which will release those. After the removal of the lid and toilet seat keep those on a flat surface and make sure that the bottom of the seat is facing up also the hinges are pointing to you.

Removal Of The Soft-close Dampers

Alike the removal of the toilet seats, the removal process of the dampers also varies depending on the type and brand of the toilet. For some dampers, there will be a small hole and you need to insert a screwdriver and rotate it.

After that, you can take it outward and remove it easily. On the other hand, for the Kohler Quiet-Close seat firstly you need to remove the grey cover then push upward and lift the cover out.

Adjustment Of The Soft-Close Dampers

Adjustment Of The Soft-Close Toilet Seat

After removing the dampers, you can do two things which are either adjusting the seat dampers with damping grease or installing a brand new one. You can buy a brand new damper from the manufacturers which will match your current toilet.

However, damping grease can also help to adjust the damper as it will absorb the shock as well as increase the resistance while shutting the toilet lid by slowing down.

You need to apply the damping grease in the inner formation of the dampers of the soft close seat. Before applying the damper grease you need to find out the retaining nut on the damper and take it out with a shock wrench.

The removal of the nut will allow the grease to get into the inner compartment of the damper. You need to keep in mind that squeezing more grease or oil will provide more resistance and wipe the excess grease or oil up then reassemble and reinstall the damper into the soft-close toilet seat.

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