How To Change A Shower Head

How To Change A Shower Head?

Anytime you need to replace your shower head. It is not a difficult task, in reality, be pretty simple.

A pickled and old shower head looks always unattractive to shower beneath along with the backdated model increase more on your monthly water bill.

A low-flow and energy efficiency model will be very effective for your modern bathroom. Here, low flow means require less amount of water per minute that saves your large resources in the long run.

In order to change your shower head this guide really be effective. So, you can follow such steps to know how to replace a shower head and place a new fixed-mount or handheld system shower head with ease.

To change your shower head so efficiently and quickly you need to gather a few tools and materials:

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Teflon tape
  • Slip-joint pliers
  • Cleaning rags
  • Replacement shower head

Change A Shower Head

Process 1. The first step is to take aside the old shower head. If you want to remove it by hand, just try moving it counterclockwise sometimes, control the tools and towel for support.

Wind up around the shower arm with a cloth and the pipe which joints the showerhead to your wall to save it from damage since you clutch onto it with slip-joint pliers.

And, with the adjustable wrench clamp around of the head base, and to remove from the arm, twist it counterclockwise.

Process 2. There one several scales, rust and other scrap left behind from the used shower head, so, to clean the interior and outside the arm using a rag.

It will clear the path for excellent pressure at the same time this also will create the installation procedure of your new shower head so easier.

Process 3. At the end of your shower arm, threads are located where you should apply the tape (Teflon) over them in a direction of clockwise. With your fingers just press the tape steadily into the threads even each wrap around.

This notability plumbing tape works as a seal. Whilst twist on the new shower head, it assures a pleasant fit and avoids water flow from leakage where the hardware screws at one place. Put the tape conveniently, as you might necessary it again while you check for leakage at the closing of installation.

Process 4. In this process, need to set your replacement head. If it is a fixed-mount model, screw it on by your hand. Install the new head on your shower arm and clockwise twist it to safely in place. You can also follow more instructions from the manufacturer.

And if it is a normal handheld model, require screwing the mount from your new shower head kit to the extreme of the arm clockwise, after that time; adjust the end of the shower hose to the mount. Then check the manufacturer’s instructions again.

Process 5. Now, check the leaks carefully which could conduct to wasted spray together with the more water bills. After finishing the new shower head placement, for a little times turn on the water.

If you notice any flow of water coming from the false sides of the hardware, then turn the water off and tighten it with the Teflon tape along with re-secure it to the shower arm.

To assure that the new hardware acts properly and streams of water freely, in the long run, tidy up your shower head firstly, find out the reasons for lower water pressure or clogs.

You can use the cleaner or put it in your dishwasher. For maintenance purposes just make sure to always clean it so you have a zesty shower for years to come.

However, this is a good idea to change your shower head for old fixture or unpleasant looks. Overall a rusty shower head produces more germs which also create an unhygienic condition, so it is better to change your shower head.

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Last Updated on January 1, 2022

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