How To Change A Washer On A Hot Bathroom Tap

How To Change A Washer On A Hot Bathroom Tap?

If your hot bathroom tap is leaking due to the internal washer is damaged, then you require learning what kind of washer matches your faucet so that you can buy a fitting replacement.

However, if you want to save the charge of calling a plumber as well as to prevent the annoying drip forever you have to learn the changing procedure of a tap washer. You required some basic tools and a bit of interest.

Find Out The Tap Washer

Find Out The Tap Washer

Search in your bathrooms- monobloc mixer top contains a single spout with one or two handles. After mixing water in the tap is released through the spout.

The important thing is that they don’t carry the washers. Usually, they have discs (ceramic) that are so hard-wearing. Therefore, you need a replacement cartridge from the tap manufacturer to replace the ceramic disc.

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To Change A Tap Washer-needed Tools

When you want to start the job at first require the following tools:

  • A screwdriver (slot head)
  • Two adjustable pipe wrenches
  • Towels or cloths for water spills
  • Washers pack

A Top Washer Changing Process

Washer Changing Process

1. Place the stopcock and turn off the water: To begin, switch off the main water supply line by turning the major stopcock off where the valve basically located under the kitchen sink. To change the washer on hot taps, you should also switch the immersion heater and boiler off.

2. Plug up the sink: Enter the plug into the plug-hole of your sink to avoid losing the washer or the tap components while destroying it. Then, unscrew the upper plate of the tap. If it is not possible by hand, use the wrench and a cloth to protect the tap.

3. Dismantling the body cover: A few taps contain a body cover that you will require to take aside before you can unscrew the peak part of the tap to grasp the washer underneath. With another wrench just secure the tap when you remove this part.

4. Set free the washer and replace: Now you can use a screwdriver to release the washer and clean the stem until fitting a new washer.

5. Keep the tap behind together and check: Rejoin the tap, get the plug out of your sink and switch on the water supply to check the tap.

After Replacing The Washer If The Tap Makes Drips

If the tap keeps up to a drip, the valve seating of its may be decayed. Then, by the washing and seating set, you can repair this. To buy the washing and seating set you can search a plumber’s merchant.

Substitute you may require to replace to tap properly. We have a great prospect about our guide that not only saves them money but also removes the headache for dripping tap.

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