How To Choose A Wall Clock

How To Choose A Wall Clock?

The age we are living in right now is the age of mobile phones, smart-watches and the increasing diversity of the devices that tell us time.

In this current era, using a wall clock in your home, office, hotels, restaurants or any other place is not only just a functional piece but also it is a piece of art and décor. It can become the centre of attraction by being an accent component of a conscious and well-planned theme of décor.

But in another way, it also can be a wrong choice for your respective purpose and thus it can be unsuccessful to grab the attention of anyone visiting your place.

Therefore, you should consciously and wisely choose the wall clock for your place and we are here to tell you how you can do this job. This article will guide you on picking up a wall clock that will be appropriate for your purpose and the decoration of your place.

So, here in this article, the discussion will go on these following focal points-

  1. Type of the wall clock
  2. Size of the wall clock
  3. Colour and style of the wall clock

So, let’s get started!

Type of the wall clock

Size Of The Wall Clock

First of all, you need to decide the type of wall clock according to your need and preference. There are mainly two types of the clock are available to choose from, which are, analogue and digital.

Analog: Analog wall clock is the most classical, traditional, ornamental and aesthetic time-telling machine. This type of wall clock can become a piece of statement.

Here you will get every size of the clock. Some pieces can be so enormous. Also, you will find both the options of quiet and ticking wall clocks. Some may prefer a quieter option as the ticking sound may distract them from their work.

Also, some people may choose the sound-making one as they may like the tick-tock sound of the wall clock. So, you have to choose as per your preference and requirement.

Digital: This type of wall clock prioritizes functionality over charisma. It can be the right choice for you depending on the theme of the decoration of your place.

Also, if your preference is to get to know all the important information like time, date, temperature, etc. just at a glance, then this will be the right choice for you.

Some also come with a backlit option so that it becomes easier for you to see the time when the room will be dark.

Size Of The Wall Clock

Size The Wall Clock

Wall clocks are available in all sizes and shapes, especially analogue ones. The average diameter of the wall clock is 12 inches. But you can choose larger or smaller ones according to your need.

So, while choosing the right size, you need to keep the following facts in your mind-

  • The size of the wall clock is positively correlated with the size of the wall and the room. If the room is larger, then you can choose a larger size. But that same size will not fit properly in the smaller room with a smaller wall.
  • If the new wall clock you are planning to bring will be the main ornamental element of a big and mostly bare wall, then you can choose an analogue one that will be larger than 20 inches.
  • If there is already a big focal element on your wall, like a big painting, large picture or anything like that, then you have to choose the size of the clock according to that piece of decoration. Generally, a smaller size of wall clock will suit best on this type of décor.
  • Lastly, keep in mind that from where you are going to read the clock. If the placement of the clock will be just above the work desk, then you can pick smaller sized digital wall clocks. And, if you are mainly going to read it from a distant place, then the bigger-sized options will be the best ones to choose as it will be easier for you to read the time.

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Colour And Style Of The Wall Clock

  • To get a clear vision to read the wall clock, choose clocks whose colours will contrast with the colour of the wall. It will enable you to easily read the clock and also make the piece pop out on the wall.
  • Choose a clock that will go with your current décor. Like, if you have a modern theme of décor, then you can easily choose contemporary metallic wall clocks. And if your room décor is traditional, then classical and old-school type clocks will do the best. Also, for the children room, you can pick clocks with bright colours and designs like cartoons, cars, birds or animals of their choice.
  • If you want to bring a bohemian look, you can experiment with bright colours, wood, metals and various patterns.
  • Moreover, if noise is not such a big deal for you and your surroundings and you are looking for a rustic piece to add to your vintage-themed décor, then you can go for the old-style wall clocks with pendulums or cuckoos. This can be a fun element in your décor game.
  • If you are preferring to go for a minimalistic look, then you can choose the digital ones. Analogue wall clocks will also work fine here as you can bring clocks with just lines rather than having numbers. Or even just the clock and its hands will be a good choice for you.
  • If you are someone who travels a lot and have a bare wall to flaunt your cosmopolitan approach towards life, then you can bring different clocks showing the time of different countries and cities.


Wall clock is a useful and decorative item to add to your place. It can quickly elevate the look of the entire surrounding.

It can also go the wrong way if you make the erroneous decision to choose the clock. So, choose wisely. We hope this article will be helpful for you in meeting this purpose.

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