How To Clean Bath Tub

How To Clean Bath Tub?

When you want to bathe in a tub, you face often dirty situations like limescale, mineral deposits, soap scum and another kind of dirt.

To avoid this condition you should clean your bathtub on regular basis for proper maintenance applying just some steps you can keep your bathtub super clean.

How Frequent Need To Clean A Bathtub

Typically, the repetition of bathtub cleaning depends on its perfect judgement. The meaning of this speech is if a bathtub is used continuously by four people, then require to be cleaned more frequently than a tub used once in a while by only one person.

While you use your bathtub regularly, grant it a cleaning just once in a week, on the other side, give it a deeper scrubbing minimum once in a month for its truly cleaning.

Your required items:


  • Tile cleaner
  • Bathroom cleaner or all-purpose spray.


  • Old toothbrush or small size cleaning brush.
  • Grout brush
  • Sponges or cleaning cloths.

The Cleaning Process For A Bathtub

Before cleaning your bathtub make sure that you manage the accurate products for the certain bathtub.

For instance, if it is an acrylic bathtub, you should be conscious not to damage it by the scrubbers. And the use of the wrong type of brush enamel bathtubs can also be damaged.

To protect your hands or skin you should wear gloves as well as needs proper ventilation of the bathroom when you are applying the cleaning products to protect your lungs.

Step.1: Take Aside Everything From The Tub

At first, remove all types of toiletries, bottles and toys prior to cleaning.

Then wipe down all the things that you have already removed, however, slimy soap scum can grow up on such items. You can clean greatly your bath toys put them in the dishwasher too.

Step.2: Clean Your Bathroom Walls And Tiles Around The Tub

If you notice your grout is so dirty and mildewed, then use a grout brush and a tile cleaner. Following the indications on your tile cleaner, act from top to bottom and then properly rinse away for any tile cleaner remainder.

Using an all-purpose cleaner simply spray down the walls. After that wipe down the walls completely, and pay the attention to the dirty or sticky areas. If your cleaner has any strong scent or is bleach-based, you need the proper ventilation system.

Step3: Cleanse The Drain

In case, you figure out there is a clog in your bathtub drain, pour a ½ cup of baking soda simply down the drain or pursued by a ½ cup of white distilled vinegar.

Now it sits for 2 or 3 minutes to work out the clog, then flush it with the hot water.

Step 4: Use The All-purpose Cleaner Or Tub Cleaner To The Inside Of The Bathtub

For creating your task easier this cleaner requiring sit for 3 to 5 minutes to accommodates it to power through much of the grime.

Then, wipe down your tub from top to bottom. Thoroughly rinse this area.

Step.5: Be Rescued Of Soap Scum

With an old toothbrush or any type of small cleaning brush, you should tackle soap scum. Start scrubbing the corner sides where your tub meets the wall.

Look for the other sites where the soap scum has been gathering. The soap scum might be normally a darkened colour. Spend some time to gently scrub it away.

Step.6: Scrub Away Such Stains

Stains may comprise around the interior of the bathtub. So you need to pay special attention to using a cleanser or a scrub brush.

You might also require to actually scrub getting this completely removed. And rinse properly.

Step.7: Again Wipe Down Everything

In the last time dry out your bathtub only by wiping it down with the cleaning cloth or towel as well as make sure no residue or water sports in the bathtub.

Tips and tricks to keep a tub clean for a long time:

  • Every bath time, you should rinse your tub’s surface at the same time wipe off excessive moisture. It can boost prevent soap scum, mildew and grime from growing up on the surface.
  • Dish soap is capable to clean the thickest, slimy soap build-up.
  • Notice always the mildew growth on the caulk by rapidly liberating it with a bleach-based spray.


A dirty bathtub will interrupt your relaxing bath. So you need to maintain a regular routine to clean the tub and for deeper cleaning work every month.

Remove such soap scum and other dirt just following the above steps.

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