How To Clean Bathroom Taps

How To Clean Bathroom Taps?

Taps are one of the most widely and frequently used gears in both bathrooms and kitchens. People use it now and then for cleaning purposes. But the gear which helps to keep us and our belongings clean often remains ignored.

So, after a certain period of installing a new sparkling tap, we cannot see the same sparkle anymore. Various kinds of dirt, pollutants, limescale etc. start to build up on the tap and around its surroundings which we need to clean.

But if we have already ignored the taps for a longer period, and you now are searching for the solution to this problem, then this article is for you.

Here we are going to direct you on the step-by-step process of how you can clean and maintain the beauty of your taps and the overall house. The process we are going to mention is eco-friendly and sustainable.

Importance Of Cleaning Taps Properly

Cleaning Taps Properly

It is very important to keep the taps of our kitchen and bathroom very neat and clean all the time. Because it associates with our cleanliness followed by overall health.

Also, if someone like a guest or any other person visiting your house go to your bathroom and kitchen and finds such ugly-looking dirty taps, then it will ruin your image by making them feel cringed. So, it is a vital issue to keep in mind always and not to overlook the taps of our bathrooms and kitchens.

At first, let’s see which common problems can occur to the taps of your kitchen and bathroom. Usually, you can see three types of problems. These are-

  • Limescale: It is the cause of hard water that comes from the tap. It is not injurious actually but looks so unpleasant unacceptable.
  • Dirt and soap: Frequently use of soap and various sorts of dirt can get accumulated on the knobs of the screws. This type of dirt-related problem generally occurs in factory areas where users have to deal with a lot of dirt and pollution.
  • Grime: Buildups of grime occur at the joint of the taps and the sink.

These problems are so odd-looking that they can very easily ruin the image of the user of the kitchen and the bathroom to any person visiting his home by making questions on the cleanliness of the user. Sometimes, it is also not the fault of the user.

Because we all are living in a very busy world and usually, we do not have much time to look at the joints of the taps of our kitchen and bathroom. But for maintaining proper cleanliness of the home and the health of the user we need to focus on these issues. So, are you now wondering about how to overcome the issues and regain the beauty of your home? Then the following steps are for you.

Cleaning Procedure: Step-by-step

  1. Spray the entire tap of the bathroom and the kitchen with a harmless bathroom cleaner. Also, make sure to conceal the handle and neck of the tap with the cleaner.
  2. Get a firm unused toothbrush which can be cheap as there is no need for any pricy brush for this purpose. Then start to brush around every surface of the tap especially the neck. Thus, the buildups like grime and limescale will start to come off.
  3. Then rinse the tap with clean water
  4. Use a sponge or a microfiber cloth to remove the dirt that has come off
  5. Repeat the process until you get a fully cleaned tap
  6. Wipe off the stainless-steel surfaces like the handles, the neck, and the spout neck to remove stains of hard water.
  7. Use a dry sponge or microfiber cloth or sponge or towel to make the tap dry, clean, and shiny.
  8. In the tap cleaning process, much water will gather on the top portion of the sink. Lastly, wipe this build-up water using a sponge.


Hopefully, this article will help you successfully clean the taps of your bathrooms and kitchen.

Moreover, you will able to gain a grime-free, limescale-free, dirt-free, shiny, and most importantly a hygienic tap that will positively impact your health and will make a pleasant impression of you to your guests.

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