how to clean extractor fan bathroom

How To Clean Extractor Fan Bathroom

As extractor fans are essential for removing the moisture in the air of the bathroom, you need to do cleaning and maintenance of the fans regularly.

Otherwise, the fans may accumulate dust and may stop working. In this narration, we will describe the step by step process of cleaning the extractor fans of a bathroom for our audience.

Before starting the cleaning process lay a newspaper down the floor to avoid the fall out of the dirt. You can also cover your mouth and use eye protection so that the dust doesn’t enter to your mouth and eyes and cause irritation to you.

We have divided the whole process of cleaning an extractor fan into six steps, and those are as follows

  1. Turning the Power off
  2. Removing the fan-cover and soaking into the soapy water
  3. Dusting inside the fan
  4. Scrubbing inside the fan:
  5. Drying everything
  6. Replacing the cover

You will get the detailed instructions of the six steps below:

1. Turning the Power off

It is essential to turn the power off before starting the cleaning process of your extractor fan to prevent any accident. You can turn the power off by using the circuit breaker or the switches.

2. Removing the fan-cover and soaking into the soapy water

You will need to unscrew the fan cover and slide or lift it off for removing it. There are also spring clips in some extractor which you need to cross off. After removing the fan cover soak it into the soapy water and let it flow.

3. Dusting inside the fan

After removing the cover from the fan, you can access the fan as well as can define how much cleaning the fan will require. You can do dusting or use vacuum cleaner though experts suggest doing dusting using a duster.

Using the duster, start your cleaning from the blades and then do dusting to the rest of the parts of the fan. Move your dust in the way that it doesn’t move the dust to the already cleaned areas.

4. Scrubbing inside the fan

Now you need to take a cloth and scrub the inside of the fab with soapy water. You should double-check if you have turned off the power connection in this stage.

You may need to wash for several times to make the fan to remove all the dirt from the fan entirely and to make it shiny.

5. Drying everything

After completing the scrubbing, it’s essential to let everything completely dry. You can wipe the fan and the cover after taking out from soapy water, with a towel to dry these faster.

6. Replacing the cover

At the last step after cleaning both the fan and the cover, you can screw the fan cover back and switch on the connection of the extractor fan.


Following the above six steps will get you a new looking and sparkling extractor fan for soaking the moisture of your bathroom.

However, if the fan doesn’t look good even after following all the instructions, you may need to change your extractor fan.

Last Updated on January 1, 2022

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