How To Clean Grease From The Air Fryer Basket

How To Clean Grease From The Air Fryer Basket?

The grease dripping from the food most of the time spoils the basket and over time builds up creates a great problem that is almost impossible to remove.

More analyzing we provide the best air fryer basket cleaning processes.

Advantages Of Removing The Grease From Air Fryer:

The utmost benefit of the food is the actual taste if there is no grease. A dirty air fryer that contains a lot of greases creating the tainting of the food taste you are cooking at the same time releasing an unpleasant smell.

Cleaning the air fryer also makes it work more efficiently. Therefore it is cooking your food very quickly while costing you less money.

How Frequently Should I Clean The Air Fryer?

Truly speaking you should clean your air fryer after every use. It may seem that a burden that it actually is. When you use the air fryer a little grease is generated by most foods. So, an easy wipe down and rinse off the basket should be enough.

After a long time, however, the grease is drying and getting so hard. If you clean it at a later date, that will be more difficult. And particularly you have layers of build-up.

There is releasing a lot of fat if you are cooking bacon or the same type of foods, then you should absolutely clean it properly after every use. And you require going through the complete method detailed below:

Signals When Air Fryer Needs A Clean

While the task of food is ‘funky’ or tastes similar to your previously cooking food, the sign is your air fryer requires cleaning.

Cleaning is also needed, if smoke coming out of your air fryer that is another signal. It is happening due of the heat is burning the grease. It happens not only for cooking the fatty food like bacon but also it may cause of using slightly oil previously.

The food is sticking to the base of the basket that gives a hint for cleaning. Because of the non-stick coating, cleaning is most essential to avoid any kind of damage.

What To Get Around Using While Cleaning The Air Fryer

When cleaning the grease from the air fryer, equality is extremely required. You surely need to clean but you may don’t want to damage the coatings.

So you shouldn’t use a dishwasher. It runs at high heat that corrodes f the non-stick cookware surface.

For this reason, you don’t use to clean any steel wool or scourers. You definitely desire to protect the Teflon or non-stick surface, avoid those things which will damage and scratch it over time.

You should also avoid any hard detergents that aren’t designed for cleaning. Sometimes, these make the opposite reaction and basically create damage instead of cleaning.

Strongly give you the good suggestion to follow our prescribed method that obviously assists you to protect your cookware and getting it clean.

Cleaning procedure of your air fryer: For a long time accumulated grease and dirt of an air fryer cleaning are not a simple task.

What You Needed

Normally you need some hot water with a sponge. If you want to clean the outside of the air fryer, then you will require a microfiber cloth. As well, for baked in food and grease, also you may require a smooth bristled brush, silicone pad and some bicarbonate of soda.


  1.  Assure your appliance is unplugged and take aside the tray and basket from the major unit. Just whilst it is cold, pass over the entire unit using paper towels to alleviate any loose grease.
  2. To remove the grease as much as possible, use only a damp cloth over the entire unit. Use simply a sponge and hot water at this point using the sponge the heating material can also be cleaned. Don’t use abrasive.
  3. After wiping the tray if it has the food stuck, take a little bicarbonate of soda onto a sponge and then begin rubbing. It will compose a paste after the times you can take a bristle brush to boost eliminate the food. You can apply this step again for the air fryer basket.
  4. If the cleaning basket is not desirable, put it into the filled hot water sink. Now soak it for some time until it breaks down the grease properly.
  5. Assure that all the components have been air-dried appropriately before you keep them back together. Now the air fryer should be clean and prepare to go

The cleaning process the grease from air fryer basket-substitute ways of cleaning your air fryer:

A large number of people have sources to get things clean. However, one of the common ways is the vinegar method. In this process, vinegar and hot water are mixed as well as the greasy item is submerged, soaked also. This is the fruitful procedure of breaking down grease.

On the other hand, some people use power washers to clean pans and baskets. The pressure washer’s power can also break down grease efficiently.

Other processes involve BBQ cleaners and degreasers. There is a particular oven cleaning product that offers a chemical solution, which is also poured into the bag and sealed. It is so effective at all cleaning over appliances that are only as useful with a greasy air fryer.


To conclude this article on how to clean grease from air fryer baskets actually depicts a straightforward method that should lead to great smelling and better-tasting food.

So, pursuing above mentioned ways you can easily clean your greasy air fryer basket.

Last Updated on January 1, 2022

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