How to Drain a Toilet

How To Drain A Toilet?

Replacing or repairing the toilet with a fully newer model mostly requires the toilet tank and the bowl to be fully drained. Maximum homeowners are taken aback how possible drain their toilet properly in preparation for the replacement or repair.

If you pursue this content, seriously you will be more benefited from solving the problem with good reason.

However, there is water flowing all-time in and out of the toilet. When flushing your toilet, the water flows into the toilet bowl together with down to the sewer line that is adjusted to a large drain pipe.

Then the toilet tank refills. And, offer to complete the flush there is a little amount of water left in the bowl. Some homeowner has been wondered while they unbolt the toilet from the floor at the same time lifts it up just to be greeted with a short flood of water downfalls out of your toilet bowl and tank onto the floor.

During, empty the toilet bowl is particularly essential to attain all of the water out of the trap. You can normally empty the trap through your toilet bowl, but be careful there might be remaining water inside the base.

The superior way for fully draining the bowl and the tank occasionally relies on if the toilet is clogged or not. To attain the toilet properly empty of water, you may necessary to associate some methods.

Needed materials and equipment:

  • Water to fill pliable hose
  • Pliable or flexible hose
  • Toilet plunger
  • Cup or small bowl
  • Rubber gloves
  • Bucket
  • Sponge
  • Wet-dry shop vacuum

1. Turn Off The Flush and Water

The first method to draining the toilet is to turn off the flushing system and the Water supply line. It alleviates a greater portion of the water from the bowl and the tank. You should accomplish this, however, if your toilet is not clogged. And if occurs clog, move right away to plunging.

Find out the shutoff valve (a small size valve like a football-shaped handle). You can locate this where the water supply pipe is founded from the floor or wall and generally be attached to a supply tube operating to the toilet’s supply valve that is placed on the bottom left side of your toilet tank. Now, turn the handle of the shutoff valve (clockwise) up to the stop turning.

After that time, need to flush your toilet, sustaining the flush lever until the toilet tank is empty. A little water left in the bottom of the tank can be eliminated by sponging. This sponging can act to alleviate residual water in the toilet bowl.

Be careful about the old shutoff valves often stop working appropriately. This shutoff valve will no profound completely turn off the water supply. In this condition, you may require to turn off the major water supply valve for the whole house before draining the toilet.

2. Plunge (cause to fall) Out The Water

Plunging assists to alleviate the water from your toilet bowl where the drain is clogged or not. The motion of plunging stresses the water out of the bowl and down the drain.

It is a good process to use if your toilet drain is clogged, there is no possibility to flush the water from the tank except overflowing the bowl.

When turning off the water supply valve, just set up the flange of a toilet plunger resolutely into the drain hole in the base of the toilet bowl. To get the greatest amount of water out of the bowl, plunge at an up and down pace.

For doing empty the tank needs to flush the toilet. After removing the clog, the water must be flow at large through the bowl and down the drain, only a little amount of water leaving in the drain trap.

Further plunge to force out maximum water in the bowl remaining. And a small amount of water left in the bottom of the bowl trap and the bottom of the tank, this residual water has to remove by sponging.

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3. Siphon Outside The Water

Siphoning requires a flexible and short hose, so you must wear rubber gloves due to your one hand dip into the toilet water.

If there is no material or paper in the bowl this process is very effective.

Now fill up the hose properly with water from a tub or sink, and plug the openings to the edges of the hose with your thumbs to avoid releasing water. Place one side of the hose into the tank or toilet bowl, and another end side into a bucket.

Deliverance your thumbs from two end sides of the hose. You can see water will start draining and continuing.

4. Bail Outside The Water

A small bowl or cup is needed for bailing the water outside of your toilet bowl or tank. You will require reaching into the extreme bottom of the bowl to clear the water from your toilet’s trap.

5. Require Sponge Out the Water

After completing such processes to empty your toilet, there will remain some water in the toilet bowl and the extreme bottom of the toilet tank.

The proper solution is a broad and absorbent sponge that will alleviate this remaining water from the toilet tank and bowl very quickly.

6. Need Vacuum Out The Water

A wet-dry vac helps rapid action of draining the toilet if the toilet water is lucid. Make sure to take aside the filter in the vacuum, be aware not to excess fill the vacuum bin with water.


Sometimes many people think to drain their toilet whether for replacing or repairing the toilet. So if you want to accomplish the same job, you can follow our above writing.

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