How To Fix A Leaking Shower Head

How To Fix A Leaking Shower Head?

The licked shower heads will give you an awful feeling with the “drip drip” sound, water stains and not to mention the monthly bills.

So, getting rid of the leaking showerheads is very much important and here you will get a complete idea about it.

The Basics On The Shower Heads

There are some basic things about the showerheads that we should know before heading towards the fixing process.

The Durability Of A Shower Sealant

The durability will depend on various factors like the using frequency, quality, etc. Some sealant may last for five to ten years and some may get down in a year.

You need to change the mouldy sealants as you can’t clean the moulds. The mouldy sealant can cause different health issues so you can also use a ventilation system or a dehumidifier. On average, a sealant lasts for nearly 3 years.

Causes Of Leaking Showerheads

Causes Of Leaking Showerheads

The leaking of the showerhead can cause either the leak of the showerhead alone or a mixture of different issues in the shower. There may be some problem with the valve if the showerhead doesn’t stop dripping water even after turning it off.

On the other hand, if the showerhead drips water for a few minutes then you have to comprehend that there is a problem in the showerhead alone which you can fix on your own.

Fixing The Leaking Shower Head

The fixing process of the showerheads will mostly depend on the cause and source of the problem.

There are several reasons behind a leaking shower head and you have to head toward the fixing process after doing proper checking and investigation.

Replacing The Worn-out Seals

If you suspect that there is a worn-out seal, then you need to replace the rubber washer of the faucet. You need to undergo some steps for replacing it. Firstly, you need to get the new seals that will match your shower configuration.

Now shut the water supply off and disassemble the showerhead then place the new parts. You should also replace the rubber washers will all the seals to avoid the hassle.

Replacing The Shower Handle

Often shower handles can be responsible for leaking showerheads. If there is any issue with the shower handle firstly you will have to feel the temperature of the water drops by placing your hand below the faucet. Replace the faulty washer or seal the handle with new ones.

Unclogging Showerhead Holes

Unclogging Showerhead Holes

Clogged showerheads can also cause dripping water from the shower. You can sometimes fix the clogged shower of your own by following some simple steps. At first, you need to turn your water supply off and turn the valve clockwise for closing it.

Now remove the showerhead by using your hand or crescent wrench or a pair of pliers and lose the connection. Check if there is an issue in the showerhead and soak it in vinegar for softening the sediments for about 24 hours.

If you find mineral build-up and rust you can apply rust or calcium remover, lime and leave for few hours. At this step, you need to use a wire brush or pin or toothpick for scrubbing out the remaining detergent or particles and rinse under running water. Now reassemble the faceplate and wrap 2/3 layers of plumber’s tape for preventing future leaks. Finally, turn the faucet on and check if the water flow is okay.

If there is still an issue you have to install a new showerhead. For installing a new showerhead you have to get the matched one first from online or any physical shop. After getting the exact showerhead firstly, stop the water flow and reach behind the wall for unscrewing and removing the handle, cap cover and faceplate over the valve. Now, remove the cartridge and install the new cartridge then re-assemble the faucet.

Troubles With A Leaking Shower

There can be molds and bacteria causing by the leaking showerheads. The molds and bacteria can cause health problems also damage your structure the leak can rot and damage the subfloor’s structural integrity.

The diverter valve is a kind of lever that will help the movement of the water flow towards the showerhead from the faucet. Though it is a sturdy component, it may succumb with time. The loose diverter valve makes it difficult to turn the handle and for this, the showerhead may leak.

It is quite a tough task to replace and fix the part yourself. First of all, turn the water supply off otherwise your whole bathroom may become flooded. There are some alternatives you can go for depending on your diverter valve’s type.

Lever-style Diverter Valve

If you have a lever-style diverter valve you have to take the handle out first. The corroded handle may get stuck and it will be a bit difficult to take that out.

Now, take the diverter valve out after disassembling the valve and check for damages and wear. If you find any damage then you have to replace the whole thing otherwise, you can soak it in some vinegar which will clean and polish it.

Faucet-located Diverter Valve

Here, you have to start with unscrewing the plate beneath the faucet. Then, remove the diverter valve and scrutinize its condition. After disassembling check the rubber seal, clean the deposits and filth. You may need to replace the diverter valve if required, with an accurate match.

Now reassemble all the parts of the faucet that you have unscrewed and if there is still any leak it is because of the diverter valve. If there is still a leak even after replacing the seal or tightening the diverter, then you have to take some further actions.

There may be an improper installation of the showerhead or broken pipe. Repairing the faulty valves yourself can be a big hassle also can lose a huge amount of water and energy. Most importantly, it can also damage the structure of your bathroom as well as your home. So, you can go for professional help from the expert plumbers to fix plumbing problems reliably and quickly without any hassle

We hope this fixing guide will help you to figure out the reason behind the leak in the showerhead and the proper way to fix your leaking shower. You should take action quickly to prevent both health problems and structural damages.

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Last Updated on January 1, 2022

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