How To Fix A Noisy Tap UK

How To Fix A Noisy Tap UK?

When you have a noisy tap, hearing crackling, whining, or squealing every time you fill-up the sink to clean dishes or wash your hands may soon become unpleasant.

While some plumbing tasks are best left to professionals, anybody with basic handyman skills can generally fix a problematic tap.

In this article, I am going to discuss the reason for different noises and its solution.

Reasons Behind Different Types Of Noises

Whining: When your pipes are damaged or have air in them, your taps will generally whine. Turning off the main water supply is the simplest approach to solve a whining tap.

Then completely turn on the hot and cold taps until the water stops flowing. Give your taps a try; they should have stopped whining now though. If it has not yet, it’s time to examine the pipes for dents and get them repaired.

Screeching or squealing: The washer or stem or both on a crackling or screeching tap should be replaced. It’s usual for these elements to break down over the years, causing the washer within the stem to vibrate when water flows by, generating irritating screeches and squeals.

We recommend replacing the stem since new stems typically come with a washer and other elements, allowing you to change both at the same time to fix your noisy tap. If nothing of these options works, there are a few additional things you may check and try before calling for plumbers.

Before Calling A Professional

There are some methods you can try before calling a professional and these are:

Inspect the washers: One of the first things you should look for is incorrectly sized or worn-out washers, as they’re another typical cause of noisy taps. Turn off the main water supply and disassemble your tap to replace a washer on your own.

After you’ve removed the tap handles, replace the old washers with new ones, making sure they’re in good condition and well fitted. Then reassemble your tap and switch on the main water supply. This is frequently effective in removing tap sounds.

Examine the aerator: Mineral deposits can produce a sound tap in the aerator, which is the little screen on the tip of your tap. We recommend that you examine this first because it is a simple plumbing issue. Turn the tap on after unscrewing the aerator. If the noise has disappeared, all that’s left is to replace the aerator with a new one.

Check the water pressure: If the water pressure is too high, your taps may produce unusual sounds. A pressure regulator may be used to examine the plumbing, and a value of more than 80 psi could indicate the source of your noisy tap.

If you’ve tried all of our previous suggestions and still can’t find the source of the noises, give a call to an expert plumber so he can look into it further and place a pressure regulator in your main water line to assist in silent your taps. It also aids in the protection of your pipes and appliances.

Call in Sherman Tanks Plumbing

Older homes may have pipes that are just too small to handle modern water usage, and they can easily become blocked, making the flow of water difficult. This is another source of noisy taps, but it’s not something you can fix yourself.

If none of our ideas works and your taps continue to make weird noises or you can’t locate the source of the noises, call us on 0466 374 131 and one of our dependable, skilled, and experienced plumbers will come out and thoroughly investigate the problem to find and solve it. When you hire Sherman Tanks Plumbing, your taps will no longer be noisy.

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