How To Fix A Wobbly Toilet

How To Fix A Wobbly Toilet?

A toilet is a very essential thing in any house, to fix a wobbly toilet you must be noticing a lot of matter. The toilet can lose through the different ways as well as start rocking like it the flange comes true short on higher than the floor.

If you create that the toilet of your home has been rocking, from this article you can realize why it is a great factor to fix a wobbly at the same time to hold the toilet from moving around.

We will review some tips and faults to eliminate while accomplishing this task. For fixing a wobbly Toilet you should follow a few steps, these are given below:

Fix A Wobbly Toilet

Step 1: Detect The Leaks

In this stage, you must notice around the toilet ground if any water distilling from the floor. If it is the leakage sign, a wax ring of your toilet is probably damaged and you will require getting that repaired earlier than trying to take a decision for the next step.

As well as if you regulate the rocking toilet, the leak will remain and create damage to your existing toilet that will gradually demand expensive repairs.

Step 2: search the Bolts Of Your Toilet

On the bottom of your toilet, there are 2 bolts are visible named flange or closet bolts. You will need to tighten and your problems will be static.

To tighten the bolts you can use a tiny wrench. If you find that one bolt is loose, just tighten it softly until it comfortable.

Step 3: Discover The Gaps

You should look around the toilet base and try to find out any gaps between the toilet and the floor.

If these are the smallest gaps that cause to rock back and forth of your toilet then needs to be fixed, likely using the following step.

Step 4: Apply Shims To Still Out The Gaps

Balance the toilet placing in shims to the gaps you find. It is the pure technique that can constantly fix your problem.

Check to look at if the shims are performing in the toilet by rocking every early and late as needed. You can cut the shims too with a sharp knife near to the bottom as possible.

Step 5: Manage The Caulk

In this step, use a thin layer of the caulk on all sides of your toilet bottom to conceal the shims as well as envelop the gap between the floor and the toilet.

Caulk is significant for reposing things that fall on your bathroom basement and likely worsen the wax seal or pipes. You can also use squeeze or a caulk gun directly on the toilet base, for quick drying normally requires about 24 hours.

Step 6: Call a Plumber, If All The Above Steps Fail

If you have finished all the steps, your toilet is remaining to rock, and then you have to seek a professional for getting help.

That means going on the toilet base which necessary to be fixed and it should be left in the hands of a plumber.

To Avoid Mistakes Some Tips & Tricks

It is very important to be attentive about these steps, because, to fix a wobbly toilet you can face possible mistakes that can lead to great problems. While tightening the closet or flange bolts on the toilet base you shouldn’t tighten them too much to avoid the crack around the bolt. If it happens, you cannot repair it and then you will have to replace the toilet.

Secondly, caulking around the toilet is also a bigger problem due to the caulking your toilet fixed steadily but it can conceal the leaks. If leaks are unnoticed then it will create serious damage to your toilet except your knowing.

To get around the complication a suitable tip is to caulk around the bottom without for a tiny spot back the toilet that alert you for any leaks.


To conclude this article obviously you have gathered suit knowledge regarding to fix a wobbly toilet and hold off any expensive repairs to the wax ring.

By following the above steps you can attain your achievement at the same time you have to remember that, there is no require to continue towards the step 3 if the problem is already fixed after the step 2.

At last, you must give the attention to avoid the mistakes with some tips and tricks when accomplishing this task as well as you should be clean and safe while performing on your toilet.

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