How to Fix Inconsistent Water Temperature

How to Fix Inconsistent Water Temperature?

Warm water flow from the showerhead can give you ultimate relaxation and comfort whereas the inconsistent temperature of the shower water can be dangerous and annoying.

There can be several reasons for inconsistent water temperature so we have mentioned some ways to alleviate this problem.

Required Tools/ Equipment

Replacing Valve Cartridge:

  • Head screwdriver
  • Pliers (adjustable)
  • Allen Wrench
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Cartridge puller tool

Replacing Dip Tube:

  • Crescent Wrench
  • Pipe wrench
  • Hacksaw or pipe cutter

Required Materials

Replacing Valve Cartridge:

  • Replacement of valve cartridge

Replacing Dip Tube:

  • One Polypropylene dip tube(52 inches)
  • Two Push-fit connectors(1/2 inch)
  • One Flexible braided line (1/2 inch)
  • Water Heater De-scaling (one-demand heaters)
  • De-scaling kit with solution
  • Hoses
  • Pump
  • Bucket


Repairing Inconsistent Bathtub or Shower Water Temperature

Bathtub or Shower Water Temperature

If there is a problem with your shower or bathtub water temperature only then you can fix the problem by the replacement of the shower cartridge. The process is below:

Shut the water supply off and close the stopper of the drain then remove the handle using an Allen wrench. Now remove the adapter of the handle with a head screwdriver. Pull out the old metal clips gently and change the cartridge retainer clip. Finally, install the scald guard, adjust it when the water is flowing and replace the handle.

Repairing the Defective Water Heater

If the dip tube of the tank-based water heater is defective, you can experience inconsistent water temperature. You will find two pipes on the top of the water heater.

One of the two pipes forces water to the bottom of the water tank and the other one draws the hot water to various points of the water lines of your house.

The cold water pipe can become defective in several ways such as cracking, corrosion, leakage, holes, etc. These problems can mix cold water with hot water which will result in inconsistent temperature in the water or the water may become lukewarm. You can reasonably change the pipes instead of changing the heater itself. Here is how:

  1. Prepare the water heater first by turning off the electricity or gas supply from the water and draining all the water from the heater.
  2. Remove the metal shield and vent stack of the vent of the heater using a screwdriver.
  3. Now cut the copper pipe around eight inches above the heater using a hacksaw or pipe cutter
  4. Use a pipe wrench and stabilize the fitting of the dip tube. Turn the copper line off using the crescent wrench and remove the copper fitting.
  5. Turn off the dip tube fitting using a wrench and pull the dip tube out of the heater using your hands.
  6. Cut the new dip tube in a way that it is three inches small from the bottom of the heater using a hacksaw or cutter.
  7. Insert the new pipe into the heater and wrap the threads using Teflon tape. Now screw the fittings with the wrench.
  8. Connect the copper pipes using the push-fit connectors with the flexible braided line.

Repairing the Temporary Water Heaters

water heaters

The temporary or on-demand water heaters are energy saving as it doesn’t heat a huge amount of water like tank-based or permanent water heaters.

The on-demand heater heats water instantly when needed whereas the tank-based water heaters heat the water consistently even if you don’t need it.

The average shower requires between 1.25 to 2.12 gallons of water/minute whereas the on-demand heaters can supply 2.5 to 10 gallons of hot water/ minute. The new models of the on-demand water heaters can easily meet the hot water requirement.

If there is any temperature inconsistency in your on-demand heater you can fix it by following these steps:

De-scaling the Heater

Rust, carbonates, oxides and other particles deposits can hinder the heater’s capability to heat the water. You can clean the deposits by using a de-scaling cleaning kit every twelve to eighteen months.

Though de-scaling kits are expensive, pricing from 140-200 dollars, but they are worth buying.

Checking for Blockages

Vermin, nests or other wastes can affect the water heaters’ ability.

So, check if there is any blockage and clean those out to increase the water heater’s heating capability. If your heater is old enough you may need to replace it to get rid of the blocked vents.

Analyzing the Water Demand

If your water heater runs hot and cold water repeatedly it can be the reason for inconsistent back-to-back water demand. So, you need to either replace the current water heater with an on-demand heater or space out the water demand for getting greater output from your heater.

Hopefully following the above-mentioned steps will help you to get rid of inconsistent water temperature from your water heater. If there is still any problem you may need to replace the heater or get professional help.

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