How To Hang A Wall Clock Without Nails Or Drilling

How To Hang A Wall Clock Without Nails Or Drilling

Wall clock is a must part of our house, but often people face problems to hang it on the wall as some of our landlords or house owners of a rented house don’t let us drill in the wall, or sometimes we may not want to damage the wall by drilling it, or even sometimes people often change the hanging location so that they don’t want to drill.

If you’re in any of these situations then you might find a proper solution to hang your wall clocks without even drilling.

And guess what we have come up with some of the easiest ways to hang a clock with drill or nails. Stay with us to the bottom of the article to find the easy way with FIX-PRO Removable Mounting Tape.

Technique to Hang a Wall Clock Without Drilling in the Wall

Wall Clock Without Drilling

This includes a series of work, and they are following:

  1. First, start with taking the FIX-pro Removable mounting tape. This tape can be cut to your desire size to fit your product and place of hanging. The tape is strong and has double-sided adhesive, on the other hand, it can links easily with any kind of wall, glass, and stone, metal, or even processed wood. It easily can hang your wall clock but is not recommended for any wallpapers.
  2. The second step is to clean the wall surface properly so that the tape can bond with the wall, and the surface must be dry and moisture-free.
  3. Then cut the mounting tape according to clock size and weight. The FIX-PRO mounting tape can take up to 0.85pounds per square, the clock weight is important here.
  4. Both sides of the tape are covered with a plastic backing, so remove one plastic, and place it on your clock and then gently hold it to the wall. And for better security, press it firmly to the wall.

And yes, you are done!

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