How To Install A Shower Mixer Tap

How To Install A Shower Mixer Tap?

Do you want to cut the cost of installing a shower mixer tap because of the over-demanding plumber? Or, do you need to install it urgently but cannot find a good plumber?

Do not worry at all as we are here to solve these issues by guiding you on the process of a bathroom mixer tap installation.

Generally, there are two types of bath taps available in the market, which are:

  1. Mixer tap (one tap): It combines the cold and hot water and flows it from one fixture.
  2. Pillar tap (two taps): It gives cold and hot water separately from two fixtures.
  3. Bath mixer tap (one tap): It combines both cold and hot water and flows it from one fixture. Here it has an additional ability to let the user switch from the taps to the handheld shower and vice versa.

In this article, we are talking about the third category, that is, a bath mixer tap. So, it mixes both cold and hot water. This mixing process takes place in the tap body. It has two levers and a single tap. You can avail not only the mixture of hot and cold water but also only hot or only cold by turning on a single lever.

If you turn on both the levers, then you will get mixed water. Also, swiveling of the levers determines the water flow from the tap. This type of faucet comes in a larger size than the usual basin taps, because it needs to fill the bathtub quickly with a heavy flow of water.

Before diving into the installation guideline, always remember these two following advice-

i. Always unload the tap right after the delivery to check out if there is any faults or damages or not. It is always essential to start the installation work with the perfect one as it will lessen the hassles afterward.

ii. Always turn the water off from the mainline before trying any DIY project in the bathroom.

Install A Shower Mixer Tap

For this installation purpose, the tools you will need are-

  1. Rubber washers x 2
  2. Back nuts x 2
  3. Hose
  4. Handset
  5. Handset holder
  6. A standard set of spanners
  7. Top hat washers

Generally, the first five tools in this list come with the packaging of the tap. You will have to get the other two on your own.

If you follow this guideline correctly, then the whole installation work will take 30 minutes to complete as per our estimation. So, this is our 8-steps guideline to mount a shower mixer tap.

Step 1: Grip the tap straight and attach a washer at the lowermost side.

Step 2: Secure the tap tails with the body of the tap and tighten it by hand.

Step 3: Nail the fixing studs into the tap’s bottom.

Step 4:

  1. Place the tap on the hole of your countertop or basin.
  2. Ensure about its 90 degrees angle to the bathtub’s rim.
  3. Lower the fixing studs and tap tails which are flexible through it.

Step 5: Attach a retaining plate and a washer on the fixing studs from beneath the hole of the tap.

Step 6: Nail the nuts on the fixing studs with the help of your hand. When you are satisfied with the correct positioning of the tap, then you will have to tighten the nut with a spanner. Be careful about not doing any damage to the bathtub.

Step 7: Now secure the hose with the tap and then attach the handset holder by using the washers.

Step 8: Now, turn on the mains and check if there is any leakage of water or not. If any of such inconvenience occurs then rectify by checking the connectors and tightening as required. And, that is how the job of your shower mixer tap installation completes.

If you want to revive the clumsy look of your bathroom, you do not have to do a lot. Only an aesthetic shower mixer tap replacement can effortlessly change the whole appearance.

Installation of a bath mixer tap is not as thorough job as people assume it to be. Though we would recommend you to get done this job by a professional and experienced plumber in case of any emergency, you can follow this guideline.

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