How To Make A Bathroom Cabinet

How To Make A Bathroom Cabinet?

A bath cabinet is a beneficial and handy furnishing element of a bathroom. People generally buy it at high prices. But you can make your superior and durable one on your own with significantly fewer efforts.

So, stay tuned till the last and make yourself a master in this fun DIY project.

Guidelines of the project:

Buy The Cabinet Doors

Actually, the making process of the cabinet doors is time-consuming. To avoid all the fuss, you can buy cabinet doors and then cut them according to your need.

Buy The Cabinet Doors

Make An Elementary Box

You have to cut plywood to make the box. You can use both table saw, and circular saw to make the long and straight cuts.
Assemble with glue, nails and dowels

In the next step, you have to assemble the box with screws, glue and wood dowels. You can purchase long dowels and then cut them short.

It would help if you drilled 1/8-inch countersink and pilot holes. Firstly, attach the bottom, top and cleats to one side and then to the other. Before hitting the spots, ensure the diagonal measurements of the box.

Drill Holes For Shelf Support

After completing the box, make holes for adjustable shelf supports with the help of a brad-point bit of drill. Most of the shelf need supports 1/4-inch of the spot.

You can drill and position the holes of shelf support using a pegboard scrap. In this step, you can follow a trick of wrapping masking tape on the drill bit to ensure the perfect depth of the holes.

Cut The Doors

With the help of a homemade saw, cut the door. It will ensure a straight cut. Here guides can be a great helper to maintain the appropriate size of the door. For making a guide, nail a straight 1×3 to 14 x 18-inches scrap of the 3/4-inch sized plywood.

Then cut along 1×3 to strip off the surplus plywood. It will create the guide which will steer the saw straight by indicating the exact path of cutting.

Mount The Hinges

Attach the hinges to the doors at the position of 3 inches away from the ends.

The drill bits, which also do the job of self-centring place the nail holes for ensuring flawlessly placed hinges, You will have to be careful in case of the louvred doors as here both the front and backside look similar.

Position The Doors

Hold both the doors into position to mount the hinges correctly. You have to attach the hinges from inside for an exact and foolproof fit.

Shape The Crown Moulding

To make the crown moulding, you have to measure the cabinet’s top along with the doors. After taking that measurement, you can cut the crown out of plywood and base appropriate frames.

Set the mitre saw at 45 degrees angle to cut the moulding. The crown moulding will be placed upside down with sloping in contradiction of the fence.

Join Crown Moulding and Frame

Secure the crown moulding with the frame. If necessary, then attach the mitred corners. Glue them altogether if all of them fit tight as well as you see them perfectly aligned.

Midpoint The Crown Moulding

Keeping the sides inappropriate place, attach the front part of the crown. Centre the moulding on the bath cabinet and secure it with nails.

Then find the centre of the base and then place the cabinet above it by attaching it in the same way. Attach both the bottom and the crown with the cabinet.

Make A Bathroom Cabinet

Colour As You Want

Before colouring you need to make some final touches like filling any unwanted void space on the wood, covering the dowels, screws and nail heads with the help of wood filler and sanding that filler smoothly.

You have to spray everywhere with a stain-blocking white primer. Once the primer dries, again lightly rub it with a fine sponge of sanding and then pour a minimum of two coats of paints.

So, as you can see, the whole process of bathroom cabinet making is so simple that anyone can do it. Therefore, now you do not need to spend a lot to fill the unused void space of your bathroom with one of the most organizing and convenient pieces of furniture ever.

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