how to make a wooden table lamp

How To Make A Wooden Table Lamp?

Wood is a natural and spontaneous design material that can be greatly used in interior decor; it has also broad beauty impacts. You can use the easily wood element to make excellent and perfect table lamps for your home. Because the use of wood for light decking is actually brought warmth and most elegancy.

Now I am going to depict you build the amazing wooden table lamp using facile hand tools:

Process 1: Using a handsaw marking and cutting the board. At first, you need to mark all the measurements required for the lamp base. And, then cut the board with a handsaw.

Process 2: Sand the edges and glue the whole piece together. After cutting you have to sand the edges of all the pieces that work will help you the glueing task so easier.

Use wood glue, a few clamps and a square ruler for getting optimum shape and glue entire pieces of wood together.

With a lot of patience, it is possible to complete this work; you can’t glue the whole piece at once.

Process 3: Drill a hole in the cord. Prior to glueing the end wood piece just make the middle point of the lampshade at the same time drill a hole for the cord 4,4 cm deep and 6 mm bit. You can prolong the hole from behind of a similar wood piece at a 45˚ angle. It would be so easier for the cord to pass through.

Thereafter glue up the last piece of the lamp base.

Process 4: Marking and cutting the second board.

Now work for the lampshade frame. Mark the measurements of the second board. Make a cuboid frame 15 cm wide and 20 cm high. So, cut 8 pieces 13 cm long as well as 4 pieces 20 cm. The most essential and last piece of wood is the frame support where the size is 5*13 cm. You also need a 30 mm bit to countersink a hole only 1 cm deep.

Process 5: make the lampshade frame. Let’s move to build the cuboid frame. So, glue up the total pieces together, with the square ruler and the clamps to create an accurate right angle.

Process 6: Sand entire the pieces. To make it all wonderful you have to hit using a 120 grit sandpaper that should generate a rapid function of all the unevenness.

Process 7: Use spray paint on the base and the frame.

You require painting the frame and the base using a chocolate brown colour spray paint to form extra contrast between the lampshade and them. You can apply 2 coats of spray paint and wait for drying out.

Process 8: Prepare the lampshade.

Now make the lampshade, using a paper roll cut 62 by 21 cm. You should cut the linen fabric at the size of 63*63 cm for glueing easily to the power as well as fold the edges properly to get an exciting and smooth look. It may take a few moments to glue fabric to the paper.

Generally, you can use wood glue because it works quite well. Even the glue can’t dry too fast so adjusting the fabric to the exact paper just with a ruler need some time.

Process 9: Glue the lampshade to the specific frame.

Next, move on to glue up the lampshade to the frame. Accomplish this task so carefully because it is very important and you require aligning the edges of your frame along with the edges of the shade.

You should fold the fabric on the pick of the frame so that it shows the perfect appearance; you can also skip this process at the starting point only by cutting the paper 20 cm wide.

Process 10: keep the total pieces together. Finally, you can put all the pieces of wood together. To stick the socket, mix up several 5-minute epoxies.

And, make sure everything is lined up, by that time use wood glue to lampshade completely to the base. Wait for just some time until the glue started to harden. However, I recommend you to use LED light bulb as it makes a small amount of heat.


Above creation of wood lamp ideas are so nice and modern. If you are searching for stylish and beautiful light decor for your home, really the homemade wooden lamps will provide you with the perfect choice, which are cost-effective and budget-friendly items to make.

To build such kinds of fascinating and awesome looking wooden table lamps by following our simple process and enhancing the beauty of your home.

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