How to Properly Clean a Toilet

How To Properly Clean A Toilet?

Toilet cleaning is one type of unappealing activity. Although this is not a perplexing task you may face some difficulties several times if it is wrong.

You must need to know the worthy way for cleaning the toilet, don’t worry, we have the right solution to clean a toilet. The exact procedure will extremely assure that to alleviate any kind of viruses and bacteria which may be rising there.

The proper cleaning methods will not only provide you excellent results but also help to minimize your time and energy.

You Will Require Something


  • Toilet cleaner
  • Paper, cloths, or towels
  • All-purpose spray cleaner

Tools or equipment:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Eye protection
  • Toilet brush

1. Flush And Assemble The Cleaning Solution

Before commencing any work you should put on rubber gloves. To obstruct spraying or splashing, just lid down and flush your toilet.

Now add your likable gel cleanser, liquid, or powder into the bowl and then apply beyond the rim of the toilet.

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2. Need To Clean Outer Of The Toilet

By the all-purpose spray cleaner, you can clean the exterior of the toilet when the cleaning solution drenches into the toilet dirt in the bowl.

Begin at the peak to avoid dripping on in the meantime clean surfaces. Spray the handle, tank edges, and tank at the same time wipe them properly. In this way clean the externals lid of the toilet.

Al last wipes down all sides of the bowl. Before cleaning the bottom areas of the toilet exactly clean the front and sides. Now, mop the floor in the region of the toilet so quickly that may also be dirty.

3. Toilet Seat Cleaning

The toilet seat is the obvious part of the toiler which should never be ignored. So it requires to be cleaned properly.

For spraying, raise the seat then spray the rim of your toilet, interior lid with cleaner. Wipe down the seat, hinges, and lid, and back of the toilet seat with a moistened cloth to remove any traces of your sitting surface.

4. Clean The Interior Of The Toilet Bowl

Start cleaning the toilet bowl from the top to down and scrubbing first under the rim. Then, by the toilet brush, scrub the bowl, involving the drain hole onset the bottom of the toilet bowl. Now, down the lid and flush your toilet.

If your toilet bowl sustains mineral stains and rusts, then you can use baking soda or other commercial products to clean the porcelain. After scrubbing just flush the toilet bowl with the lid down as well.

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5. Clean Up The Adjacent Area

To complete this task, you should clean up the drips of cleanser or water which may have taken place. Now, put away used materials and tools, and replace such items which you took aside or around the toilet,


While cleaning a toilet you should wear eye protection. Because most of the cleaning products include chemicals and bleach which can damage your eyes.

Also, you may use rubber gloves to avoid touching your hands. During flushing your toilet, conform the seat lid down to obstruct splashing.

When scrub the toilet don’t use sponges. The reason for using a damp sponge breeding more bacteria. You can use paper towels which are excellent options. And if you accomplish this task with reusable cloths, immediately wash them using hot water with bleach if possible.

Get around cleaner tablets or disks for your toilet bowl. These products contain harmful chemicals which may damage the porcelain.


The above discussion will be a very helpful and effective technique to clean your toilet thoroughly. So, you can greatly follow our instructions and warnings to get a good result.

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