How To Remove Limescale From Shower Door

How To Remove Limescale From Shower Door?

The shower is a necessity in our daily life because we clean ourselves with it. Sometimes some limescale builds up on the shower door.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to prevent limescale, how to remove this. So, you are looking for the answer to these questions you should go through this article. The alternative name of Limescale is calcium carbonate.

At first, the colour is white but sometimes it turns in green. When the water containing mineral flows from the shower, it starts to sticks to the fixtures, shower door and tiles.

To prevent this, you can install a Surface Protector from Glass Doctor on your new door so that it can protect your door from the limescale. Two techniques help you to slow down limescale build-up. The techniques are:

1. Installing The Water Softener

You can install a water softener to control the mineral-rich water that flows from the shower.

For the water softener the water provides fewer minerals than before and because of that limescale build-up takes a longer time.

Remove Limescale From Shower Door

2. Spraying Vinegar

you can just use vinegar to avoid limescale if you do not have the budget to install the water softener. You can keep a vinegar water bottle spray so that you can spray it after every use.

So, you have to spray the vinegar on the door and then wipe with a washcloth to dry the glass or a scrubbing brush to clean the door.

If limescale builds up even after prevention, you can follow these steps down below to remove the limescale. The steps are:

  1. At First, you need to boil a cup of vinegar on the microwave or stove then put it on a pot or bowl. Then take the bowl containing the hot vinegar to the bathroom and wait for the vinegar to cool.
  2. After that wear gloves on your hands to protect them from the acidity of the vinegar.
  3.  You need more hot vinegar and paper towels for this step. So, you have to dunk the paper towel in the hot vinegar and attach it to the glass on the shower door. It helps to loosen the mineral deposits because the vinegar contains acid slightly.
  4. You need to let the towel papers stick to the door for thirty to sixty minutes and spray vinegar on them after every few minutes.
  5. Take a damp rag or sponge with ample baking soda. The baking soda reacts with the vinegar and produces extra cleaning strength.
  6. Scrub the door with the rog sponge gently so that baking soda mix with the vinegar properly also can remove the limescale easily. do not scrub too fast or too hard because it might scratch the glass.
  7. After finishing rubbing the door, clean the door with distilled water to remove the baking soda and the vinegar.
  8. This will remove the limescale from the shower door. But if it stays even after following these steps, continue the scrubbing with baking soda until all of the limescale do not go.

You should take care of the shower mould as well when you’re removing limescale from the bathroom. For preventing the mould, you install an exhaust fan into your bathroom so that you can switch it on while you are showering.

We hope this discussion will help you to get rid of the limescale. If you have installed a new door, we suggest you put the Surface Protector from Glass Doctor. Or, if your shower door is old, you can replace it with the designing glass shower door from Glass Doctor.

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