How to Repair a Quartz Wall Clock

How to Repair a Quartz Wall Clock?

Quartz wall clocks come in different varieties in terms of color, shape, and style also it is an affordable option for wall clocks.

These clocks may need some little repair occasionally and you just need to have some patience and primary knowledge to fix the problems. This guide will let you know about some basics of the repairing process of the Quartz clocks.

Types of Basic repairs:

Corroded Battery Tabs

Corroded Battery Tabs wall clock

The primary problem for a clock can be a down battery which you can easily replace. You just need to remove the old battery from the back and replace it with a new one.

Sometimes, there may be corrosion in the metal tabs of the box of the battery. You can easily clean it by removing the loose rust with a damp paper towel first, then gently rub it with sandpaper for exfoliating the additional corrosion from the tabs.

Repairing The Clock’s Hands

Sometimes you may need to adjust or repair the hands of the clock for different reasons. If the clock runs slower than usual you need to adjust the hands for getting the accurate time from the clock.

Sometimes the central hex nut becomes too tight that averts the hands to run properly. So you need to lose the nut a bit to make the clock time accurate.

Another problem is, the hands may get stuck around 6 o’clock sometimes and you have to firmly tighten the nut here. The hands can get bent after long-term use and you can easily fix the bent hands by simply pushing with your fingers or using pliers.

Replacing The Parts

You can easily find the parts of the Quartz wall clock in the repair shops or online. Before purchasing the parts make sure it matches the type and model of your clock.

Unworthy Repairs

Unworthy Repairs wall clock

Though the problems in the Quartz wall clocks have easy and affordable solutions, sometimes there are some troublesome problems that may cost you more money and stress. In some cases, it will be better for you to replace the clock rather than fixing it.

Quartz wall clocks usually don’t come with major problems and don’t cost much money or effort also easily repairable. You just need to figure out the exact problem to solve it easily.

However, sometimes you may replace the clock with a new and fresh one if the repairing process requires much effort and money.

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