How To Turn Off The Water To A Toilet

How To Turn Off The Water To A Toilet?

When you use your toilet may you face problems one of them is turning off the toilet’s water supply.

Don’t worry, this is a very simple and absolute procedure which will depend on the norm of plumbing the toilet in your house.

In our discussion, we tried to include several processes. Before dipping into the methods you have to know at first why need to shut the water in your toilet.

When You Must Shut Off Your Toilet’s Water Supply

Why you require turning off the water supply to the toilet, the main reason is if your bowl, tank, or tubing, or piping system has a leak. In this way, the continuous water supply will create to leak as well as this can make water damage to your floor and the surrounding area.

The other reason is that if your instrumental components are broken. For example, any part of the tank may be broken that causes water to flow endlessly. It is so bad for the environment wasting the excess amount of water and it may account the bathroom to flood.

In this condition, if water is overflowing or clogged you may require to turn off the water of your toilet. It will be a good decision to shut off the water to obstruct the overflow from continuing.

After all, if you want to go outside of your home for a long period of time, you can also turn off your toilet’s water supply. Then you can prevent major damage, repairing, or potential toilet replacement.

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Processes To Shut Off The Water to A Toilet

In the following description, we will pursue easy and simple steps about how to turn off the water to your toilet.

Process 1: Stopping the turnoff valve if you use a fairly usual toilet, you must notice a water shutoff valve which is located in the rear, right on the piping or piping, or by the floor that supplies the toilet with water. You should also see one last of the pipe going into the wall, the other last into the toilet, by the shut-off valve residing somewhere in the valve center.

You can turn the shutoff valve in a clockwise direction. You should not force it, if not possible to turn easily, because you may defect something that can cause a leak. If you face this situation to loosen things up try employing some lubricant as DW-40.

If you are unable to turn the valve, you may require a professional of need to replace the valve. If the water supply is turn off you can flush your toilet to test this task and try to follow the next method.

Process 2: Shut off the original water supply to your home:

If you are incapable to use the shutoff valve on the toilet, the next great way is to turn off the water supply to your whole house. To accomplish this task you require locating the original water shutoff valve to your entire house.

If you live in a cold area, it will be situated inside the home particularly in the basement where the water comes from that means on the closest side of your home. And if you live in a warm area or climate, for the entire house the water shutoff valve may be located outdoors. If you don’t find your water shutoff valve, then you can contact a plumber.

Process 3: Supporting up the float lever:

If you encounter the problem to use the shutoff valve on your toilet or for your entire home, you can permanently manipulate your toilet itself by supporting up the float in the toilet tank.

Now locate the float and get the cover off the toilet tank that looks like a rubber ball which is normally black or white. Take a slice of wood, height is nearly one inch, and leaning it under the float so that it is supported. You can flush the toilet if possible to flow out the remaining water from the bowl or the tank.

With The Push-pull Valve It Is Possible To Turn Off The Water To A Toilet

Turning off the water supply is greatly easy if your toilet has the push-pull valve in lieu of a turning valve or a classic circular valve. Just you have to straight locate the valve that should be in a similar location like any other valve and then push the valve.

You can also push the valve at a distance whilst it clicks into the place, and then the water must be turned off. To shut the water back on, only pull that identical valve back out. Now, you can observe turning off the water to a toilet which including a push-pull valve that is so easy, simple, and fast too.

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Without A Shut-off Valve How It Is Possible To Turn Off The Water To a Toilet

If your toilet has no shut-off valve you can even shut the water off to a toilet except the shutoff valve by following processes one and two.

To Avoid Mistakes Some Tips & Tricks

When turning off the water to your toilet you should follow some important tips to alleviate trouble situation and make your life easier.

  • If the toilet is overflowing or leaking, you require to flush it instantly. You also need to flow the water out of the toilet because staying water will last to leak.
  • If you necessary to turn off the water to your entire home, must sure to flow all faucets.
  • you shouldn’t force the sort of valve, if it won’t move comparatively easily, you can use the lubricant to loosen it yet you can call a plumber.
  • If all steps fail, you should call a plumber to solve your worse situation.


There are several methods to turn off the water to the toilet which fully depends on the setting of your toilet. However, the most crucial thing that never forces enough anything. 

If you force a valve particularly there is a big chance to break it and after that, you will fall into a serious disaster.

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