Use A Toilet Auger

How To Use A Toilet Auger?

Sometimes you notice that your toilet is clogged; it may give you a frustrating feeling. This kind of problem is inexorable in every home, so to solve it perfectly our content absolutely the best consideration.

However, the main point-a toilet auger which is a drain-clearing tool especially planned to be used on a toilet drain. It acts by clearing the toilet through the drain pipe under or behind it.

During your toilet is clogged, firstly you have to try the use of a toilet plunger. It is the same as a standard cup-design plunger used on a simple tub or shower drain and sink, however, it has a middle flange that provides you to seal the tool contrary to the drain opening in your toilet for plunging.

Frequently a plunger alone will free whatever problem is created for a clog.

When Plunger Doesn’t Work

When a plunger can’t clear your clogged toilet, then the suitable option is using a toilet auger, occasionally it is called a closet auger. As an ideal drain snake, it has also a cable rotating by a handle.

Where this tool is particularly designed for toilets, a hollow tube adjusted to an elbow fitting that coated by a rubber sleeve protecting your toilet bowl from scratches.

Drain snake: A drain snake tends to comprised of flexible and thin coiled wires which can be rotated to force clogs.

On the other hand, it is surely possible to prevent or clear a toilet clog with a normal drain snake. You remember that other tools can scratch the bottom of the bowl. But, a drain auger will not scratch your toilet’s porcelain.

The pliable cable of a toilet auger is maintained by the toilet drain with a hand crank where the strong head of the cable is equipped to destroy tough clogs. So if you encounter the most ordinary plumbing problem like toilet clog, a toilet auger is a worthy tool.

Needed Materials and tools:

  • Gloves
  • Toilet auger

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Faithful Instructions

When this course of action doesn’t do the effort, you may face a clog that lies in the plumbing soil stack.

Then you will necessary to find out another location for unclogging the drain, for instance, a branch clean-out fitting or to tackle this function, call a plumber.

(a) Implant The Toilet Auger Cable

Pull up the auger handle so that the last of your cable is hard by the bottom curved last of the auger tube. This portion of the curved elbow will create feeding your cable into the toilet so simpler. And, the plastic or rubber coating will protect your toilet from any scratches.

  • While appropriately inserted the cable, you should not try to see the last part of the auger cable; you may see just the housing.
  • When managing the toilet auger cable, you should use a pair of gloves.

(b) Bend The Handle To Auger The Cable Into The Clog

Like any type of drain snake, a toilet auger performs by rotating the cable to move into the drain opening with a screwing function.

In this condition of toilets, maximum clogs occur in the primary portion of the drain, in the pitfall aspect built into the porcelain body of the toilet. The toilet auger contains sufficient cable to reach departed the toilet, even the major soil stack.

If the clog stays beyond that point like in the sewer line, then you will require another solution.

Use your one hand to retain the toilet auger housing at the same time put it in the proper place. And with your other hand on the handle, to slowly continue the cable into your toilet drain just cranks the auger. Work always patiently and gently due to so much force can make the cable dual back on itself or move through the drain.

To obtain the cable all the processes into the toilet, you require to inverse the approach of the cranking pace a couple of times.

Crank in one approach whilst the cable will rear no again, then change the other approach or direction and sustain to eventually rear the cable until your auger handle is close-fitting against the peak of the auger tube. Turn about the cable sometimes, you may feel well that the cable reaches the clog which apparent by the counteraction.

At one time the cable has stressed through the clog, rotating the handle exactly pull your toilet auger outside of the toilet yet pulling backward.

By means of the cable shifted, flush your toilet to observe if the clog has vanished. Now the clog flushes onward through the toilet as well as into the draining process. At different times you can flush your toilet to make sure it has been removed properly.

If needed, repeat the snaking system. After that wipe your auger cable dry to avoid rust and store it away.


Finally, we can say that if your toilet is clogged, you can use a toilet auger to overcome such a dirty situation and follow our content-how to use a toilet auger and fixing the problem in no time as well.

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