Is Table Lamp Good For Eyes

Is Table Lamp Good For Eyes?

A table lamp plays an essential role to enhance the elegancy of your bedroom. The lighting system should be sufficient and more efficient in a small area.

However, table lamps are not bad for the eyes at all times. So, you should be taken some precautions if you want to protect your eyesight in every situation.

At the same time, you have to determine a better working table lamp which is perfect for different activities and circumstances.

There are several types of table lamps like-

  • Reading lamps
  • Bedside lamps
  • Desk lamps or table lamps
  • Ambient lamps
  • Rechargeable lamps

In the sense of functionality table lamps are surely the most compatible for any kind of desk working. Along with, if you consider the superior option for your lighting demands, figure out what type of activity you will accomplish using the table lamp.

The Greatest Light For Study or Work

When you need a lighting system to perform work or study protecting your eyes, then you obviously require a suitable table lamp.

If you like to enlighten the table in an excellent way, the colour of the light is a very important matter. So, in order to accommodate aesthetics with functionality, you have to properly organize your table in the best way. Natural light is the most perfect that not to fatigue your eyesight as well as it has the capability to maintain the right spectrum of light intensity.

However, in the winter season or in the evening time need enough illumination the study area.
Now, it is time to choose the table and the lamp holder you like most you also need to select the type of bulb. But you should avoid using a halogen lamp the reason for it tires your eyes. On the other side, the LED bulbs do not tire eyes keeping them hygiene even after more hours of use.

The most accurate selection to not strain the eyesight and eyes is that of neutral light. Neutral allows a white and normally colourless light, appropriate for prolonged and intense study sessions.

Suitable Light For Relaxation

The quality of light delivers a useful impact on your eye health. Remarkably, only several people emphasise the comfort of light for their eyes.

If you want to create the proper atmosphere in the bedroom, you require a powerful lighting system. Even the lighting solutions must be set in a way to prevent dark corners.

Adjustability Is Prime

The lighting type generally we use in a daily routine definitely has an impact on our lives. So, controlling the intensity and colour of light in several parts of the day can support us together with keeping beneficial effects on the health.

In contrast, the low-quality artificial light can bring about the most negative effects on the style of life and provoke vision, sleep and headache disorders. Selecting the appropriate light is so essential.

Entire electronic light sources feed with interchanging current flicker because of fluctuations. If for a long period flicker lights stay, then the eyes will be more tired to see something. It also causes impaired vision and headaches. But, maximum time flicker issues are unnoticeable.

If you follow this process, your eyes will remain fair as well as the sight will not be damaged, in spite of that many hours of working or studying.

A table lamp can alter the colour temperature committing you to adjust the light or warm yellow or cold white, to accommodate various circumstances.

In the time of relaxation and rest, we will require a warm light that makes a feeling of entertainment rather than hardness. These fantastic features create a table lamp an economic and definitely precious solution.

Lighting Needs And Age

While people reach ageing usually needs to be connected to lighting and many other things. Particularly, seniors will need both the higher light levels and the specific light quality. In addition, enough lighting and better quality will raise our visual abilities at the same time our quality of life.

The great kind of light and colour rendering index (CRI) shows the accuracy of colours are displayed to the human eye.

This is more significant when ageing because the older’s eyes become so yellow and difficult to identify purples, blues and greens.

For this reason, it is basically important to offer light with the greatest possible CRI. Originally, while it comes to the table lamps that are usually found on the desks or subsequent to the studying chairs.

We always recommend choosing a light bulb with a CRI of a minimum of 80.

The Position Of A Table Lamp

When the lamp is in a higher position, the illumination will be in the greater area. So make sure your lamp has proper height and consider the amount of space you desire to illuminate.

For a very large table, you will apparently need a lamp that holds a reasonable height. Our suggestion is for a lamp should have an adjustable arm that can cuddle the total work area.

You can also choose a table lamp with an adjustable arm to straight the light in accordance with your needs.

We recommend a lamp with a dimmer system. This function will help you to decide how much light you require at different times of the day. For several activities (drawing, reading) various light intensities are required.

In this case, it is better the flexibility of a table lamp that can be moved or angled in imitation of the work areas you use.

So, position your lamp to obstruct its light reflecting on your computer screen avoiding glare.

The other probable option could be to opt for a dull surface on which to set the lamp reducing reflection and glare. Mattee finishes will unbelievably minimize both.
Besides you can use a glare filter over computer screens and other glossy and smooth surfaces.


A table lamp is a handy item for any room in the house. A table lamp can reduce the glare which is the major fact causing tired eyes.

However, you can use more efficient and compact fluorescent light for your table lamp, perfect for your eyes, LED bulbs or halogens are also recommended.

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