Luxury Shower Head

Luxury Shower Head

Upgrading your bathroom ornamentation is extremely very easy with the use of a luxury shower head.

This article will present some innovative glamorous and luxurious models adding great convenience.

However, to enjoy an amazing shower experience you can follow this discussion and consider the one item which suits your requirements.

Luxury Shower Head Reviews 2023

Here are our 7 best luxury shower heads in the UK market in 2023.

1. hansgrohe Raindance E Showerpipe 360

 hansgrohe Raindance E Showerpipe 360

  • Material: Chrome
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Style: overhead with 1 spray

Our first and best luxury shower head model is named hansgrohe Raindance E Showerpipe 360, coming with some convenient accessories: the overhead shower (360*190 mm), hand shower (120 mm diameter), shower arm (38 cm), shower rail, thermostatic mixer control, shower holder and an anti-kink shower hose (1.60).

This premium quality shower head assures 5 years warranty, appropriate for only high pressure. It has a comfortable switching system so you can enjoy 3 different spray functions rainier, rain, and whirler just at the touch of a button on the hand shower.

The maximum water pressure is 10 bars, which offers a large shower area for especially delivering a fantastic showering experience. At the same time, innovative quality and design make your bathroom more modern.

The safety lock system of Hansgrohe protects you and your family (at 40⁰c) against scalding hot water. It offers great performance distributing water to envelop the whole body, quickly cleaning nozzles as well.


2. KES Black Shower

KES Black Shower

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Finish: Matte Black
  • Shape: Square
  • Mounting type: wall-mounted

KES Black Shower is one of the best sturdy and handy shower heads build-n 3-way diverters: overhead shower (12″), hand shower, overhead shower and hand shower simultaneously. For easy operation and drip-free protection for the whole year, it allows ceramic disc cartridges.

The luxury shower head is basically a bathroom suiting square shape design, providing a one-piece robust brass shower valve body that confirms super quality and longevity. You can easily place the leakage-proof item, standard G ½ thread.

On the other hand, the extra large overhead black shower head as well as the handheld shower is equipped with strong brass, tangle-free shower hose, that can be extended between 59 and 75 inches, suitable for different purposes, for example, cleaning your shower, bathing your pets.

However, KES is not only a high-performing shower system but also a long-lasting, smooth finishing sleek look appearance, an efficient model for your stylish bathroom decor.


3. Milano Elizabeth Shower Head

Milano Elizabeth Shower Head

  • Material: Brass
  • Colour: Chrome and White
  • Shape: Round
  • Mounting type: wall-mounted

If you want to create a classic and attractive bathroom look, our Milano Elizabeth Shower Head is the perfect solution. It combines eye-catching traditional style with recent technology and convenience, and fine ceramic accents to elevate the finished shower head.

This luxury rainfall shower head is with twin exposed thermostatic shower valves such as a round rainfall shower head shower. The solid brass construction as well as the chrome and white finish type, provide both long-lasting durability and makes your space an authentic look.

The thermostatic control system delivers precise adjustment of water temperature and water flow, Milano allows safety and a soothing feel because of its anti-scald technology that stops sudden changes in temperature every time.

It has an intuitive lever, crosshead handles together with ceramic detailing for simple use and exact bathroom accessory for all kinds of setting Milano brand is really the latest design showerhead on the UK market which will enhance the timeless look.


4. HOMELODY Shower Set


  • Material: Brass
  • Colour: Silver
  • Style: Thermostatic Shower Set
  • Mounting type: wall-mounted

HOMELODY Shower Set adopts a sophisticated design, rectangular shape, and silver color. Very simple and beautiful product is suitable for any bathroom embellishment. We offer you 2 years of free maintenance with it.

The rail of the HOMELODY thermostatic shower set is made of stainless steel so durable and reliable that can be extended from 818 to 1240 mm and you can also adjust the length of the rail as you height. On the other hand, the main body is made of brass (long-lasting) which is resistant to high temperatures and pressures.

As well as the chrome-plated surface prevents corrosion and facilitates cleaning. The size of the inlet and outlet are G ¾″ and G ½″ respectively, UK standard fitting, easy to install and operate.

This comfortable shower mixer is equipped with an overhead rain shower and handheld shower system, a safety lock at 40⁰c maintains you and your family from scalding-hot water at the same time keeps the shower temperature constant.


5. Thermostatic Shower Set

Thermostatic Shower Set

  • Material: Brass
  • Colour: Matte black
  • Weight: 3.8 kg
  • Mounting type: wall-mounted

Our Thermostatic Shower Set gives you a luxurious shower experience; the hand shower of it involves 3 spray modes providing also different bathing enjoyment. It allows also mixed mode, massage mode and spray mode making your busy and tired life a bit easier through the better way to enjoy desirable water.

The main body of the Thermostatic luxury shower head system is made of outstanding-quality brass, delivering a safety lock at 38⁰c that protects you and your family against scalding-hot water.

The rain shower head and the hand shower head are constructed with silicone nozzle, efficiently avoiding the accumulation of scale. This is basically a height-adjustable thermostatic shower rail, that can be prolonged between 900 mm and 1280 mm, suitable for every member of different heights in your family who can enjoy the shower most comfortably.

According to your choice, you can also adjust the shower valve while the temperature and pressure of the cold and hot water supply change; however, make the outlet temperature constant in your pre-set.


6. Micoe Bathroom Shower Head

Micoe Bathroom Shower Head

  • Material: Brass and stainless steel
  • Style: Modern
  • Finish type: Chrome
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Mounting type: wall-mounted

The Micoe Bathroom Shower Head is a luxury appliance for any bathroom decor, especially long-lasting, ideal for extended contact with water. This shower set is a stable solid brass body that has the capability to prevent corrosion and rust.

It is chrome-plated, modern design looks so amazing. Not only Micoe ensures better quality and good appearance but also simple and comfortable to use. This is the best luxury shower head comes with UK standard fitting, is easy to install and fits in your stylish bathroom.

The inlet and outlet sizes are G ¾″ and G ½″ compatible items for your home. It provides also more safety and convenience, safety button temperature at 38⁰c where the water temperature range is 20-50⁰c.

To keep the water temperature stable, the Micoe bathroom shower head will automatically balance the hot and cold water pressure within a very short time except for the need for manual adjustment. So, adopt the scope to get a new shower experience.


7. Rainsworth Shower

Rainsworth Shower Head

  • Material: Brass
  • Colour: Black
  • Style: concealed shower set
  • Shape: Round
  • Mounting type: wall-mounted

This will be a great option to attain extraordinary performance with the Rainsworth Shower system. The durable brass mixer valve is really useful for enhanced contact with water and is able to prevent rust and corrosion.

The luxury rainfall shower head fully is a modern style concealed placement shower combo allows your bathroom more elegant. It has 12 inches rain shower head, 16 inches shower arm, a filtering hand shower, a 1.8 m stainless steel shower hose, a brass shower bracket and mind pleasant 5 years warranty.

You can enjoy a cleaning bath, where the hand shower head is designed with a replaceable PP cotton filter, 10 times more hygienic than conventional mineral balls. The fiber is organic and eco-friendly, eliminating nearly 99% of harmful substances.

The Activated Carbon Fiber assures efficient filtering at the same time removes bacteria, toxins, chlorine, rust and unpleasant odors. Especially, with an innovative air injection technology the Rainsworth Shower head mixes water and air to raise the water pressure to 100%.



Set a luxury shower head in your bathroom if you like to create a modern look at the space at all. From our available brands, you can choose the one that can fulfill all your demands.

The hansgrohe Raindance E Showerpipe 360 and the KES Black Shower are the best elegant style models among them.

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