Simple Microwave For Elderly UK

Simple Microwave For Elderly UK

Are you searching for a simple microwave for the elderly? Don’t disappoint you are on the favorable page.

However, we have presented here some of the best models so that you can identify the perfect option as per your requirements.

Now read the following product’s all information.

9 Simple Microwave For Elderly UK Market In 2023

Here are our 9 best Simple Microwave For Elderly in the UK market.

1. Panasonic NN-CT57JMBPQ

Panasonic NN-CT57JMBPQ

  • Material: Stainless steel, glass
  • Capacity: 27 litres
  • Weight 13 kg
  • Power: 1000 watts
  • Dimensions: 39.5×51.99×30.99 cm

Panasonic NN-CT57JMBPQ microwave is smarter and its slimline internal style decreases the entire footprint of this combined best microwave for the elderly in the UK, compared to conventional combination ovens it allows 20% more space on your kitchen worktop.

This family size kitchen accessory provides you plenty of 34 cm turntable space for extra flexibility to use larger plates and dishes. The interior measurement is 36×35.2×21.7 cm (W×D×H).

You can get a scope to take the real food experiences with the Panasonic NN-CT57JMBPQmodel. It includes a useful pre-programmed junior menu confirming healthy delights of all time. Just enter the weight of your meal and the oven does the rest.

The silver look microwave uses inverter technology, particularly it has precise power control capability so your meals are evenly cooked and are fully prepared in no time.


2. Hoover HMCI25TB-UK

Hoover HMCI25TB-UK

  • Material: Metal
  • Capacity: 25 litres
  • Weight 13.7 kg
  • Power: 900 watts
  • Dimensions: 40.5×48.3×29.2 cm

The Hoover HMCI25TB-UK is another simple to use the microwave for elderly in the UK market. It has a generous 25 L interior space making it an ideal product for medium-sized households.

However, this outstanding Hoover microwave with frill and oven is a perfect addition for the elderly person and suitable for a busy family including 32 automatic cooking functions. So you can choose your desired programme to match your preference.

A device is really a convenient appliance that provides also 6 helpful power levels as well as a jet defrost function which assists to bring your meal to room temperature rapidly.

It has 900 w powers and is specially designed with an inverter mechanism for faster, consistent and even cooking performance. Hoover allows the most efficient energy-saving eco mode and sounds off-key; the child lock setting ensures your optimal safety.


3. Russel Hobbs RHM2076B

Russell Hobbs RHM2076B

  • Material: Glass
  • Capacity: 20 litres
  • Weight 11 kg
  • Power: 800 watts
  • Dimensions: 36×44×26 cm

Russel Hobbs RHM2076B is the other best microwave for elderly people and comes with many extraordinary features and cooking advantages. It has a soft black body and contemporary mirror door finish looking so beautiful in any kitchen decoration.

This compatible microwave provides a wipeable painted inner design as well as a removable glass turntable (dishwasher safe) and is very easy to keep clean. The internal cavity measurement of it: (H)20.82×(W)30.6×(D)30.6 cm.

The special advantage of Russel Hobbs is pre-programmed auto cooking menus including fish, pizza, popcorn etc. helping you to prepare your favourite food just at the push of a button. With this simple and easy using device you can cook your food quickly and conveniently.

This attractive model allows automatic defrost functions and 800 watts of microwave power. It includes a 20 L large capacity to suitable fit a standard dinner plate; giving also extra facilities like a child safety lock option.




  • Material: Metal
  • Capacity: 25 litres
  • Weight 16.7 kg
  • Power: 900 watts
  • Dimensions: 51×39×30 cm

SHARP YC-MG51 U-S is one of the superior microwaves for an elderly person who works with powerful 900 watts of microwave power. It has a generous 25 litres cooking capacity and an interior turntable, and 11 levels of power & 8 fruitful automatic functions.

This exclusive brand is an upgraded handle-less design with a sleek silver finish together with complemented by a black door window and easy control panel as well as a simply useable LED display setting.

It also allows 1100 w microwave grill with grill only, grill & microwave combi, kitchen timer & digital clock, child lock safety and energy-efficient Eco mode. Enough 25 litres capacity makes the device more popular with the medium-sized family.

This SHARP YC-MG51 U-S handy microwave delivers an easy to clean exterior, electric panel, all-over flat and intuitive-to-wipe down design. The countertop placement microwave is long-lasting for its robust material.


5. Toshiba 800w 20L microwave

Toshiba Microwave

  • Material: Plastic
  • Capacity: 20 litres
  • Colour: white
  • Weight 11.2 kg
  • Dimensions: 44×32.5×25.8 cm

Toshiba 800w 20L microwave is a suitable option for elderly people because of is easy to use the microwave. By purchasing this item you can enjoy great results and convenient cooking benefits.

With this compact microwave, it is possible to start cooking instantly choosing the time from 1 second to 6 min, on the other side, the pre-programmed menu and procedural memory will assist you to heat your favourites just at the touch of a button.

The user-friendly Toshiba 20L microwave includes 11 useful power levels with a timer setting up to 100 minutes; providing you with a hassle-free operation. It has also a child lock option that helps to prevent children from operating this accessory.

This microwave is generous for standard dinner plates; including an exterior dimension: of 44×32.5×25.8 cm and interior dimension: of 30.6×30.4×20.6 (W×D×H) as well as overall measurement: H25.8×W32.5×D44.0 cm. This white Toshiba contains defrost function, exceptionally quiet during use.


6. COMFEE 700W 20 L Microwave

COMFEE Microwave

  • Material: Metal
  • Capacity: 20 litres
  • Colour: white
  • Weight 10.7 kg
  • Dimensions: 44×34.5×25.9 cm

Enhance your kitchen embellishment with COMFEE 700W 20 L Microwave which is a simple but modern microwave including an easy-to-read control panel, kitchen timer and interior light system.

It has 5 exclusive power levels making the device super for a broad range of heating activities from low heat to softening ice cream to maximum heat for heating up leftovers. You can instantly prepare your food by setting a cooking time from 1 second to 30 min.

Not only the COMFEE 700W power microwave allows the handy quick defrost function but also it features a compact size where the external measurement: is 44×34.5×25.9 cm (W×D×H) and the internal measurement: is 30.6×30.4×20.6 cm (W×D×H).

To avoid localized overcooking or annoying mishaps the best microwave for the elderly in the UK offers another aspect such as the rotating glass turntable confirming even cooking.


7. Vytronix VY-HMO800

Vytronix VY-HMO800

  • Material: Glass
  • Capacity: 20 litres
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight 12.4 kg
  • Dimensions: 36×45×26 cm

Vytronix VY-HMO800 microwave is a simple and space-saving cooking appliance that has a slim exterior of 26×45×36 cm; plenty of space including 20 L enough capacity to cook. The freestanding installation type so no set-up is necessary and comes with a 0.5 m power cord.

This is also a powerful microwave that has 5 power levels and a 1200 w input/800 w output working in the best way. As well as the power level and defrosting time are automatically adjusted once the weight is programmed. The turntable (rotating) assures your meal is evenly prepared.

It offers you the advantage to set up 3 cooking steps as part of one cycle with the versatile-step cooking programmes. The simple use of the microwave for the elderly in the UK contains also an extra child safety lock option to keep your children from getting burnt.

This convenient Vytronix microwave model allows both easy touch operation and fashionable black style, mirrored front finish, a glamorous item for any kitchen.


8. Toshiba 800w 20L microwave

Toshiba Microwave

  • Material: Glass
  • Capacity: 20 litres
  • Colour: White
  • Weight 12.5 kg
  • Dimensions: 44×32.5×25.8 cm

Toshiba 800w 20L microwave is an intuitive design item but comes with straightforward functionality. It creates very simple and no-frills microwaving but contains 5 different power levels with a manual timer for up to 35 minutes.

You can use the easy controls to reheat, defrost and cook according to your unique preference. The microwave for elderly persons allows at 20 L practical and generous interior capacity compatible appliance for standard dinner plates and another crockery.

It includes 2 easier control knobs as well as an excellent white casing, delivering a timeless look fitting without any hassle in your existing kitchen décor.

Toshiba 800w 20L stylish microwave carries also a glass turntable plate which rotates during your use and prevents localized overheating and boring microwave mishaps.


9. Tower T24021W Digital microwave

Tower T24021W Digital Microwave

  • Material: Glass
  • Capacity: 20 litres
  • Colour: White and Rose gold
  • Weight 10.4 kg
  • Dimensions: 51×39.5×30 cm

If you want to enjoy perfect preparation for convenient cooking, the Tower T24021W Digital microwave is the best one. It offers 8 auto cook settings with 6 microwave power levels as well as a useful defrost programme for making dishes straight from frozen.

This practical appliance has a powerful 800 w of power for faster cooking heating together with it allows enough 20 L internal capacity fits a standard 10-inch dinner plate and a worthy microwave for the whole family.

The easy to use microwave for an elderly person provides the benefit of simple operation. Just select your optimum power level using the chrome dials at the same time set the cooking time on the 60-minute manual timer.

Moreover, the device has a long-lasting wipe-clean coating (interior and exterior of this microwave). It comes with also a high-grade glass turntable for tasty cooking results; gives you a 1-year warranty and an extra 2 years for online registering within 20 days of the purchase date.



We hope, you have achieved the great concept to choose the best microwave for elderly people. Although this task is as challenging as many items are available in the UK market.

However, our above microwaves are so elegant, workable, and durable and ensuring delicious cooking results at ease.

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