Sliding Wardrobe Doors UK

Sliding Wardrobe Doors UK 2023 — According to Experts

Do you know we have some latest, special and gorgeous looking storage solutions? The immediately designed sliding wardrobe doors of UK are the best way to properly organizing your belongings, even saving the room space as well.

Our brands assist you to make the right choice in your house while coming with a stylish and pleasing appearance maximizing the room space.

Top 12 Sliding Wardrobe Doors Reviews 2023

Here are our 12 bedroom wardrobe sliding doors reviews in the UK in 2023.

1. Double Mirror Sliding Wardrobe Door

Double Mirror Sliding Wardrobe Door

  • Product Dimensions: 62*203*217 cm
  • Basic material: wood
  • Capacity: 203 cm 
  • Colour: Grey

If you desire to more upgrade your house, proper utilizing the floor space with an excess amount of charming feeling the Double Mirror Sliding Wardrobe Door will be the correct selection. This wardrobe is produced by original bluffy material – wood ascertaining the standard attribute of it, the supersensual sliding wardrobe door offers the duplex mirrors with 2 LED lights.

In other words, the Double Mirror Sliding Wardrobe Door comes in affluent colour as well as fairy mirrored finish that looks delightful yet it confirms the long time permanency. The two mirrors are also high – a quality organ of the wardrobe which gives you a smooth feeling.

Especially, the Grey colour is perfect for this wardrobe coming true not only for your bedroom but you can use this one in the other room also. The product dimensions there are the length – 62 cm, the width – 203 cm and the Height – 217, we hope this size is compatible for your bedroom decoration. Another reachable item shows the measurement, 90 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm, 180 cm colours different too.

The rectangular-shaped design sliding wardrobe has 6 shelves and 2 hanging rails where you can keep your valuable ornaments, cloths and other things in smartly, the LED lights supports to find out your storage belonging vary easily. Two sliding doors are fine flexible providing you with modern practice in your room.

The Double mirror wooden sliding wardrobe Doors is a handy furniture best for saving the room space, it offers the easy access with sleek operation fitting into most walls to maximize the good appearance in your bedroom with light. Apart from the sliding door systems concentrating mirrors delegate to a heavily contemporary experience.


2. Mirror Sliding Wardrobe 2 or 3 Door  

Mirror Sliding Wardrobe 2 or 3 Door  

  • Primary material: Oak
  • Capacity: 203 cm 
  • Colour: white 
  • Shape: Rectangle

This is one of the best investment to increase the overall appearance in the bedroom if you want to change your bedroom look and to make different with an easy way like installing the Mirror Sliding Wardrobe 2 or 3 doors is a good idea.

However, the mirror sliding wardrobe is made of Oak that offers the high-grade quality product, and reason for Oak material it helps to long time usage that means ensures the durability as you want. Especially, in this wardrobe, there are 2 or 3 mirror doors with LED light too, this decorative item so perfect for your bedroom. To enhance the beauty of wardrobe we adjust it the great norm mirror and light so that you can use this one with a large amount of brightness.

On the other side, the measurement of Mirror Sliding Wardrobe 2 or 3 Door is very suitable where the product’s dimensions: 62 cm length* 203 cm width *217 cm height and the specific capacity 203 centimetres ensuring you the proper fitting for your room decor. We have also another size such as – 90 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm, 180 cm and 250 cm, you can choose the appropriate size from our likeable wardrobe.

The mirror wardrobe presents the white colour and rectangle shape mostly matches of all kinds of home equipment. The glossy look design you will desire for buying when seeing it, I can give the surety about the product. We have more available colours except for white like – Black, Grey, Walnut, Wenge and Oak. So, you can apply your right choice to get it.

The wardrobe includes 2 sliding doors, 10 shelves and convenient to get the laundry put away and its door gives the easy accessibility but not time-consuming.

Therefore, sliding wardrobe 2 or 3 doors with mirror enable you to save the floor space in your home as well as allow the more opportune in storage. Sliding appliance favours to easy obtainment in wardrobe using.


3. Modern Double Sliding Door Wardrobe

Modern Double Sliding Door Wardrobe

  • Colour: Grey 
  • Capacity: 203 cm 
  • Number of doors: 2

The Modern Double Sliding Door Wardrobe comes in a lot of amenities in the UK. This is made of high-quality materials ensuring the long period lasting ability where you can engage your fruitful money.

The eye-catching double door wardrobe maintains the sliding system for easy access with a soft feel. It allows the Grey colour which suits into any walls and matching for your bedroom embellishment with so forthcoming elegant looking. This is very necessary furniture than the other wardrobe together, so you no require to buy these two types of items separately. Although it is grey in colour, we can give also another White and Black colour wardrobe if you want.

The Modern Sliding Door Wardrobe accommodates the accurate size (203 cm) that very advantageous for the bedroom in your house. It also can save the ground space in a convenient condition. If you need small sizes like 120 cm or 150 cm or 180 cm that are available with a double sliding door.

Moreover, it provides the LED lighting services making the sliding wardrobe doors extra modern and stylish nowadays compared to other traditional storage accomplishments. To get a refresh looking room this sliding doors wardrobe could be an excellent option.

The Modern wardrobe has 4 hanging rails as well as 10 shelves where you can place your clothes and necessary things too. It presents very compatible storage solutions for your home, it can maximise the use of floor space without any clutter.

In addition to, with premium quality and decent style the Modern Double Sliding Door Wardrobe gives you enough interior storage to your needs assuring the glazy finishing.


4. MN Furniture High Gloss & Mirror Sliding Doors

MN Furniture High Gloss & Mirror Sliding Doors

  • Product Dimensions: 66*208*225 cm 
  • Colour: White
  • Finish type: High – Glossy
  • Shape: Rectangle

MN Furniture High Gloss & Mirror Sliding Doors is another spanking choice for your bedroom ornamentation. This is quite a favourable furniture allowing the extra space in the room and helps to enrich the beauty of your overall home décor.

The MN Mirror Sliding Doors wardrobe comes with bottom drawers and more durable LED light. The 4 drawers are a much better use of wardrobe storage where you can put your small or valuable items, the well – designed drawers systems are so popular of the market in the UK. On the other hand, the LED light assists to see all the contents clearly inside your wardrobe; it is the great pleasure for practicality purposes.

The dimensions of MN Sliding Mirror Wardrobe is 66*208*225 cm ( L*W*H), the perfect fitting mostly enhances the better looking of your room. It is the rectangle shape and suitable size will be your liking option to proper utilize of ground space in your home.

The Sliding Mirror door wardrobe confers the white colour with high – gloss finish front side of draws and matt finish on another side, basically, this white colour and sleek finishing make the whole wardrobe as a nice looking. It is perfectly adjusted with your room walls if you have narrow ground space the white sliding wardrobe doors will be ideal furniture.

The MN Sliding Mirror Wardrobe has also 7 shelves and 1 hanging rail which is the best storage idea to the user organization for keeping clean as well as putting the accessories such as – tops, suits, coats, T-shirts, towels, sweaters, shoes, and other items. The chrome handles on the drawers and doors give you the easy opening process too.


5. A.C Milan Modern Double Mirror Sliding Door

A.C Milan Modern Double Mirror Sliding Door

  • Item Dimensions: 203*216*62 cm
  • Colour: White
  • Number of doors: 3
  • Capacity: 203 cm

The A.C Milan Modern Double Mirror Sliding Door is a good option if demand for an organizing bedroom with an excellent appearance in your house. This is so efficient and gives you the extraordinary conveniences, as long-lasting furniture it comes in extreme authentic – quality ingredients. For better performance, we provide the standard grade item as well.

The A.C Milan Wardrobe contains the dual mirror sliding door, it gives you the additional benefits where you can apprehend the mirrors for dressing or makeup or styling hair and several kinds of useable things keeping precedence also easily accessible in your closet with little dispute.

The space-saving A.C Milan offers you the suitable medium size (203 cm) fitting for small room, as it is not a big size so you can save the more ground space at the same time it will be very easy to move in your room. Besides, our 100 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm, 180 cm and 250 cm with LED light sliding mirror wardrobes are available the market of UK. 

This A.C Milan Sliding Mirror Wardrobe provides mainly the white colour that suits perfectly in your bedroom. Not only for bedroom decking but other rooms in the house could be useful this aesthetic presentation of you. Our provided other colours are Black, Grey and Oak, therefore, the white wardrobe is finished beautifully that shows the elegant look.

Giving them plenty of space with 10 shelves, 4 hanging rails and 2 optional shelves as well as the dimensions 62*216*203 cm (depth*height*width), it ensures the spacious storage so that you can use this furniture properly with the modern and pretty looking mirror sliding doors.


6. MN Furniture Double Sliding Door Wardrobe

MN Furniture Double Sliding Door Wardrobe

  • Dimensions: 62*150*216 cm
  • Colour: Black
  • Number of doors: 2
  • Shape: Rectangle

In case, you want a new – designed wardrobe with sliding doors fitting in your house, you can prefer our fantastic newest model named MN Furniture Double Sliding Door Wardrobe. The wardrobe provides the ample hanging space, needful shelf space and the drawers system inside it, so except waste your valuable time, you can take it.

The MN Double Sliding Door Wardrobe involves the high – quality material offering a long period of time usage opportunity. This great quality recent design full mirror 2 doors sliding wardrobe comes in likeable and rich colour (Black) with an excellent finish that makes so gorgeous of your bedroom. 

However, the measurement of its height: 216 cm, width: 150 cm, and Depth: 62 cm especially give you a large amount of hanging space. Draws option inside the wardrobe where you can easily organize your accessories. For keeping the coats, suits and other items this is the better choice of helping to easy access as well. 

To create a fashionable style and modern look saving floor space the MN Furniture with double sliding door is a worthy product for any home décor. What is more, it has a very potent sliding mechanism that assures the maintenance of the door, full mirror and the utility of the wardrobe for a long duration.

The rectangle shape and 150 cm size which included 5 shelves, 1 hanging rail and 2 draw very helpful wardrobe to customize the internal storage making up your personal needs.


7. Digby Modern Bedroom Sliding Door

Digby Modern Bedroom Sliding Door

  • Dimensions: 62 cm*203 cm*216 cm
  • Colour: Grey
  • Number of doors: 2

The Digby Modern Bedroom Sliding Door comes with 2 doors including mirror glass ensures the stability for a long time. If in your bedroom there is a limited space this modern wardrobe enables you to create your bedroom little congestion.

It allows the Grey colour which gives you a beautiful appearance in your bedroom. This is an ideal design where the eminent quality stratified board makes it sturdier for lengthy permanency. For being mirror sliding you can adopt a dual purpose – first the sufficient storage and second mirror facility for dressing or makeup.

The Digby Sliding wardrobe is the perfect solution for your small bedroom because of its normal size (203 cm), the Height: 216 cm, the width: 203 cm and the Depth: 62 cm. inside the wardrobe there are 10 depth shelves and 4 hanging rails comprehended that are so suitable for keeping towels, bedding, baskets and cloths too.

For any bedroom decoration, this new model furniture helps you to maximize the space as well as everything organizing advantage. To protect your bedroom from clutter, you must require this Digby Modern Bedroom Sliding Door wardrobe.

It also gives you the get – at – able access options and easily possible to close it. This is very essential for any bedroom getting the outstanding elegancy outlook with durability. Especially the flexible sliding doors offer you a soft feel and a clean bedroom.


8. MN Furniture Moon Double Mirror Sliding Door

MN Furniture Moon Double Mirror Sliding Door

  • Colour: Grey
  • Dimensions: 62*216*203 cm
  • Capacity: 203 centimetres

Are you deciding to buy a stylish and full new – designed wardrobe for storing your clothing items? Our latest brand called MN Furniture Moon Double Mirror Sliding Door that is equipped with excellent proficient laminated board material and mirror for maintaining the long period usage.

In this wardrobe includes 2 mirror doors, round shape design bringing the extra appearance in your bedroom décor. The Grey colour is the perfect matching with the walls at the same time gives you a better ornamentation idea.

The width of this wardrobe is 203 cm, Height 216 cm and Depth 62 cm. if you have a limited ground space the MN Moon Sliding Door provides the useful solution for any room of your home. It favours gathering more space so that you can move easily in your room.

The MN Moon Double Sliding mirror door wardrobe comprises of shelves and 4 hanging rails, this furniture is divided into 2 sections internally in one side deep shelves and in other side hanging areas which are the compatible solution for putting the folded clothes, towels bedding and other things.

The MN sliding wardrobe offers the timeless accessibility to find out the internal storage items in the wardrobe as it is fitting with existing walls so creating the additional space, not worthy just for your bedroom but across all rooms in the house.

Moreover, this sliding system makes the wardrobe very popular to the people in the UK. It allows the proper colour with beautiful finishing and pleasing furniture. 


9. Mirror Double Sliding Door

Mirror Double Sliding Door

  • Material: Wood 
  • Finish type: Mirrored
  • Colour: Grey
  • Dimensions: 62*203*216 cm (L*W*H)

If you need an exclusive model wardrobe with mirror sliding door then you can choose our unique and new style looking furniture – Mirror Double Sliding Door. It carries diversified benefits for your home embellishment to enhance the beauty of the room. 

Firstly, this wardrobe provides extensive quality wood material with standard mirror glass assuring good efficiency. The mirrored finishing of its makes more colourful and gorgeous, who are so luxurious persons especially this item only for their bedroom decoration.

Secondly, the Mirror Double Sliding Door is not so large or small containing the proper size and dimensions (62 L*203 W*216 H cm), capacity just 230 cm both for shelving and hanging facility. It can save the floor space as you want as well as it is the best convenient way to store cloth and several things properly.

Besides, in this wooden wardrobe, there are 4 hanging rails and 10 shelves with the pack in boxes, baskets, bedding and other garments product inside the wardrobe due to specious interior storage. Shelves are necessary to put the folded cloths such as t-shirt or trousers on shelving.

To better organizing and to protect from the clutter of your house, the Mirror Double Sliding Door wardrobe must essential. It is the grey colour that allows the perfect matching in your bedroom; the block base type establishes the wardrobe sturdier also.

It has the LED light that saves the monthly electricity cost because; when you close the wardrobe door need to Switch off the light. Lighting system inside the wardrobe will help to eliminate the darkness.


10. Ye Perfect Choice Mirror Sliding Doors

Ye Perfect Choice Mirror Sliding Doors

  • Item Dimensions: 1.80 metre*58.00 cm*2.13 metres
  • Colour: white without LED lights 
  • Material: Engineered wood 
  • Finish type: Laminated

The Ye Perfect Choice Mirror Sliding Doors is one of the enchanting brands for home decoration providing the extra facilities clothing storage space and full – length mirror for a hairstyle or dressing together in your bedroom.

This furniture is comprised of 2 sliding mirror doors, AVA 4 closet shelves and hanging rails which offers to organize your room completely. It also aids to protect from making a muck of something of your entire house that looks so clean and lovely. 

The Ye Perfect Choice wardrobe is made of all body with engineered wood except the 2 sliding doors. Ensuring the better material this furniture gives you enough time usage advantage creating the overall modern and pleasant outlook.

The wardrobe is white but no LED lights involved and the capacity of its 180 cm 5.9 ft easily suits for any bedroom décor. Particularly, the white colour furniture is the faithful matching of any walls of the room where the measurement 180 cm/5.9ft length, 58 cm/1.9 ft wide and 213 cm/7 ft height.

The adequate shelves and hanging rails allow the storing your cloths and other accessories more conveniently comparatively the backdated wardrobe, Providing an incredible amount of amassment in a limited space sliding wardrobe doors in the bedroom are the easy effective way to save the space too.

This elegant featured Ye perfect choice mirror sliding doors wardrobe makes your home so large and ample with amazing looking. It has the block base type for the hearty condition even its laminated finishing prepare your mood always peaceful.  




  • Material: wood
  • Colour: Sonoma Oak
  • Capacity: 233 cm 
  • Dimensions: 233*61*218 cm; 200 kg

The BEAUTIFUL SLIDING DOOR wardrobe comes with sturdy elements (wood + strong mirror glass) which compatible for your bedroom, dressing room or living room. Not only has this furniture improved the style of your house but also a useful wardrobe giving the storage solution.

The wardrobe is produced by prosperous grade laminated board – 16 mm thickness. The large size sliding door wardrobe mostly vital who want to reserve many things in the wardrobe principally for using the biggest family. The dimensions of the furniture height: 7ft 2 inch – 218 cm, width: 7 ft 8 – 233 cm and depth: 2 ft – 61 cm, weight: 200 kilograms.

Most importantly, in this BEAUTIFUL wardrobe doors are interchangeable, if you want to plan the mirrors in the middle use or on the sides that so flexible system of its sliding mirror doors. Although it is Sonoma Oak colour, nevertheless, obtainable in various colour combinations too. For getting the ultimate effect you have the chance to choose from Sonoma Oak colour for your room.

Moreover, the rectangular-shaped wardrobe is equipped with a professional manner SEVROLL MICRA, rails are made of aluminium and wheels with bearings where both the rails and shelves provide plenty of interior space for putting the folded or unfolded cloths, shirts, trousers etc. it also gives you the excessive shelves for making storing very easy.

This bedroom wardrobe closet with sliding doors carrying the modern style with laminated finishing, multi F 13 all white two broad mirrors, the sliding panel’s door system is the efficient course to save the space in your room.


12. Arthauss Modern Bedroom Sliding Door 

Arthauss Modern Bedroom Sliding Door 

  • Product Dimensions: 1.81 m*2.15 m *60.00 cm
  • Colour: Grey
  • Shape: Rectangle

With the proper measurement: W 181 cm*H 215 cm *D 60 cm the Arthauss Modern Bedroom Sliding Door wardrobe comes in 2 sliding doors, Grey colour, full – mirrored length with wonderful appearance where the scarce of room space this furniture is the perfect selection for your home.

In another hand, the Arthauss has the 2x hanging rails and 3x removable shelves with all belonging, the side of the wardrobe is made from high – grade laminated board (16mm) which confirms the durability and customers credibility. You should choose this one to receive extreme benefits.

This is the best organizer which have the appropriate capacity (181 cm) to customise the inner storage of the wardrobe at the same time to save your floor space it plays an emergent role. In the Arthauss bedroom wardrobe you can keep your vital elements, cloth items and the other things very beautifully.

The bedroom remains the clutter-free, the modern stylish sliding door system wardrobe offers you a preferable colour – Grey as well as smooth finishes with it that suits most walls of the room. The design of Arthauss so attractive, giving the worthy solution pleasant looking and convenient storage too.

The Arthauss wardrobe Arti 3 is a rectangle shape, chest of drawers really the greatest usage furniture now – a – days in the UK. This allows thoroughly a recent design, the speciality of it’s the sliding exhaustive mirror to visually extend your bedroom self – customized internal layout.

Finally, the Arthauss Modern Bedroom Sliding Door is an excellent option for getting the highest storage advantage and saving the bedroom space more, providing easy usage and amazing visual look in your house.


Buying Guide of Sliding Wardrobe Doors

For acquiring the best sliding wardrobe doors you should take into account various things that mean some of the radical features as well as a few qualities which are bellowed:-

Quality materials: Sliding wardrobe doors are fashionable ways to store your accessories while highest using the space in any room. We have tried to provide better, standard quality substance for long time usage. Our available items contain the variety of configurations, with full mirror length (only a middle part mirror), wood effect panel options; sliding door frames are also made of sturdy steel or aluminium ensuring the greatest quality materials.

Our wardrobes are several shapes and sizes, most of them are rectangular-shaped easily fit for your room, what you require to choose from.

Saving space: Sliding wardrobe doors are particularly suitable in the limited spaces of your home. A smooth forming, sliding opening, these fixtures alleviate door structure into a room. It maximises the comprehensible ground space and boosts to make an open feel.

Sliding systems are a great way to take advantage of all the space in a room and repose clutter out of sight. These kinds of doors tend to build into the existing walls where you are basically creating an extra floor space. Saving the room space sliding door systems help to get the maximal appearance of space with LED light.

Storage benefit: if your room has a small space, the sliding wardrobe doors are a useful option to keep your belonging in this convenient storage.

This furniture gives you easy access combined with the soft operation. We have more interior shelves & hanging rails, drawer system too. In this well – functioning wardrobe you can put your various folded or unfolded items like – shirts, pants, trousers, sweaters and other things. The sliding wardrobe doors simply are fitted with any wall of the room providing the standard internal storage and power pack.

Sliding system: sliding door systems create a modern dimension where the pleasant opening and closing and extreme level of silent manner performance. These doors are fantastically so flexible and smooth, user-friendliness gives you the new experience with a luxurious feeling also.

Modern style: by using the sliding wardrobe doors you can keep your room all-time quiet, fresh and neatly stowed. These wardrobes offer the timeless modern look feature and the best storage solutions, our available colours and laminated finishing type give you the eye-catching furniture.

The delightful design wardrobes easily suit your bedroom, not just for bedroom embellishment but across the rooms of the house. It provides the perfect matching also.

LED light and mirror: if you choose our products, you will receive both storage and mirror advantage at the same time. For instant going to the outside, you can see your appearance into the mirror with full – length after dressing or makeup.

On the other side, the LED lighting system allows you to find out the necessary items quickly. The LED lights also minimize your monthly electricity cost where you can save your valuable money.

Easy installation: Our sliding wardrobe doors are simple sliding mechanism creates them easy to incorporate into the layout of your bedroom and its overall design, sliding fixtures, required fittings are the worthy installation for your builder.

Finally: our affordable new – designed options are the best way for storing your clothes. To make the maximum floor space in your home, they provide useful storage with excellent and marvellous looking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my wardrobe doors to sliding doors?

If you want to replace an old or backdated, damaged wardrobe that’s a simple matter just like that you can get sliding doors replacement chance by an expert DIY person, whether your present doors become sliding or hinged. Replacing the sliding wardrobe doors are the easiest way to make it more modernise.

What size do sliding wardrobe doors come in?

Sliding wardrobe doors come with different wood effects, white and silver and easy single panel doors including track and all necessary fittings, most of the perfect sliding doors adjust an opening height of 2260 mm and if you want an upgrade to smooth closing the 2275 mm for standard tracks. The 610, 762 or 914mm widths are also accessible.

Which is better bifold or sliding doors?

The sliding doors and bifold doors are on an average same but in a sliding door, there are more glass than in a bifold because sliding doors generally more thermally expert, it is made up of large panes of glass offering the extensive control where the opening process very easily.

How much does a sliding closet door cost?

Normally, in a sliding closet doors remain 2 doors that not fixed to the wall, sliding glass doors are much popular in modern time. Typically, mirrored sliding doors or plain system cost rely on the size and style if it in steel (low valued) and the aluminium can cost £50 – £200 as well as just sliding door material estimated price £400 – £4500.


Our superior sliding wardrobe doors are made of noted quality materials with incomparable features offering you the lengthy utility amenities.

All of the wardrobes are properly fitted for your room, however, we point out you to choose the great one – Double mirror sliding wardrobe door which is the multitude of the highest quality and reasonable price. 

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