Slow Close Toilet Seats And Hinges

Slow Close Toilet Seats And Hinges

The Self-closing or slow-closing toilet seats are very convenient and they can give you a better experience than the traditional toilet seats.

Nowadays everyone looks for a slow-close bathroom seat to get the benefits and to make their daily life easier. There are enough reasons for which you should go for a soft-close toilet seat in your bathroom.

Soft-Close Toilet Seat: A Basic Concept

Soft-Close Toilet Seat

The soft-close toilet seats are the ones that close on their own with a slight push of yours. The main thing here is the gravity and the tensioned hinges control it.

There will be no slamming down while closing the toilet seat. You just need to give a light tap and the seat will come to the base more smoothly and quietly.

Some Major Advantages Of The Soft-close Toilet Seat

There are numerous benefits of a slow-close or soft-close toilet seat which will make your life smoother and easier.

Here we will be discussing some major benefits of the slow-close or soft-close toilet seats.

Superior Quality

The hinges of the soft-close seats come with better quality also perform better than the ordinary ones. The hinges make the seat close slowly.

Besides, the seat is also premium-quality than other average ones. The hinges and the seats are durable as well which will last for a longer time.

Getting a better-quality toilet will save your time and cost as you can use it over years. The toilet hinges don’t become loose either which means there is no need for maintenance as well.

Cleaner Things

Soft-close seats are more hygienic as there will less handling and touching of the seat for closing it. You can close the seat with a slight touch.

Besides, some soft-close toilet comes with lift-off hinges which will allow you to clean the toilet seat easily which is certainly a tough job to do.

No More Slam

There will be no slamming while closing the soft close seat of the toilet. The kids as well as the adults can easily close the seat with a slight tap on it without any loud noise causing by the slamming of the seat.

There will be no disturbance to your partner or family members at the night and you don’t have to be in an uncomfortable situation because of the noise from the toilet seat.

Helps To Keep The Toilet Seat Closed

Helps To Keep The Toilet Seat Closed

The general opinion says that people are more willing to keep their toilet seat closed after using the soft-close.

Maybe this happens it is quite easier and more convenient to close the soft-close seat than the traditional ones. Besides, the coolness factor of the seat also pushes people to keep it closed without any slam or noise.

Safer For Kids

The soft-close seats are safer too as there will be no risk of accidents in their tiny and small hands and fingers.

They can use the toilet by themselves without any help from the adults.

Quiet Operation

Soft-close toilet seats don’t generate any noise while closing down which will not create any awkwardness for the users.

You can use the toilet anytime and close it even it is midnight.

Some Shortcomings Of The Slow-close Toilet Seat

Though there are numerous good things about the slow-close or soft-close seats, there are some drawbacks as well as any other good thing.

You may need to adjust or change the soft-close seat at times as it can break or become dirty. There are some common problems with the soft-close toilet seats.

For instance, the hinges can become loose which may cause the seat sliding side to side. Besides, broken hinges can cause falling off the seat which may break the seat as well.

The seat may crack or get damaged due to too much pressure also there can be damaged enamel on the painted surfaces of the seat. The surface may become stained which will be tough or sometimes impossible to clean off.

Last but not the least, there can be a bad odor coming from the seat which is quite inconvenient, unhygienic and unimpressive to others too. Honestly, you can easily overlook these shortcomings of the soft-close seat considering the brighter things of it.

Fixing The Soft-close Toilet Seat

As the soft-close seats are more expensive than other ordinary toilet seats, most people tend to fix them rather than replacing in case of any breakage and damage.

You may need some parts to fix it and you can easily get them from certain vendors. In the case of wooden seats, you need to be more protective while using them to avoid damages.

Removing Stains, Worn And Odour

It is best not to use any bathroom cleaner for cleaning the toilet surfaces like disinfecting wipes, toilet cleaners and brushes as these may damage the paint and shine of the toilet surface and make it look gross.

For being on the safe side you can use hot and soapy water then rinse it well. You may also use baking soda, vinegar and coke to remove the stain from the toilet surface.

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Faulty Slow-close Seat

Faulty Slow-close Seat

Sometimes, the slow close seats close faster than usual. To resolve this issue you need to simply clean the seat from the inside out.

The hinges may get damaged over time and you need to fix them to make it work like before. First of all, you need to remove the hinges and the seat.

Then soak those in soapy warm water for nearly twenty minutes which will help to break and dissolve if there is any crud, interfering with the usual process. If there is any visible breakage or crack then you have to replace the hinges. You can easily order your required parts online.

Some Suggestions

Some people spend nearly $50 to $60 while buying a soft-close toilet seat which may sound a bit unreasonable. But, if you go for the lower-priced ones which are available for less than $12 you may get a lower-quality toilet seat which will create numerous problems and won’t last for a longer time.

Luckily, some mid-range soft-close toilet seats are quite good at a reasonable price. You can enjoy the benefits of the soft-close seat at an affordable price with a longer life span.

We will suggest you get the slow close seat by the Mayfair. You will choose either the elongated or traditional size as per your preference. The material is wood with an enamel coating.

You can also keep these toilets clean effortlessly as they come with the lift-off seat hinge features. You can easily lift off the entire seat and wash easily.

There are also some affordable soft-close toilet seats from the Bemis brand but according to general opinion, the parts of the Bemis brand are less durable than the Mayfair ones. Though Bemis and Mayfair are the same manufacturers, people prefer Mayfair more than Bemis because of the superior quality and durability.

If you are willing to spend around 30 dollars you can easily afford a good quality soft-close toilet seat and get the benefits.

In this modern era when convenience and ease are the basic concerns, a soft closed toilet seat is not a luxury but a necessity. You can enjoy numerous benefits just by spending a bit more on the soft-close seat than that of ordinary traditional toilet seats.

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