Toilet Cleaning Hacks

10 Weird Toilet Cleaning Hacks That Work

There are some surprising products used for keeping a toilet always clean. The strange ingredients including vinegar, coca-cola and baby oil etc. Such cleaning (toilet) tips are more workable. These 10 weird and effective toilet cleaning tips are important a try.

Very common household items not only save your money but also can prevent the use of harsh cleaning products that may be harmful to the atmosphere and your family. What is more, to keep your toilet all-time clean you should avoid expensive and harsh chemicals.

1. Use Coca-cola Cleanser

It is one of the weird toilet cleaning products that can able to clean toilet rust rings. To try this at first pour a whole can around the toilet rim for coating the bowl completely.

After that about one hour sitting for adapting the acids in the soda to destroy the stains. And, using a toilet brush need to scrub, and then flush your toilet.

2. Scrubby A Pumice Stone

Another fruitful way is a pumice stone to be rescued from the constant ring interior of the bowl.

Begin with soaking the pumice in the warm water were to get around any scratches on the surface of the toilet and the stone should always be wet. Smoothly scrub the stain, and to rinse the toilet just flush.

3. Use White Vinegar

Many people search for bleach to vanish toilet germs and other stains. But white vinegar is a useful cleaner at the same time so secure than chlorine bleach.

To obliterate the hard water stains, just soak the toilet paper in vinegar and apply straight away on top of the stain. Keep this vinegar-soaked paper overnight. Flush to rinse in the following morning and you can see the stains should be gone.

4. Apply to Sanitize With Hydrogen Peroxide

This is a very effective and secure germ fighter. So if you desire to disinfect the toilet, pour exactly half a cup of hydrogen peroxide into the toilet bowl, wait for thirty minutes and flush to rinse it.

5. Fizzy Toilet Bomb

Fizzy and bombs are known as deodorizer and cleaner of the toilet, together it is inexpensive too.

You can make the natural fizzy toilet bombs with the usual household products associated with your likable scented oil.

6. Baby Oil Best For Chrome

When you apply the baby oil to chrome fixtures, you will be seen instant and perfect shining results.

You can polish up only your toilet handle (not the faucets or showerhead) with a few drops on a soft and clean cloth. And, apply a bit more drops to your toilet bowl and tank, and wait to get porcelain glossiness.

7. Use Nail Polish To Alleviate Rust

If you want to keep your toilet seat fully rust-free, you can coat the screws and bolts using clear nail polish. It will restrain the seat from shifting to another place.

8. Boiling Water Prevents Clog The Pipe

To repair the clogged toilet except for chemicals, just take the boiling water. Pour the boiled water carefully into your toilet bowl to interrupt the clog.

9. Use Bubble Wrap To Remove Condensation

Bubble wrap can assist to reduce a sweating toilet tank. So, turn off the water valve to your toilet and take aside the tank lid.

Then flush the toilet and wait for the water drains out of the tank. Now line the bubble wrap inside the tank, this insulation maintains the outside of the toilet tank from too cold.

10. Use A Plastic Soda Bottle To Save Water

If your toilet is an older model, we can give you a solution to save water and money.

At first, take a one-litre plastic bottle (empty) together with one or two inches of sand and add water to the top properly. Screw on the lid and put this bottle inside the toilet tank. It will help to minimize water usage with each flush time.


At last, we can say that the above 10 products are common household items and surprising to keep the toilet always neat and clean.

These 10 weird cleaning tips especially help to maintain a good environment in your house saving a large amount of money too.

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