Types Of Toilet Handles

Types Of Toilet Handles

A toilet handle is a very functional thing of any toilet even plays a vital role in the fashion side of your toilet if you desire to upgrade the look of the toilet lever to fit a bathroom renovation or normally require to replace it.

A broken toilet handle or lever is a fully usual plumbing problem. The uses of toilet handles are more, so they can gradually break and require instant replacement. Luckily, the fix of the handle is not a tough activity or no need to call a plumber because most homeowners can repair it very confidently doing them.

Most importantly you will possibly run into while attempting to replace the toilet lever or handle is making sure you select the accurate replacement part.

However, there are different kinds of toilet handles to pick from, so it is better to purchase the parts going to the home improvement shop or hardware store. The best option is to eliminate the old one and take the all parts with you.

A toilet handles replacing procedure when you decide to replace your toilet handle you should not setting exactly the similar type. There are various styles of handles attainable to select from.

If you choose a particular handle for your toilet, you can call the customer service number for your brand or model number at the same time be asking for them to check the consistency. Some universal handles are fitting almost any kind of toilet.

Right Removal

When you try to remove your toilet handle, remind that the nut retaining the handle in the proper place from the interior of the tank is threaded in inverse.

So, to loosen the nut just rotates it clockwise. Here are a few kinds of handles that you can choose for your toilet.

1. Front-mount Handle

This is a very common handle style that is located at the extreme front of the toilet tank, generally off to the top left-hand corner.

You can spot in the rough a front-mount handle due to the flush rod matches interior the tank moves parallel to the approach of the handle lever itself. To get superior results while replacing the front-mount handle, just measure the lever or take the previous handle to the shop with you to fit it.

2. Angle-mount Handle

If the toilet tank is not rectangular shape, but a rounded shape that is named an angle-mount handle. Sometimes, the angles of this handle can vary where the handle can be difficult to match up.

3. Side-mount Handles

A side-mount handle appears at the side of the toilet tank. If you query the side-mount handle, you can observe the flush rod fitting interior the tank has a 90⁰ bend in it that accommodates the rod to pivot up and down while the lever is conducted.

4. Extended Long Reach Cistern Lever Handle

This kind of handle is super used on concealed or hide way cisterns. Incompatible with the old kinds of levers alluded, the extended long-reach cistern levers can be divided to the length which is required, normally using a handsaw or hacksaw.

5. Universal Toilet Lever

The universal toilet levers are used to be paired with any recent toilet tank like a replacement solution.

That means, if you like to go the universal route that’s a good concept to still shop with the previous part, it can also ensure the new universal lever will run for your actual needs.


This is a very simple project to replace or repair a toilet handle. Toilet tank levers are often responsible to enable a flush, so when you notice that is broken, it will perhaps be necessary to fix a toilet handle.

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