What Height Should You Hang A Wall Clock

What Height Should You Hang A Wall Clock?

A clock is an essential staff of our daily life which not only shows the time but also enhances the beauty of our home. A nice and elegant wall clock can add grace to the interior of your house. You just need to find the perfect size, style, design also a perfect place to hang your wall clock to make its best use.

While placing a clock on the wall of your home you need to identify whether the clock is showing proper time or not. Also, the clock should be in a place where you will be able to easily read the time. The wall clock should match your interior, wall colour, wall-size etc. for becoming a wonderful addition to your wall décor.

There is no hard and fast rule for determining the perfect height of a wall clock. Moreover, the placing of the wall clock will vary depending on different factors like the size, shape and type of the clock.

Also, the size of the wall and layout of the room is important while placing the wall clock. However, there are some rules of thumb and design guidelines that will help you to define the most suitable height of the wall clock.

You can also follow the rules of hanging the artworks in the case of the wall clocks as well because elegant and stylish wall clocks are nothing less than artwork.

Identifying The Appropriate Height

Appropriate Height Wall Clock

Most interior designers follow the rule of thumb that the placing of an artwork should be above 54-57 inches of the floor. This height is nearly the eye level of most people and allows to have a pleasing and balanced placement.

Yet, while placing the wall clock you should consider some more facts like you should be able to read the time from anywhere in your room, which is the main purpose of the wall clock.

You should also consider the room layout, ceiling height as well as furniture while placing the wall clock.

Determining The Most Suitable Position

While finding the proper position for the wall clock you should consider the ceiling height, wall layout and size. Many designers follow the 66% rule while hanging artwork or wall clock.

The 66% rule states that 66% of the wall space should be above the décor piece and 33% should be above the furniture. But, you can change this ratio depending on the size and shape of your clock as well as the wall.

Types Of The Wall Clocks

Types Of The Wall Clocks

You can also figure out the appropriate height of a wall clock considering the type. For example, if you are hanging a pendulum clock on the wall you should make sure that the wall is large and there is more clearance.

On the other hand, while using the clocks for fulfilling the practical purpose you should keep in mind that you should place the clock as high as possible.

Especially, in schools and offices clocks should be in such a place that people don’t have to get up to see them. You should the type of wall clock considering the certain purpose you want the clock to serve.

The Size Of The Wall Clock

The size of the clock matters a lot because the size affects the suitability and perfectness of the wall clock in your wall. You should determine the size of the clock considering the substance above which you are hanging the wall clock.

For example, if you place a small clock above a large sofa, it may look lost and disconnected. On the other hand, a huge clock over a small table will look too much odd and dominant.

While placing the wall clock amid certain elements, you should place it centre and while placing it amid the furniture or shelves you can apply the 66% rule.

As we have already stated there is no hard and fast rules and measurements for hanging the wall clocks. Mostly you will need to use your judgements and understanding to place the wall clock in a proper place so that it fulfils its purposes. Finally, the clock should complement the furniture, wall layout and other wall decors of your room.

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