What Is The Height Of Bathroom Cabinets

What Is The Height Of Bathroom Cabinets?

Cabinets are the essential elements of a bathroom and choosing the cabinet with standard height can give your bathroom an amazing outlook also will be more convenient. Here, you will get to know the ultimate height measurement of your bathroom cabinet.

In the earlier time, the measurement of the top of the counter was 30 to 32 inches which have changed to 34 to 36 inches in this era. As people become taller the height of the cabinet has also changed.

However, people use 32-inches traditional cabinets for children or small adult bathrooms nowadays. Choosing the right height of the bathroom cabinet is very much important otherwise it may become inconvenient also may not look compatible.

Choosing The Particular Height

Particular Height bathroom Cabinet

According to The height of people has grown two inches taller than their forefathers over last 100 years. So, while you are replacing your bathroom cabinet you can determine the height by yourself.

Firstly, stand in front of the sink then lean over when you are brushing your teeth. Now determine if your body is comfortable with the height. Here, the best indicator is your lower back.

Moreover, you can find different types of cabinets in the home improvement shops in your locality to test drive the most suitable height for your bathroom cabinet.

There will be different designs and heights and you can choose any according to your convenient height, size and shape. The difference in height between the older and newer vanities is around 4 to 6 inches.

Checking The Pipes

Before heading towards the replacing procedure you need to check the drain and sink’s water lines to make sure that the lines and pipes will accommodate a higher cabinet vanity.

If the pipe and line don’t match with the new vanity height you need to call a plumber to rebuild the drain and sink’s line according to the new height.

Also, measure the new sink for additional drain holes and faucet. If you are willing to have a modernistic design by installing the vessel sink, you need to add the calculations of its height as well.

Installing 2 Cabinets

A larger family where people have different heights or couples having different heights can install 2 cabinets for their convenience. For example, the cabinet height for a 6 feet tall person and 5 feet tall person won’t be the same.

So the solution is you can buy and install two single cabinets according to the comfortable height range of your partner or other members of the family. However, it may occupy more space in your bathroom as you need to install two sinks and two mirrors. You can install the cabinets leaving a storage space in between or side by side whichever you like.

Trying The Floating Cabinet

Trying The Floating Cabinet

You can also try a floating vanity and install it according to your desired height instead of replacing the older one. A floating vanity cabinet can add modernism as well as dramatic touch to your bathroom appearance.

The ideal floating cabinets don’t sit on the ground and are wall-mounted. You have to call a plumber to revise the plumbing of your bathroom before installing a floating cabinet to match your required height.

Planning For The Future

If you are planning to stay in your current house forever you should install your corner cabinet considering the future needs and requirements.

Maybe it will not be that much posh but it will provide all the facilities for the aged people. Else, you can go for floating cabinets which are inexpensive also easy-to-reinstall.

A bathroom cabinet that is compatible with your height can give you more convenience and ease while using the sink. So choosing the most suitable height is very much important.

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