Why Air Purifier Is Important

Why Air Purifier Is Important?

Amid the pandemic we are facing right now, we are bound to stay at home. Most of the people are currently working from home.

Therefore, it is imperative to keep the indoor air surrounding us cleaner and fresher than ever. Fresher air will lessen the chance of degrading our immunity system, which is much needed right now.

So, let us look into why the people working from home need a quality air purifier.

Experts advise using a good quality air purifier so that people spending more time indoors can stay healthy and fit.

They also suggest using high-efficiency particulate air purifiers, commonly known as HEPA purifiers, for the well-being of people spending more time at home.

Reasons For Using An Air Purifier

Reasons For Using An Air Purifier

  • Spring is when these issues worsen as pollens, and other airborne allergens tend to roam around us more at this time. So, to be free from these issues that can trigger asthma, people should use a quality air purifier.
  • The elderly persons and children of our family can be the prime victim of this heightened state of polluted air. To keep them protected, we should take the help of an air purifier.
  • Pollution is the most certain issue we are bound to face, especially in large cities as they contain industrial areas, busy roads, loads of vehicles, and fewer plants. But along with these issues, people also bring some suppliers of pollutants into our home unknowingly or knowingly. Such problems are smoking, defective boilers, especially the harsh chemicals that come from perfumes, new furniture, candles, paints, air fresheners, cleaning products, self-care products etc. All these sources are commonly called VOCs, which means Volatile Organic Compounds. A good quality air purifier is capable of fighting these issues.
  • Also, there can be dust mites living in the beddings, carpetings, or any such soft surfaces, mould spores, pollens, pet danders etc., which can trigger asthma and allergic reactions. If you get an air purifier with a filter, you can get rid of these problems.
  • Furthermore, we also have to deal with many airborne viruses, which are controllable by air purifiers. Though, people cannot rely merely on an air purifier to get protection from coronavirus. Because we still have not found any such study which can assure that air purifier can beat coronavirus. So, they must follow the proper guidelines to protect themselves from the danger of this pandemic. But, to get rid of some other airborne viruses, we can use a good quality air purifier.
  • The charcoal filter can eliminate the smell of smoke.
  • The Ultraviolet system or UVC of an air purifier can destroy bacteria.
  • The ioniser of an air purifier inspires the dust particles to get stuck together. Then the particles can go into the cleaner or fall on the ground.

How To Select The Right Air Purifier For Your Space And Use It Properly

Right Air Purifier

  1. At first, you have to find out which issues or particles you are more allergic to.
  2. Then measure the cubic air volume of the space you desire to clean. You can calculate the cubic air volume by the depth, width, and height of the area in metres.
  3. Select the activity level according to your need. For mild allergy, it should have the capacity to clean the air volume three times per hour. If the user is on medication, the ability of the air cleaner should be five times per hour. And, if the allergy issue is on a severe level, it should clean eight times per hour.
  4. The air purifier should run 24/7. When you will leave the room, keep the fan at the highest speed. And while staying in that room, turn the fan down to a quieter motion.


A premium quality air purifier can maintain the health and wellness of you and your family members, especially when you are spending more time indoors and in the near vicinity by working from home.

An air purifier is not a proxy for the medications. Consult a doctor if you are suffering from severe allergies or asthma problems.

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