Why Does My Shower Drain Smell

Why Does My Shower Drain Smell?

After long-term use showers drains may become smelly which may give you a gross feeling and there are some specific reasons behind the odour in the shower drain.

Here, we will discuss the common reasons and solutions for smelly shower drains.

The Reasons For Smelly Shower Drain

Reasons For Smelly Shower Drain

There are some common reasons for a smelly drain which are the growth of moulds, debris and clogs etc. Again, the sewer gases can also escape the drain. These problems produce odours in the shower drain.

Different types of odours can generate in the shower drain for different reasons. Some types of odours from the shower drains are like:

Rotten eggs: The backing of drain gas and the bio-film clogging in the shower drain causes odour like a rotten egg.

When the biological debris decomposes it produces a bad odour and you must remove it to get rid of the odour. The dry p-shaped trap, sewer backup or blocked plumbing vents may cause sewer gas backup.

Musty odours: The mould growth causes a musty smell in the shower drain. Mould can grow under the drain cover for clogging the soap scum, body oils and hair.

The cellulose materials from the wastewater and the moisture of the water also create mould growth.

The solutions for getting rid of smelly shower drain: There are some DIY solutions for eliminating the bad odour of the shower drains. Some of them are as follows:

Manual cleaning: Cleaning the shower drain cover of soap scum and hair after each shower can help to prevent smells in the shower drains.

Try to pull out most of these materials from the drain and you can also use a drain cleaning brush or tool which will help you to reach deeper and clean properly.

Fixing the dry P-trap: Odour can arise from a dry p-trap also. For fixing the dry p-trap you need to follow some processes. At first, pour a maximum of 2 cups of water in the drain and wait for an hour.

Check if there is water remaining in the drain and if there is no water you have to get professional help to repair the P-trap. In case of irregular use, you should also add 4 ounces of mineral oil for preventing evaporation.

Preventing mould growth: You can go through some specific steps to prevent mould growth in your shower drains. Firstly, make a solution that contains a cup of baking soda and the same amount of water. Then, apply the solution and scrub the drain by using an old toothbrush after that pour a cup of white vinegar as well.

Now, you need to cover the drain which will work to kill the moulds which will prevent odour and bacteria generation. Finish your cleaning by flushing hot water after waiting for 10 minutes.

Clearing blocked vents: The plumbing vents may get blocked during extreme temperature due to ice and snow. The blocked plumbing vent may cause odour in the shower drain.

So, you need to clear the ice and snow from the roof carefully and safely. You can use a hairdryer by locating the vent in the attic for melting the blockage easily.

Professional way outs: If the DIY solutions don’t give you relief from the odour of your shower drain, you have to go for a professional solution. The kind of required professional solution will depend on the source of the drain smell.

You can go for replacement or repair of the P-trap if the smell comes from there. If the p-trap is cracked it may produce an odour in your shower drain. So you need to get the help of your plumber for replacing the P-trap so that it can hold water.

Plumbers can also check for damage and blockage in the vent that may cause sewer odour. They can also repair the blockage or damage to give you relief from a smelly drain. You can also clean your drain with professionals which will clear tough blocks and clogs.

Smelly shower drains will give you an unpleasant bathing experience and also will give an awful expression to your guests. You can either follow the above mentioned DIY remedies or take professional help to get rid of the odours of your shower drain.

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Last Updated on January 1, 2022

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